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최양숙 - Choi Yang-Sook

LP reissue 최양숙 꽃 피우는 아이 (400 Set 고유번호 한정반) GEBLSL24 2013-12-06

This is a song-based album somewhat for a certain mainstream public, but partly also with an acoustic songwriter folk association here and there (like some songs that are founded with acoustic guitar only): a collection of songs with a certain associative emotionality.

The acoustic guitar being used in the arranged songs has a slight flamenco touch. The backings are arranged with some strings (and occasionally also some additional brass orchestra, some flute, piano and drums.

The third track is nicely arranged as if a much older song (than for instance the 70s/60s).

I assume most, if not all, of the songs are covers.

The English/French titles luckily are mentioned. The second track is “Yesterday when I was young” and the third is “La Valse Déte” . The fourth song is a French one, translated in Korean but with the last words in French, which gives an extra emotionality. Also included is “I’ll never fall in love again” (5), and “Bridge over troubled water” (Simon & Garfunkel), possibly with a North/South Korean separation association, sung with piano only first and with a deep voice, then adding more and more operetta-like vibrations in the voice and with a swelling orchestra for the ending (strings, brass, drums). This is slightly melodramatic.

A good song album but for the tendency towards mainstream melodrama it will not be to everyone’s taste. The acid/psych folk lovers will have not too much to seek for here. :

"Choi Yang Sook is an artist I recently discovered from some CD collections. She seems to have only scored big hits with a couple of songs, and seems to have had several releases of the same basic playlist. I am surprised that she is not better known because her voice is pure, powerful and precise. Her songs are a great soothing factor after a hectic day."

CD released on Dec 20, 2011 on Rhythm On

1 기다리겠어요 / I will wait * 2 젊은날의 그 시절 / Those days of being young 3 지난 여름의 왈스 / Last summer Waltz 4 사랑하는 마음 / Heart of Love 5 다시는 사랑않겠어요 / I won't love again * 6 꽃 피우는 아이 / Flower child 7 세노야 세노야 / Senoya Senoya 8 세상의 다리되어 / Becoming the bridge of the world 9 가을편지 / Autumn letter 10 사의 찬미 / Hymn of death

[명품 포크 앨범의 42년만의 귀환] 청년들이 대중문화의 중심세력으로 떠오른 포크송 열풍시대에 최안순은 이미 1966년, 대표곡인 [황혼의 엘레지]를 빅히트 시키며 최정상의 위치에 오른 당대의 인기 가수였다. 이번에 재발매(LP)된 [꽃 피우는 아이] 앨범은 그녀의 음악적 변신을 시도한 포크앨범으로 자신의 결과물인 동시에 역사적인 김민기의 독집 탄생에도 자양분을 제공한 의미심장한 음반이다. 명곡들이 다수 수록된 이 음반이 그동안 일부 포크 마니아들에 의해서만 전설적으로만 회자되었던 것은 암울했던 군사정권 시대의 금지 흔적이 선명한 저주받은 걸작이기 때문이다. 김민기의 독집과 더불어 최양숙의 앨범이 한국 포크의 명반으로 대접받는 것은 이유가 있다. 김민기가 직접 클래식 기타 연주를 연주한 창작곡 ‘꽃 피우는 아이’와 서울음대 작곡과 여대생 김광희의 창작곡 ‘세노야 세노야’, 그리고 가을시즌을 대표하는 명곡 ‘가을편지’의 오리지널 버전이 수록되어 있기 때문이다. 이번 재발매를 통해 국민가요로 사랑받고 있는 ‘가을편지’와 ‘세노야’를 가장 먼저 발표한 오리지널 가수가 최양숙으로 공식화되는 계기를 마련했다. 사실 최양숙의 [꽃 피우는 아이] 음반은 완벽한 포크앨범은 아니다. 1면은 창작 포크송이 아닌 추억을 자극하는 친숙한 곡들로 포진되어 있다. 하지만 평범한 가요 음반인 초반과는 달리 재발매 음반은 기성 히트, 번안 곡들도 통기타 중심의 선율이다. 문제는 명곡으로 회자되는 포크송들이 대거 수록된 2면일 것이다. 김민기의 내공 깊은 클래식 기타 한 대와 최양숙의 품격 있는 보컬만으로 심플하게 편곡된 ‘꽃 피우는 아이’, ‘세노야 세노야’, ‘가을편지’의 오리지널 버전은 당대 대중가요의 수준을 예술적 경지로 견인했다고 평가하고 싶을 정도로 감동이다. 클래식한 창법으로 들려준 최양숙의 노래들은 1960년대 한국 대중가요의 격조를 한 단계 끌어올렸다는 호평을 이끌어냈다. 대중가요사상 가장 우아했던 여성 보컬리스트의 열정과 도전정신이 담긴 그녀의 명품 포크앨범이 42년만의 극적으로 귀환한 것은 그 자체로 감동이다. 한국 포크의 저주받은 걸작 최양숙 [꽃 피우는 아이] 앨범의 부활은 그동안 비싼 가격에 거래되던 대중가요 음반의 재발매란 상업적 이유보다 금지로 인해 칙칙한 지하에 봉인되어 오랜 기간 숨죽여 온 중요 명곡들의 복원이라는 점에서 그 의미는 넓고도 크다. 글 / 최규성 대중문화평론가

