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허민 - Heo Min

유성기로 듣던 가요사 두번째(1945~1960) / Second generation singers of Meteor [Disc 9]

CD9-7 페르샤 왕자(王子) / Prince of Persia

CD9-8 백마강(白馬江)- 허민 / White Horse River

Prince of Persia" is, like the title suggests a rather exotic track in melody. The version on this first compilation still has substantial surface noice but already reveals its originality. Luckily it was later remastered on the Domido compilation (see next). Its melody and arrangements surely were effective in the short time span they got.

The second track is a mainstream trot song, not very well preserved.

Best Collection 100 vol.1 Domido

CD1-12 백마강 / White Horse River

CD2-5 페루샤 왕자 / Prince of Persia

Luckily both tracks received a second chance and remastering on the Domido releases. The Trot track "White Horse River" in its orchestral arrangements was not really bad so it is good to hear it again in better conditions and better sound with which I have the chance to hear its carefully arranged musical contrasts. The song itself as I said before is just mainstream trot. The arrangements still makes it something worth hearing.

Even though it was clear from the first listen on the original record, the remastered "Prince of Persia" shows even better how carefully the track is arranged.

Best Collection 100 vol.2 Domido

CD3-10 아리아 / Aria

“Aria” has a Spanish feel in the melody and underlying guitar/accordion rhythm of the song. A sax and horn solo adds some extra moody flavours. It is a nice and original song as well, which makes it another song to check out.



(wikipedia) 1929년 경상남도 마산부에서 태어났다.[2][3] 어릴 때부터 노래에 관심이 많았지만, 많은 반대에 부딪혀야 했다.[4] 그리하여 마산상고를 거쳐 고려대학교 국문과에 입학했지만, 얼마 지나지 않아 6.25 전쟁이 터져 피난을 가야만 했다. 안습.

그러던 중 한복남에 의해 발탁되어 '페르샤 왕자'라는 곡으로 데뷔했다. 이 데뷔곡은 당시 엄청나게 히트하여 급격하게 망해가던 도미도레코드를 단순간에 일으켜 세웠다고 한다. 그 후 백마강, 다방 아가씨 등 여러 히트곡들을 부르다가 고혈압으로 아버지가 돌아가신 뒤에는 차차 음악과 멀어졌다. 그 후 자신마저 고혈압에 걸리고 말았고, 건강을 회복한 뒤에는 위문 공연을 하기도 했다.

그러나 이번엔 폐렴에 걸려 악화되어 1974년 세상을 떠났다. 게다가 짧은 활동과 이른 사망으로 인하여 많은 정보가 알려져 있지 않은 비운의 가수.

Born in 1929 in Masanbu, Gyeongsangnam-do. Although he had been interested in singing since he was young, he had to face a lot of opposition. After entering Masan Sanggo, he entered the Korean Studies Department at Korea University, but after a while, the Korean War broke out and he had to evacuate.

Then he was selected by Han Bok-nam and debuted with the song 'Prince of Persia'. It was a huge hit at that time, but the success was short. After that, she sang several hits such as "Baekmagang" and "coffee shop", but after his father died of high blood pressure, he gradually turned away from music. After that, he also received high blood pressure, and after recovering his health, he performed a come back performance.

But this time he got pneumonia and died in 1974. There is not much information about him due to its short activities and early death.


허민의 본명은 허한태로 1929년 경남 김해에서 출생하여 1974년폐렴으로 사망하였다. 주로 부산에서 활동하면서 1954 ~ 1957년이 황금기였다. "백마강"과 "페르샤 왕자" 등의 히트곡이 있다. 1950년대초 남조선 콩쿠르에서 2등을 한 후 1954년 독집 앨범을 내고 활동하였다. 약간의 허스키 보이스에 힘찬 발성을 보이고 있는 허민도 전쟁 직후 한 때를 풍미했던 가수이다.

Hurmin's real name was Hur Han-tae, who was born in Gimhae, Gyeongnam in 1929. He died of pneumonia in 1974. Most of his time was in Busan, 1954-1957 was his golden age. There are hit songs such as "White Horse River" and "Prince of Persia." He won second place at the South Korean Competition in the early 1950s.

In 1954 he published a solo album. Heo Min-do has a strong voice with a certain husky element. It is a singer who enjoyed a short time immediately after the war.




백마강의 고요한 달밤아

고란사의 종소리가 들리어 오면

구곡간장 찢어지는 백제 꿈이 그립구나

아, 달빛 어린 낙화암의 그늘 속에서

불러보자 삼천궁녀를

백마강의 고요한 달밤아

철갑옷에 맺은 이별 목메어 울면

계백장군 삼척 검은 임 사랑도 끊었구나

아, 오천결사 피를 흘린 황산벌에서

불러보자 삼천궁녀를

'White Horse River'

Quiet moon night at the White Horse River

When you hear the bell of Goransa

I miss Baekje's dream of Gugok Soy.

Ah, in the shade of moonlight

Let's call out the Three Kingdoms

Quiet moon night at the White Horse River

When I cry of a goodbye

Gyebaek General Samcheok Black Lim Love (??)

Oh, in the field with bleeding blood

Let's call out the Three Kingdoms


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