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김상희 - Kim Sang-Hee

Cover "Sia has soul 7 inch 33rpm vinyl EP Singapore 1975"

"KIM SANG-HEE (김상희) “Sia has soul” 7 inch 33rpm vinyl EP Tracks: True love/The cosmos flower song (김상희. 코스모스의 전설)/True love/SINGAPORE GIRL THEME

Instrumental-vocal-inst.-vocal (Singapore) Singpaore Airlines

(1975 – special promo pressing to celebrate SIA starting flights to Seoul 3 days a week)."

Folkie Jin : "This record normal price is a over 600$. Kim sang-Hee is a famous female popular singer. Her mostly records are Korean pop styled but this particular record is a psychedelic style thanks to the Support of Shin Jung-Hyun. Shin Jung-Hyun wrote all songs and arrangement. and Musical performance by Donkeys of Shin Jung-Hyun. The album title song "How am I?(A Ta Ke Ha?)" was big hit!! I think that this record style similar to Jefferson Airplane. (lately 1960th-early 1970th San Francisco psychedelic scene)."

Unfortunately I have not heard this album yet. I don't know if it ever received a reissue.

Folkie Jin : "This record normal price is a over 600$. Well this record is a her live recording. Side A recordings are pop styled, but Side B recordings are psychedelic styled. Especially Side B 3 "How am I?" is a great Korean psychedelic live recording.

Shin jung-hyun thought to herself that she could also sing in Jefferson Airplane moods. So I think that this song was similar to White Rabbit of Japerson airplane!! Musical performance by Questions of Shin Jung-Hyun. I think that this record is a her best recording and one of Korean psychedelic best live recordings!! Highly recommendable record!!

1.울산 큰애기 / Ulsan Big Baby 2.대머리총각 / Bald Headed Bachelor 3.홍콩의 에레지 / Erge of Hong Kong 4.목포의 눈물 / Teard of Mokpo 5.써니 / Sunny 6.In My Room 1.커피한잔(고지미자매) / cup of coffee 2.사랑의 상처(김상희) / Wounds of Love

(Kim Sang-hee) 3.어떻게 해(김상희) / How to do it

(Kim Sang-hee) 4.굳바이(김상희) / Goodbye

(Kim Sang-hee)

김상희는 한국문화대상 수상자로 선정이 되며 70년 1월 최초의 리사이틀을 개최할만큼 최정상에 올랐다. 이때의 공연실황을 담은 <김상희 리싸이틀쇼-유니버샬,KLH7,70년3월> 음반은 그녀의 최고명반으로 손꼽히는 고가의 희귀음반. 배삼룡이 사회를 맡고 신중현과 퀘션스, 여대영악단이 세션을 맡았다.

이 실황음반의 압권은 2면에 수록된 사이키델릭 향기가 진동하는 7분50초짜리 명곡 <어떻게 해> 퀘션스의 신들린 애드립 연주는 듣는 이의 탄성을 불러낼 만큼 현란함의 극치를 들려준다. 또한 록버전으로 들어보는 색다른 맛깔의 <울산큰애기>도 놓칠수 없는 들을거리이다.

영역을 넓힌 김상희는 젊은이들이 즐겨찾던 무교동의 코파 카바나 클럽무대에 첫 등장을 하며 조선호텔 나이트클럽으로까지 진출, 젊은 남성층을 단숨에 사로 잡았다.

그러나 호사다마라 할까. <어떻게 해>의 가사내용을 <누워서 해>등 선정적인 내용으로 개사를 해 부르는 짓궂은 남성들 때문에 개사된 노래가 유행이 되자 처음으로 방송금지를 당하는 아픔을 겪으며 좌절했다.

"Kim Sang-hee was be selected as the winner of the Korean Culture Awards.The recording of the performance at that time was Kim Sang-hee's Re-show-Universal, March, 70. It is an expensive rare record, and is one of the best albums. Bae Sam-ryong was in charge of the society, while Shin Joong-hyun, Quests and the Women's University Orchestra were in charge of the session. The best part of this live record is the psychedelic flavour. The vibrant 7 minute and 50 second masterpiece `` How Do '' with Quest's exciting ad-lib play is so flashy going to the extremes. In addition, you can't miss the Ulsan Big Baby, which is different from the rock version. Kim Sang-hee, who expanded her career, made her first appearance at the copa cabana club stage in Mugyo-dong, where young people liked her, after which she even entered the nightclub of Chosun Hotel. Was that a luxury? She was quickly frustrated after being banned for the first time just after the song became popular."

