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조애희 - Jo Ae-Hui / Cho Aehee

Music can be found on:

도미도 베스트 컬렉션 100 VOL.1 / 50-60 Domido

CD5 13 파도처럼 / Like a Wave

This is a kind of sad nostalgic waltz with a kind of night club setting or a bit an Edith Piaf-like atmosphere. The accompaniment is accordion led with waltz orchestra.

가요(歌謠) 박물관 / Music Museum: Best 220

CD3-19 나이도 어린데 / From a very young Age (1964)

This another romantic pop song / chanson with somewhat bombastic orchestral accents of arrangements.



Born april 1944

'Recital Life Show' with Daewoo Eunsu-Ae Hee Cho

Broadcasting date: October 31, 2012

-She was a girl who was loved by many men for its a simple and lyrical voice. Cho Ae-hee, the protagonist of the song, was called a Korean beauty in the 1960s. As soon as her song was released, she quickly became the No. 1 broadcast hit chart. Lifelong singer who became a KBS exclusive singer without a professional education. Singer Cho Ae-hee sang the era with her natural voice.

-My name is that the girl was loved by the whole country, especially the hearts of many men. It was an unrequited love. I remember this song was sung a lot when we were young. At that time, I was a fashion singer, so there was a time when I couldn't sing it. One of the songs that I sang at school, especially when it was fashionable for girls to carry a hand mirror.

"I graduated from high school and coudn't get a job. So my aunt's daughter who is so good at singing asked why do you try singing? So I was recruiting at a choir at KBS. So I thought I was at a choir again, and I turned around without any regrets.

-At that time, I was working as a station singer, and finally got a record. There is an anecdote that the author of this song was refused when he first proposed the song, Kim Yun-bae, who was the head of the Instrumental Music Center at the time."

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