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한의수 - Han Ui-Su

한의수 - 국내음악 한의수 2집 - 無 2000-01-26시완레코드 (SRMK-0006)

1. Ae Kuk Ga ;

2. Animism ;

3. 달의 광시곡 / Lunar Light

4. 無 I / Nil

5. 생일 / Birthday

6. 無 Ii / No li

7. 회상 / recall

This is an art-prog album that is most possibly a one-man band studio affair with the help of a few other musicians and singers. The foundation is for different keyboards for a large part (with some guitar and some classical instruments, not clear if any of them were really present or not).

The first track is acapella song sung by a child.

The first instrumental after this, “Animism”, recreates a sort of 'new age' kind of "natural landscape" with some additional moody piano, some amplified picking, from here it still is a bit unclear what direction to expect next.

The keyboards after this swells up to something else, which is more gothic, orchestral and progressive with additional distorted and fuzz electric guitar and more melodic keyboards, with a near hard-rock alike singing, even some heavy shouting singing mixed with a sort of operatic tension. This arranged tension builds up to some let's say gothic action-film alike effect.

The instrumental after this is orchestrated with keyboards, sound more like a composition in the direction of Art Zoyd, in a more filmic neoclassical way. Also this is a bit repetitive and takes .

In the next calmed track, the child voice returns with another song, arranged sparsely by the keyboards imitating a full orchestra well. Further on female voices and percussion elements are added, making louder the arrangements, before returning a last time to the child with piano only and small gothic orchestral conclusion. This returns us once more to the melodic Univers Zero/Art Zoyd typed arrangements with the imitated orchestra, with heavy and dark moments, and several progressive changes.

The last conclusive track is lighter with the orchestral arrangement and is sung by a backing soprano voice and another Korean female singer with classical association, the child returning once more telling a story and with backing male vocals.

This is clearly an (neo-)'art-prog' project, hangs together well, builds up well and makes the conclusion logical.

A renewed listen some years back I think the album is overrated. The child-like singing at the start is not very well sung. The first new Aga-alike intro is boring, the hard rock passage overdone and slightly repetitive, the keyboard arrangements of Neo-classical music boring and in the end irritating. It is an album which I could not even stand going through it in full perspective again. In this case I would say: unless Neo-prog really hits you every time : to void.

앨범 무(無:nil),한의수, 그리고... 앨범의 무(無:nil)라는 제목과 재킷의 동양적인 아트웍처럼 심오한 내용의 가사와 조금은 어두운 음색의 음악을 들려주고 있다. 첫곡 애국가(ae kuk ga)는 한의수씨의 조카인 김수현양의 앳된 음성으로 시작된다. 앨범속지의 성시완씨가 우리의 일상이 애국가로 시작되어 애국가로 끝나는 시기처럼 이 앨범은 애국가로 시작된다. 나른한 멜로디로 뉴에이지풍의 사운드를 들려주는 animism이 지나가고 나면, 한바탕하자는 '달의 광시곡'이 들려온다. 만약 이 곡을 그냥 들려주면 넥스트의 곡이 아닐까하는 식의 곡의 구성을 보여준다. 락을 좋아하는 필자 개인적으로 생각으론 이 곡이 이 앨범의 가장 백미가 아닐까 한다. 이어 앨범타이틀인 무 I(無:nil)가 나온다. 뒤에 나오는 무 II(無:nil)와의 연상선상의 곡으로 애국가의 멜로디를 재해석을 하고 있다. 다소 무거운 느낌의 곡이다. 다음곡 생일은 수현양의 귀여운 목소리로 들려준다. 그동안 무거운 음악 잘 들으셨읍니다 하는 느낌의 곡으로 앨범의 전반부와 후반부를 나눠주고 있다. 18분이 넘는 대곡 무 II(無:nil)는 늦은 밤 침대에 누워 듣는다면 삶이란, 인간이란, 존재, 우주... 그런 것에 복잡한 철학에 대해 생각하게 만들것이다. 완벽한 아트락적 구성과 정확한 음악적 포인트의 선별, 대곡인 만큼 다소 쉽진 않지만 음악적으론 완벽한 기승전결을 가졌다 할 것이다. 참 힘들게 뛰어온 한의수의 앨범은 마지막곡 회상에서 노영미란 탐미스런 보컬의 어울림으로 막을 내린다. 중간 중간에 꼬마(수현양)의 나레이션이 귀엽다. 재밌는 앨범이다. 다양한 음악적 시도. 틀을 깨는 곡과 곡사이의 연결매듭. 요즘 들어 동양철학에 관심들이 많아져 그런진 모르겠지만, 한의수의 앨범은 마치 한편의 동양고전을 읽는 것과 같은 느낌이 든다. 어렵지만, 재미있는 그런 느낌의 음악 그것이 이 앨범을 규정짓는 이야기가 아닐까 한다.

Rough automated translation: "Album Nothing (:nil), by Han-Ui soo.

Like the title of the album and the profound artwork of the jacket's oriental artwork, the song features profound lyrics and a bit of dark music. The first national song (ae kuk ga) begins with the voice of Han Soo-soo's nephew Kim Soo-hyunyang. This album begins with the national anthem, as Sung Si Wan of the album inlay ends our life begins with the national anthem.

After animism that gives a New Age-like sound with a lingering melody, you will hear 'the moon's gaze'. If you just listen to this song, it shows the composition of the song. I like rock, and I think this is the best beauty of the album.

Then comes the album title, "I" (無: nil). The song is reminiscent of the national anthem's melody in a line that is associated with the next II (nil: nil). It's a bit heavy. The next song birthday will be played by Soo Hyun Yang's cute voice. The music is divided into the first half and the second half of the album.

More than 18 minutes of snarling nothing (nil: nil) would make you think about life, human beings, beings, the universe ... complex philosophies if you lie in bed late at night. It's not as easy as it's a perfect art-rock composition, accurate musical point selection, and a great song, but it's a perfect match for music.

Han's album, which had run so hard, ends in the last song reminiscence with nostalgic vocals. In the middle, a little narration is cute.

It's a fun album. Various musical attempts. The knot between the song that breaks the frame and the song. I don't know if I'm interested in oriental philosophy these days, but Han's album feels like reading an oriental classic. Difficult, but fun music It's the story that defines this album."

Voice : 방준석(달의 광시곡), 김수현(ae kuk ga, 생일), 노영미(회상) Soprano : 김남희(달의 광시곡, 생일, 회상) Chorus : 박창일, 서동인, 박병택, 김성훈 Guitar : 한상원(animism), 방준석(달의 광시곡), 최임식(無 II) Rap : 장세준, 임준세(달의 광시곡)

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