The album's live recording is very primitive and becomes disappointing for that matters. The rock part on the first site is not getting through except in a primitive and unfit way. It is only after Questions suddenly break through with their psychedelic sound it becomes a bit better, while the vocal part on "A Cup of Coffee" is not recorded very well. It even disturbs the sound. It is in fact only "How Can I", with the longest the psychedelic instrumental improvisation that goes berserk which makes the record more collectible. If only this would have been recorded a bit better...

This album is more Koreanised western pop music, perhaps with some Trot influences. This is popular, mainstream music, but with the more Korean/Trot melodies, the string orchestra with reed or brass that has a slight jazz touch, and here and there a few accompanying rock band contributions to it, I think it makes this rather enjoyable to listen to. Just don’t expect too much from it from a purely psych-pop interest of view. 19 tracks were compiled on this “hit song” album.

1. 경상도 청년 (3:15) / Gyeongsangdo Young Man

2. 대머리 총각 (2:20) / Bald headed bachelor

* 3. 코스모스 피는 길 (2:21) / Cosmos Blooming Roa

4. 울산 큰애기 (2:35) / Ulsan Big Baby

5. 팔베개 (2:54) / Arm pillow

6. 어쩌나 (2:45) / Whatever

7. 잊지못할 연인 (2:45) / Unforgettable Lovers

8. 토요일과 일요일 사이 (2:30) / Between Saturday and Sunday

9. 지금도 그사람이 (2:35) / Even now

10. 나 외롭지 않네 (3:24) / I'm not lonely

11. 빨간 성인장 (3:45) / Red chair

12. 즐거운 아리랑 (3:05) / Happy Arirang

13. 당신을 알고부터 (2:40) / Since I know you

14. 편지 (2:41) / Letter

15. 뜨거워서 싫어요 (1:57) / I don't like it because it's hot

16. 참사랑 (2:55) / True Love

17. 아! 못잊어 (2:35) / Ah! I can't forget

18. 몰랐어요 (2:45) / I didn't know

19. 밤차로 갑니다 (2:54) / Go by night -funky/disco trot-

A first favorite still is "Cosmos Blooming Road" a gentle lullaby waltz with nice orchestrations and a repeated programmed synth sound arrangement. Also good to mention is the disco/pop/rock arranged trot track "Go By Night" which I think still is worth giving extra attention.

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics, also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined, without *, might be considered interesting tracks as well, for various reasons.

More songs can be found on:

도미도 베스트 컬렉션 100 VOL.1 / 50-60 Domido

* CD2-7 닐리리 맘보 / Nilriri Mambo

This is a very pleasant 60s mambo related pop song in let's say western style.

CD5-5 대머리총각 / Bald headed bachelor

CD5-16 단벌신사 / A gentleman

Also "Bald Bachelor" fits well with the previous song, a pop song with dance music rhythms on congas, some brass arrangements, all in 60s pop style. And also “A gentleman” is arranged with the same amount of brass with drums. It is pop music with something of an evening of dance music entertainment context.

가요(歌謠) 박물관 / Music Museum Best 220

CD4-14 오늘 같은 날은 / A day like today (1965)

This song is a bit like a very soft gentle waltz. The arrangements are recorded a bit further in the background, with its voice somewhat to the fore, solo.

CD5-17 대머리 총각 / Bald Bachelor (1967)

Bald Bachelor was reviewed before. It is a light and rhythmic pop song.

CD10-7 결혼 지각생 / Late Marriage (1967)

CD10-13 뜨거워서 싫어요 / I hate it because it's hot (1967)

"Late Marriage" is also mid 60s song pop styled with a ballroom context of entertaining. You can hear sax solos and a small but clear twist reference.

"I hate it because it's hot" is a more soggy song with in the background brass and percussion. Also this fits in the same late city life vibe.

손석우 앤솔로지: 뷔너스 레코딩 Vol. 1 / Sohn Suk Woo Anthology: Venus Recording Vol. 1

2 삼오야 밝은 달 / Sanya night bright moon

This is a rather commercially sounding mainstream pop song arranged by Sug Woo Sohn, as if arranged for a TV show.



From Wikipedia:

Kim Sang-hee (金相 姬, real name: Choi Soon-gang, born 29 March 1943) is a Korean singer. She graduated from Korea University, Department of Law, debuted as a singer in 1961, and was active in 1965. She won the special prize at the TBC Music Awards in 1971, the 1st Korean Broadcasting Song Awards in 1973, and the "Friendly Arirang" at the Tokyo International Music Festival held at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo in 1977. Currently, he is the Dean of Korea Broadcasting Arts Promotion Agency and DJ of Korea Transport Broadcasting. In 1999, he was suspected of being involved in her son's military affairs.

His hits include `Cosmos Blooming Road'', ` Ulsan Big Baby'', `Bad Bald Bachelor'', ``Gyeongsangdo Young Man'', and ` Geumsan Lady''.

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