Enhanced Google Translation:

"[Return after 42 Years with this Luxury Folk Album]"

"During the folk song fever era, when young people emerged as the center of popular culture, Choi An-soon was already a popular singer of the time, with the big hit of the representative song [Elegance of Twilight] in 1966. This re-released LP is a folk album that attempted to transform her into a musical folk album.

The record, which contains many masterpieces, has been legendary only by some folk enthusiasts because it is a cursed masterpiece that shows a clear sign of the ban of the dark military regime. Along with Kim's solo album, Choi Yang-sook's album is treated as an album of Korean folk for a reason. It includes the original song “Flower Child,” which played Kim Min-gi's classical guitar performances, the composition of Seoul National University, the original song “Senoya Senoya” by female university student Kim Kwang-hee, and the original song “Autumn Letter”, which is representative of the autumn season. Through this re-release, the original singer who first released 'Autumn Letter' and 'Senoya', which are loved as national song, was debuted as Choi Yang Sook. Perhaps Choi Yang Sook's [Flower Child] album might not be the perfect folk album. The first track for instance is not a folk song but a familiar song that stimulates memories. However, unlike the early music album, which is a normal music album, the re-released album is also full of melodies of ready-made hits and draft songs. The problem may be that the two sides contain also a large number of folk songs that are said to be the masterpieces. The original versions of 'Flower Child', 'Senoya Senoya', and 'Autumn Letter', which were simply arranged by Kim Min-gi's deep classical guitar and Choi Yang-suk's elegant vocals, led the contemporary song to the artistic level. I am impressed by it.

Choi Yang-sook's songs, which were played in a classical way, have been well-received in the 1960s. It is impressive that her luxury folk album, which contains the passion and challenging spirit of the most elegant female vocalist for pop songs, has returned dramatically after 42 years. The revival of the Korean Folk's cursed masterpiece Choi Yang-sook's [Flowers] is a revival of important songs that have been sealed for a long time in the shimmering underground because of the prohibition of commercial songs. The meaning is broad and great."

Written by Choi Kyu-sung

See also

(CD) 최양숙 - 기다리겠어요 (재발매) / 가을편지/기다리겠어요

I'll wait (Re-release) / Autumn Letter / Wait

Although the front sleeve is almost exactly like the other LP reissue, I noticed how the tracks were different, and because I pretty much like the other album, I also ordered this one. We have here a collection of Mid 60s more western-European style of mostly somewhat sad ballads of pop songs, often arranged with keyboards, piano or band arrangements with strings arrangements. "You can't forget" is more with a waltzing latin ballroom flavour, and also "I will never find you again" has this waltzing rhythm. There are several covers here too which I cannot pinpoint to its originals exactly. Some of them like "Bambina Bambina" have this Latin ballroom touch too. "Loving Heart" just like the newly composed song "Heart of Ecstasy" are Tango-style. "Senando" with acoustic guitar and whistle might be a late night western ballad.

A very nice and recommended slightly sweet-sad collection.

