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조영남 - Cho Young-Nam

조영남-점이-여보 / Point / Honey

Most of this album is going beyond the interest of Western Music lovers. At it worst, like track 3, this is goes onto the direction of a kind of mellow schlager-operette using a melody like performing a Christmas-song-for-all-seasons, accompanied by orchestra and band. Most tracks are mellow song pop.

The second track, with the singers odd, perhaps unusual voice takes a totally different approach when singing a Korean folk song, while being accompanied mostly by an orchestra of bowed and some plucked strings, something which works very well, an interpretation and new combination worth hearing. So especially perhaps only for this track, when being interested in such crossover combinations, this album just might still worth searching for, at least for some Western collectors with a specific interest.

The last track is also different: an early attempt of synth-pop with a popular approach and arranged by the late 70s/early 80s cheaper typed synths. According to my opinion this didn’t bring this music much further to something more original.

So most of this album is mostly more something for the Korean market.

After a renewed listen I cannot say I can find anything in the album I can really appreciate.

조영남 - 점이- 여보 (15-32012)

1 점이 / Point

2 누가 이 여인에게 / Who told this woman

3 님이시여 / Dear

4 제비 / Swallow

5 여름은 가고 / Summer is going away

6 겨울에 떠난 여인 / Woman left in winter

7 여보 / Honey

8 모정은 가득히 / Full of passion

9 사랑 사랑 누가 말했나 / Love Who said Love

10 미련 / Regret

11 사랑 / Love

12 전우가 남긴 한마디​ / A word left by a comrade

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION : 최고의 가창력, 앞서가는 사운드, 그러나 서민적인 노랫말. 조영남의 모든 것을 보여준 1982년 작품입니다. 주옥같은 명곡들이 수록된 이 음반은 마스터테입으로부터 디지털 리마스터과정에서 아무런 디지털 필터링 및 수정 작업을 거치지 않아 원본의 사운드를 최대한 복원하는데 중점을 두었습니다.

BIO: 1944년 황해도 남천에서 태어나 1·4후퇴 때 충남 예산군, 흔히 ‘삽다리’로 알려진 삽교면으로 이주했다. 한양대 음대를 거쳐 서울대 음대 성악과에 입학했으나 1968년 <딜라일라>라는 번안가요로 가요계 스타로 등극하며 중퇴했다. 그러다가 오랜 세월이 흐른 뒤 명예졸업장을 받아 가까스로 졸업했다. 1970년 ‘와우아파트 무너지는 소리에’란 풍자가요를 부른 다음날 국가의 부름을 받고 군에 입대했다. 군복무중 1973년 서울 여의도 광장에서 열린 빌리 그래험 목사의 부흥 집회에서 성가를 부른 것이 인연이 되어 제대 후 미국 유학길에 올라 트리니티 신학대학을 졸업했다. 1982년 한국으로 돌아와 다시 가수로 복귀했으며, 1990년 카네기홀에서 개인 콘서트를 열었다. <조영남쇼>, <투맨쇼>, <체험 삶의 현장>, <조영남이 만난 사람> 등을 진행하는 등 방송인으로서도 왕성하게 활동했으며, 지금은 MBC 라디오에서 <조영남 최유라의 지금은 라디오 시대> 생방송 진행을 맡고 있다. 앨범으로 <제비>, <보리밭>, <불꺼진 창>, <딜라일라>, <화개장터> 등이 있으며, 지은 책으로는 『조영남 양심학』, 『놀멘놀멘』, 『태극기는 바람에 펄럭인다』, 『조영남 길에서 미술을 만나다』, 『맞아죽을 각오로 쓴 100년 만의 친일선언』, 『어느날 사랑이』, 『현대인도 못 알아먹는 현대미술』, 『천하제일 잡놈 조영남의 수다』 등이 있다. 1973년 한국화랑에서 첫 미술 전시회를 연 후 오늘날까지 서울·부산·뉴욕·LA 등 세계 각지에서 화가로서 작품 활동도 계속하고 있다


"Great singing, well leading its sound, but a bit common in song. This is a 1982 work that shows everything we need to say about Cho Young Nam.

Biography: Born in Namcheon, Hwanghae, in 1944, during the retreat of the 1st and 4th, he moved to Chungcheongnam-do's budget group, Sapa Bridge, commonly known as the 'Sap Bridge'. After entering Hanyang University's Music College, he entered the College of Music and Music at Seoul National University, but he dropped out in 1968 as a star in the music industry. After a long time, he graduated with an honorary diploma. In 1970, on the day after singing the satirical song “To the Sound of Wow Apartments Falling,” he was called to the military and was enlisted to serve the military. During his military service, he sang at the revival of Rev. Billy Graham in Yeouido Square, Seoul, in 1973. After his discharge, he graduated from Trinity Theological University. He returned to Korea in 1982 and returned as a singer, and in 1990 held a private concert at Carnegie Hall. He has also been active as a broadcaster, including Cho Young Nam Show, Two Man Show, Experience-based Life, and Jo Young Nam, and now live on MBC Radio. He was in charge of progress. His albums include Swallows, Barley Fields, Burned Spears, Delilah, and Hwagae Market. His books include Cho Young-nam Conscience, Nolmen Nolmen, and Taegeukgi flutter in the wind. Since opening his first art exhibition at the Korean Gallery in 1973, he has continued to work as a painter in Seoul, Busan, New York and LA. (rough translation) - article on Light Of The Orient session band:

Other tracks can be found here:

이연실 / Lee, Yun-Sil and others: 새색시 시집가네 / I'm married (1973)

9 길 / Gil

This is a slow crooner-like mainstream song with soft and then swelling orchestrations and background harmony singing in 50s style.

