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한명숙 - Han Myung-Sook

한명숙 오리지날 힛송 총결산집 / Han Myung-Sook Original Song Collection 1990.09.00​

1 노란샤쓰의 사나이 / The Boy in the Yellow Shirt -country-

* 2 우리 마을 / My town -psychrock-

3 청실홍실 / Clean room -lullaby-

4 사랑이 끝났을때 / When love is over -psychrock/pop-

5 그리운 얼굴 / Nostalgic faces -waltz-

6 내일이면 늦으리 / Tomorrow is too late -slow-

7 시름의 꼬리별이 / Tail of star -slow-

8 서귀포 사랑 / Seogwipo Love

9 사랑의 송가 / Hymns of love

10 센티멘탈 기타 / Sentimental guitars -slow-

11 눈이 내리는데 / It's snowing

12 웬일인지 / For some reason

13 선유가 / Pricey oil (?)

14 나 하나의 사랑 / The one I love -slow-

15 그리운 사람 / Nostalgic person -slow-

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics from a western point of view of listening, as tracks to check out for sure because for some reason they seem to stand out as unique moments, which makes them also very suitable for western radio show airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I am not sure how essential they are.

One of the voices I took out for checking out on a compilation is Han Myung-Sook. The first track strangely enough features American country violin improvisation and a hum-papa feeling, with simple bass rhythms and shaky drums, on a light and happy song. The second track is a short repetitive smooth rocker with good electric guitar rhythms, drums, organ chords and flute arrangements.

Myung Sook’s voice is rather lived in, breathy and hissy.

The next track is a lullaby. Its accompaniment is kitschy keyboards, simple bass/drum, mouth harmonica and vibes. The 4th track has rock abilities underneath but also slightly mainstream-making keyboards and a melody between mainstream pop and rock. This is followed by a waltz/pop-song with strings and bass/rhythm guitar/organ. 6th track is a slow crooner, piano, rhythm guitar, drums and keyboards.

All following tracks use a rather cheap formula of electric rhythm guitar, kitschy keyboard textures harmonies, and very simple bass/drum rhythms and a few flute solos included which makes it more interesting. It is relaxed crooner music with a rock touch, but still with a tendency to singing mainstream pop, which is slightly disappointing because more could be made out of this, Myong-Sook’s voice also seems to have lost at least some of it’s previous power.

For a more extended overview on "The Boy in the Yellow Shirt" see also the page of the composer Sag Woo-Sohn.

Looking back and comparing it with other tracks I assume most tracks were re-recordings of a later date in her life. The potential in her voice surely still is present. I have discovered some of the original recordings only later: they still sound better and more dynamic.

Other tracks can be found on:

도미도 베스트 컬렉션 100 VOL.1 / 50-60 Domido

CD4 17 그대는 내사랑 / You are my love

This is a warm soulful slow "crooner" with accordion and orchestra.

CD5 1 밤안개 부르스 / Nightfog Blues

* CD5 15 약속시간 5분전 / 5 minutes before the appointment

"Nightfog Blues" is a darker soulful ballroom crooner, very much like the previous track (although I prefer this track to take out). "5 linnets before the appointment" starts with a trumpet solo and full orchestral arrangement. It is another rather dark and sad song, sung with warm voice.

가요(歌謠) 박물관 / Music Museum 220 Best

CD3 11 사랑의 송가 / Hymn Of Love (1964)

This is a slow rhythmic song with a certain theatrical evolution.

* CD10-5 내 별은 어느 하늘에 / My star in the sky (1965)

Also this starts as a slow and sad song with piano and string orchestra, before it changes into a full jazz-orchestra and also jazzy mode and rhythm. It features slow passages too. A beautiful often more slowly waltzing song with emotion mixed with more optimistic and groovy parts.

김인배 작곡집 / Master Builder Series: Composer Inbae Kim [Disc 2]

12 너는 말했다 / You Said

Also this is a slightly sad song, with slightly hissed voice adding emotion to the song. It is accompanied by a late 50s styled orchestra with some accordion leads.

Sohn Suk Woo Anthology: Venus Recording Vol. 1

1 삼오야 밝은 달 / Sanya night bright moon

This is a country-like song with country violin and acoustic strummed guitars. It sounds slightly out of place. No idea what to think of it. It has of course a clear American folk influence, fo whatever reason the Koreans might have used it.



Han Myung Sok surely has a good warm soulful voice suitable for slow and jazzy songs. Thoroughly her voice its a husky hissy character which keeps an attraction, but which makes it more difficult to pick out the most perfect songs for it that work as great as earlier in her career.

FILM FRAGMENTS (Let's Meet at Walkerhill (1966) ON:

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