01. 가을편지 / Autumn Letter (작곡 : 김민기 / Composition: Kim Min Ki)

02. 기다리겠어요 / I will wait (작사,작곡 : 최양속 / lyrics, composition: Choi Yang-sok)

* 03. 세노야 / Senoya (작사 : 고은/작곡 : 김광희 / Lyrics: Go-Eun)

* 04. 몰랐어요 (외국곡) / I didn't know (foreign song)

05. 강변에서 (외국곡) / At the riverside (foreign song)

* 06. 못잊을 그대 / You can't forget

07. 꽃사슴눈매 / Deer eyes

08. 밤비나 밤비나 (외국곡) / Bambina Bambina (foreign song)

09. 사랑하는 마음 (외국곡) / Loving Heart (Foreign Song)

10. 세난도 (외국곡) / Senando (foreign song)

11. 나를 잊지마세요 / Do not forget me

* 12. 눈이내리네 (외국곡) / It's snowing (foreign song)

13. 황홀한 가슴에 / To the heart of ecstasy

14. 다시는 찾지 않으리 / I will never find you again

15. 돌아오는길 / Return

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics, - tracks to check out for sure. It are tracks that makes them also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I am not sure how essential they truly are.

In this case the whole album is pretty enjoyable.

Most recent LP reissue:

최양숙 특집앨범 No.1 / 모래위에 발자욱 (180g)

제조회사 : KOREA MRC MUSIC 2017년 판매가격 : 39,000원 적립금액 : 390원

Side. A

1. 모래위에 발자욱 / Footprints on the sand

2. 서늘한 눈동자 / Cool eyes

3. 꽃잎 편지 / Petal letter

4. 호수가에서 / From the lake

5. 밤이슬 맞으며 / The night sky

6. 저에게만 말해줘요 / Just tell me.

Side. B

1. 꽃잎이 날리듯이 / As the petals fly by

2. 서러운 금요일 밤 / Worried on Friday Night

3. 불꺼진 창 / The Window with the Lights ou

4. 조고만 찻집에서 / At Jogom Bay Tea House

5. 나홀로 잠든 이잠자리 / Sleeping alone in bed

6. 우리들의 데이트길 / Our way of dating

I haven't heard the one yet.

‘60년대 대중가요의 수준을 한 단계 끌어올렸다'는 평가를 받는 최양숙의 ’모래위의 발자욱‘은 1964년 발매 되었다. 최양숙의 음반들은 하나같이 고가의 희귀음반으로 대접받는데 이 음반 역시 초 희귀음반으로 수집가들 사이에 매우 고가에 거래가 되는 음반 중의 하나이다. 다행이 이 음반의 마스터 테이프가 남아있어 원본사운드를 복원하였다는 점에서

이 재발매반의 의미를 가진다.

* 180Gram Black Vinyl 500장 한정판매. * MRC SOUND Lab. 마스터테이프 마스터링. * 음반 리뷰 첨부.

"From Choi Yang Sook is said that her ability 'raised the level of pop music in the 60’. The album “footprints on the sand” was released in 1964. It is a very rare record, ad became very expensive to purchase an original copy. Fortunately, the master tapes of this record were still available, so the release shows its original sound intact. LP only."

Some tracks on compilations:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 / Music Museum 220 Best (CD-box)

* CD4 4 모래 위에 발자욱 / Footprints in the sand (1965)

Luckily we find an older track on this compilation. It is a sweet and gentle pop song, accompanied by accordion, glockenspiel and mostly bass mostly mixed with a chamber string arrangement part.

젊은이를 위한 CD 음악시리즈 2집 / Music series for young People vol.2 (1971)

3 가을 편지 / Autumn letter

호반에서 만난사람 / People I met at the lakeside

One more track I heard is this romantic and orchestrated slowly waltzing song.