윤형주(尹亨柱) 리싸이틀 (1973)

4 석별의 정 / Still alive

with 윤형주 / Yoon, Hyung-Ju

This is a simple, busker-like live recording with simple guitar. The public laughs a bit with the lyrics. Musically the song is a bit too simple to appreciate when not understanding the lyrics.

V.A.: 가요(歌謠) 박물관 Music Museum 220 Best (CD box)

CD7 12 명동 나그네 / Myeongdong wayfarer (1969)

CD7 17 내 마음 깊은 곳에 / The depths of my heart (1969)

The first track is a ballroom like stage waltzing jazz song with various brass arrangements. The second track is a calm but thoroughly more theatrical, original mainstream pop song with a part in slow kind of bolero rhythm, well worked out arranged orchestrations and background choir and with a somewhat filmic and in that direction classical feel.

젊은이를 위한 CD 음악시리즈 2집 (1972)

* 11 세노야 / Senoya

This is an emotionally sung track with simple guitar, with a crooner-like voice. It is powerful in its simplicity.

Golden Folk (2015 Audio Phile)

1 불꺼진 창 / Burned out window

This is an ok to fine-enough song with a simple humpapa rhythm with rhythm guitar and picking guitar and rather emotional singing and some whistling.

V.A.: Let's have a picnic, my friend (C'est ci bon-club)

CD1 딜라일라 / Delilah

CD2 1 친구여 / My friend

The first track is a forgettable even somewhat annoying pop-schlager cover with big studio-like arrangement and crooner singing. The second track is another forgettable mainstream, commercial schlager with synths, bass and drums.

Not reviewed or found yet:

조영남 | 조영남 컴백 리싸이틀 / Cho Young-nam Comeback Recharge (1973)

자켓의 사진과 음반의 타이틀로 라이브 음반이 아닌가하고 생각하기 쉽지만, 조영남의 목소리와 동방의 빛의 연주가 스튜디오에서 녹음된 음반이다. 조영남이 발표한 음반은 많지만 동방의 빛과 함께 했던 음반은 그렇지 않기 때문에, 기존 조영남이 발표했던 음악들과 이 음반을 비교해서 들어보는 것도 흥미롭다. 동방의 빛이 참여했던 몇몇 다른 음반들처럼 이장희의 음반에도 수록되었던 <자정이 훨씬 넘었네>, <그건 너>가 다시 등장하지만, 연주는 새롭게 이루어졌다. <그건 너>에서 들을 수 있는 강근식의 기타 연주는 조영남의 보컬을 따라가는 듯 이장희의 버전에 비해 한결 공격적이며, 현경과 영애의 음반에 수록되었던 <눈송이>는 원곡에 비해 나른하다. 그런가 하면 백순진 작곡의 <사랑은 주는 것>은 원곡에서 먼발치 떨어져 마치 <Suzie Q>처럼 그루비하게 거듭났다. 남의 노래 부르기로 소문난 조영남의 몇 안되는 오리지널 넘버 <불 꺼진 창>이 수록된 곡이라는 점에서도 가치를 둘만한 음반이다.

Young Nam Cho | Cho Young-nam Comeback Recharge (1973)

"It is easy to think about whether it is a live record with a jacket and a title of a record, but the recording of Cho Young-nam's voice and the light of the east is recorded in studio. Although there are many albums released by Cho Young-nam without the light of the East, it is interesting to compare the music with the other music released by Cho Young-nam. Like several other albums in which the light of the East participated, <Much More Than Midnight> and <It You> appeared on Lee Jang-hee's album, but the performance was newly made. Kang Geun-sik's guitar performance that you can hear in You is more aggressive than Lee Jang-hee's version as if you follow Cho Young-nam's vocals, and Snowflakes, which were recorded in Hyun-kyung and Young-ae's record, are lazy compared to the original. On the other hand, Baek Soon-Jin's song, Giving Love is far from the original and is recreated as groovy as Suzie Q. The song is also worth a note because it contains Cho Young-nam's few original numbers, 'The Window Out'."



It does not seem like Cho Young-Nam is an artist to collect. When into crooner like slow songs and well-arranged background, the full perspective begins to become musically more meaningful and interesting, but I prefer to keep a lot of caution before starting to collect this.

See also the compilation Golden Folk

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