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고봉산 - Ko Bong-San / Go Bong-San

Tracks can be found here:

Best Collection 100 vol.2 Domido

CD2-2 그리워서 못살겠네 / I can't live because I miss you

9 나는 취했소 / I'm Drunk

The first track is a sad trot song with calmly and slowly stomping rhythm, and an accompaniment of accordion, reeds and wind instruments, and strings and some electric guitar. It is a fine performance of mainstream trot.

“I’m Drunk” musically sounds pretty much the same, like repeated pattern. Its voice is more pronounced, while staying melodically related to the mainstream style that still is based upon nostalgic repetition and the little things that matter.

가요(歌謠) 박물관 Best 220

CD3-3, 용두산 에레지 / Yongdusan Elegy (1964)

* CD3-7, 아메리칸 마도로스 / American Madoros (1963)

Also this track is mainstream trot styled, sung with fine voice. It is not the kind of tracks foreigners will tend to give much attention to.

It's great to hear a style difference with "American Madoros" (not sure if the second word is translated well). It is a step from trot into the mambo/boogie/twist etc era, which can only be a step forward, although I assume one is simply following the trends.The song has an attractive lightheartedness.

하춘화 힛트곡 전집 / Ha Chun-hwa Collection of Hit Songs (1987)

7 다정한 부부 / Affectionate Couple (1972)

(with 하춘화 / Ha Chun-Wha)

14 아베크 부부 / ??? couple

(with 하춘화 / Ha Chun-Wha)

From a slightly later time are these two tracks in duet with Ha Chun-Hwa. Ha Chun Hwang made trot styled pop lighter and brighter, more pop-like. That's exactly how this sounds. The arrangements are with a more compact pop/rock band kind of approach with stronger and more modern contrasts in the production while not forgetting the string and old time-based arrangements. Even though the idea is mainstream pop, it's light happy feeling at the same time is pretty easy to like.

I heard two more satisfying pop tracks of this artist:

부부싸움 / Couple Fight

with 송춘희 / Song Chun Hee

회장님 환영회 / President's welcome meeting (1960)

with 송춘희 / Song Chun Hee



(with the help of Google Translate so with mistakes, but it will give you an idea)

그리워서 못살겠어요. 나는

꽃잎이 떨어진 나뭇가지에

동그맣게 굳은 이슬이 보이나요

끈끈한 핏물이 굳어서

단단한 앙금이 되었지요

떨어져 흑갈색으로

말라 버린 이파리도

살바람에 정처없이 떠도는

고아가 되었어요

나뭇가지에 응고된

사랑의 흔혈위로 덧나는 그리움

사랑은 떠나고 그리움만 남아

가눌 수 조차 없는 허허로움

그리워서 못살겠어요. 나는

꽃잎이 매달렸던 꽃가지

그 자리엔

다시는 꽃이 피지 않는다는 걸

아시는지요. 그대

I can't live because I miss you.

On a branch with fallen petals

Can you see the dew?

Sticky blood hardens

like solid sediment

Off to brown

Dried leaves

Wandering in the wind

I was orphaned

Solidified on a tree branch

Longing for the blood of love

Love is leaving, only my longing is left

Even vanity can't be controlled

I can't live because I miss you.

Flower branch

In that place

I'm never going to bloom again

Do you know this?

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