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SRMK 0008 Horizon: Dreamer's Island (2002)

The first track is good melodic-(neo-) progressive (with drums, bass, keyboards). The second track is with heavenly female vocals (her voice is similar to some singers of some gothic-metal groups). This evolves to an instrumental rather dark moody fusing experimental passage using echoes and improvisations. The third also interesting track starts very moody with birdsounds and slowly builds up. The fourth track is more chamber music-like orchestrated (with strings and oboe) as an addition to the rock band, with flute and more operatic female vocals, nice. The last track is a slowly building up progressive track.

Track titles :

01. Pioneer Ship/ Sail Of Hope/ Frenzy/ Into A New Land

02. Dreamer'S Island/ A Player On Deck/ Dream Song/ Sea Of Oblivion/ March Through The Gate

03. Visitors In Eden/ Welcome Of The Jungle/ Eyes And Chase

04. Free Bird

05. Garden Of Silence/ Dream Flower/ Weep Of The Legend

Performed by Horizon 1기 (2002) - 신현권 : 베이스 기타 - 이동엽 : 드럼 - 장형윤 : 보컬 - 최영진 : 보컬 장형윤 : Vocal "Dreamer's Island" 최영심 : Vocal "Freebird" 이승태 : Keyboard & Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Back Vocal 신현권 : Bass 이동엽 : Drums 박승민 : Tympani 서민정 : Cello 이화정 : Flute

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