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김세환 - Kim Se-Hwan (金世煥)

Mellow Pop/folk-pop, soft-rock album acoustic with some electric elements, some electric organ and Hammond (?) organ and (kitschy use of) moog(?), with little or soft percussion, mainstream in nature with western song pop context, sung in Korean, at times with sweet dual vocals.

One very different track (the worst one) with brass orchestra sounds like a communist nationalist song.

Style: early 60s. Most of it is forgettable. The 15th track with fuzz guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, drums however sounds rather good.

After listening back to it after all those years I think there are more tracks worth picking out. It's not a real collectable for western collectors for a large part or at least half of it will appeal less.

골든앨범 (사랑하는 마음/행복한 사람) / Golden album (love heart / happy person) (1980)

A 1. 사랑하는 마음 / Loving heart 2. 무뚝뚝한 사나이 / Straightfoward man 3. 화가났을까 / Are you angry? 4. 앚지못할 추억 / Unforgettable memories * 5. 토요일밤에 / Saturday night * 6. 나그대에게 모두드리리 / I will give you all 7. 사랑을 노래해요 / Sing of love 8. 국민응원가 / National Applicants (?) B 1. (9) 행복한 사람 / Happy people 2. (10) 좋은걸 어떻해 / How do you like it 3. (11) 슬픈노래는 싫어요 / I hate sad songs 4. (12) 두손을 마주잡고 / Face to face 5. (13) 길가에 앉아서 / Sitting by the side of the road 6. (14) 목장길따라 / Along the Ranch * 7. (15) 비 / Rain 8. (16) 우리의 이야기 / Our story

김세환 번안곡집(73.3.20 성음)=A. 호숫가, 밤의 노래(It’s Almost Tomorrow), 그리워(Missing You), 보고픈 사람(For The Good Times), 토요일 밤에, 그리운 옛날(One Of Us) B. 못다한 마음(Quentin’s Theme), 오늘은 일요일(Singin’ The Blues), 나를 잊지 말아요(Forget Me Not), 님의 모습(Burnning Bridge), 고이 간직하려오(Help Me Make It Through The Night), 못잊어(I Almost Lost My Mind)

Kim Se-hwan's Collection of Songs (73.3.20 Sungeum) = A. Lake shore, It's Almost Tomorrow, Missing You, For The Good Times, Saturday Night, One Of Us B. Quentin's Theme, Today is Sunday Singin 'The Blues, Forget Me Not, Burning Bridge, Help Me Make It Through The Night, I Almost Lost My Mind

김세환 - 골든 베스트 (2011)

CD 1 01 좋은 걸 어떡해 / What's Good

02 토요일 밤에 / Saturday night

03 사랑하는 마음 / loving heart

04 무뚝뚝한 사나이 / Straightforward Man

05 사랑을 노래해요 / Singing about love

06 나 그대에게 모두 드리리 / I will give you all

07 아름다운 사람 / Beautiful man

08 길가에 앉아서 / Sitting by the side of the road

09 화가 났을까 / If I Would Angry

10 두 손을 마주잡고 / face to face

11 님의 모습 / One's appearance

12 비 / Rain

13 슬픈 노래는 싫어요 / I hate sad songs

14 어느 날 오후 / one afternoon

15 왜 그런지 / why

16 우리 사랑 변함없으리 / Our love will never change

17 다시 한번 우리 / We once again

18 당신 / you

19 결혼식 / wedding

20 우리들의 이야기 / Our Story

21 행복한 사람 / happy people

22 그림자 따라 / follow the shadow

I picked here out some tracks that are worth checking out. The style in general is soft pop, it sounds like mostly songs of the singer himself but I can always be mistaken. The approach in general still is a bit too mainstream and into the ultra-save zone to truly work for foreign listeners despite hints to a basic potential. On the second CD I recognize several pop covers performed as rather mainstream versions, like for instance the tamed Elvis Presley version of "Starry Night".

CD 2 01청춘만세 / Long live youth

02 첫사랑 / first love

03 어리석은 사랑 / Stupid Love

04 아름다운 너 / beautiful you

05 꿈속의 천사 / Angel of Dreams

06 잊지 못할 추억 / Unforgettable Memories

07 내 사랑 코리나 / My Dear Corina

08 말해줘요 / tell me

09 별이 빛나는 밤에 / starry night (Elvis Presley)

10 어느 소녀에게 바친 사랑 / Love for a Girl

11 돌아오라 내게로 / Come back to me

12 새벽 별빛 아래로 / dawn starlight down

13 안녕 외로운 밤이여 / goodbye lonely night

14 그리움 / longing

15 눈물의 왈츠 / Waltz of Tears

16 이별의 노래 / parting song

17 소중한 사랑 / precious love

18 종이장미 / paper rose

19 사랑의 속삭임 / Whispering of Love

20 오늘은 일요일 / Today is Sunday

21 목장 길 따라 / Along the ranch road

22 옛날이야기 / Old Story

more will be added soon



Like many South-Korean singers with singer/songwriters qualities in the direction of the 80s suffer from mellowness due to overactive censorship directing everyone into a safe mainstream zone of music, artists start to act towards it a bit too much so that in the end the music genre in general becomes less attractive to western collectors once the 80s is reached. Despite a few good songs, most of the songs of the artist and singer are too mainstream, soft and mellow to collect.

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