[Park Hyo Shin] (원곡 [Originally] : 최양숙 [Choi Yang Suk])

가을편지 [Autumn Letter] – 박효신 [Park Hyo Shin]

(원곡 [Originally] : 최양숙 [Choi Yang Suk])

가을엔 편지를 하겠어요

[In autumn I will write a letter] 누구라도 그대가 되어 받아 주세요

[Whoever you will be, please accept it]

낙엽이 쌓이는 날

[On the day where the fallen leaves piles up]

외로운 여자가 아름다워요

[There is a lonely woman (was seen) looking so beautiful] 가을엔 편지를 하겠어요

[In autumn I will write a letter]

누구라도 그대가 되어 받다 주세요

[Whoever you might be, please accept it] 낙엽이 흩어진 날

[On the day where the fallen leaves scattered around]

헤매인 여자가 아름다워요

[There is a wandering woman who is so beautiful]

가을엔 편지를 하겠어요

[In autumn I will write a letter] 모든 것을 헤매인 다음 보내 드려요

[After I have done wandering around, I will send it to you] 낙엽이 사라진 날

[On the day where the fallen leaves has gone]

모르는 여자가 아름다워요

[That unknown woman which seems so lovely]


[so Beautiful]

가을엔 편지를 하겠어요

[In autumn I will write a letter]

"I've tried my best to give this translation to be exact on context of sentence and storytelling. This is actually a poem, so the sentences suppose to be inconsistent from below and above (meaning the flow from one sentence to another might get cut and confuse-able). It is a story of a man who wrote a letter every Autumn to the same woman who he always saw while wandering around on the pavement in autumn, but never get courage to give it to her. That's why when he feel that he will stop wandering around, he will end his crush and give the letter to her. Beautiful story" Posted by Kang Eun Jo (강은조)



최양숙, 가수(사진=재단법인 노래의섬 제공)

이재훈 기자 = 고은의 시에 김민기가 곡을 붙인 '가을편지'의 주인공인 가수 최양숙의 토크 콘서트가 열린다.

서울대 음대 성악과 출신의 최양숙은 국내 첫 여성 샹송 가수로 통한다. 1960~70년대를 풍미했다. 당시 성악가에서 대중가수로의 변신은 충격이었다. 때문에 데뷔 초기에 본명이 아닌 예명 '정은영' 또는 '주미옥'으로 활동했다. 우아한 외모와 보컬로 남성 팬들을 끌고 다녔다.

1966년 '황혼의 엘리지'로 스타덤에 올랐다. 공보부에서 시상하는 무궁화 상을 비롯해 당시 가요 관련 상을 싹쓸이했다.

대중음악평론가 박성서는 "대중가요사상 가장 우아했던 여가수 중 한명"이라면서 "아름다운 외모와 성악에 기초한 클래식한 창법으로 대중가요의 수준을 한 단계 끌어올렸다"고 평했다.

이날 음악회는 박성서 음악평론가가 사회를 보고 기타리스트 김광석이 공연한다. 남이섬 입장 땐 무료다. 031-580-8015

노래의섬이 주최하고 강원도청과 강원문화재단에서 후원한다. 노래의섬은 문화체육관광부의 지원을 받아 설립됐다. 12월31일까지 '2014 손석우 특별전'을 연다.

Copyright © NEWSIS.COM, 무단 전재 및 재배포 금지

Choi Sook Choi, Singer

Lee Jae-hoon reporter

A talk concert of singer Choi Yang-suk will be held,

the main character of 'Autumn Letter' a song of Kim Min-gi.

Choi Yang-sook, who is from the vocal music department of Seoul National University, is the first female chanson singer in Korea. Flavored in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, the transformation from vocalists towards singers was a shock. For the first time in her debut, she worked under her professional name of 'Jung Eun-young' or 'Joo Mi-ok'. He attracted male fans with her elegant looks and vocals.

In 1966, she entered stardom with "Elysee of Twilight". In addition to the Mugunghwa Award presented by the Ministry of Public Affairs, the song related awards were wiped out.

Popular music critic Park Seong-seo said that she was "one of the most elegant female singers in popular song history" and "raised the level of popular music to the next level with a classical creation based on beautiful looks and vocal music."

On this day, the music critic Park Sung-seo will talk and guitarist Kim Kwang-seok will performs. Free admission to Nami Island. It is hosted by Song Island and sponsored by Gangwon-do Office and Gangwon Cultural Foundation. Song-Island was established with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The 2014 Sohn Suk Woo Special Exhibition will be held until December 31st. Copyright © NEWSIS.COM, All Rights Reserved



Choi Yang Sook is amongst the collectable artists, also for western collectors digging for beautiful folk-like songs and sweet folk pop in the advancement of this era. The singer has a ultra-sweet voice and the song interpretations are very convincing.

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