김정미 - Kim Jung-Mi

Folkie Jin : "Korea had a Folk scene in the 70's too. But it only had few folk rock albums then. Mostly Korean folk singers were influenced by American folk singers (Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter Paul and Mary, Joan Baez etc.). So almost folk singers belong to modern folk. Only a few singers tried add western folk music (mostly American folk) to traditional standards.

Only occasionally folk rock was made by a rock musician. This musician was Shin Jung-Hyun. I think there was no another musician like him in Korea. He made three psychedelic folk rock albums with folk singers.

First is Kim Jung-Mi's "Now"(1973) and Seo Yoo-Seok's "Shin Jung-Hyun Jakpeangok jip" (Shin Jun-Hyun songs collection, 1973) and Yang Hee-Eun's "Shin Jung-Hyun Jakpeangok jip"(1973). I think that he was interested about adding psychedelic music to folk music by the year 1973. Both albums (Seo Yu-seok and Yang Hee-Eun) were made only sides A by Shin Jung-Hyun. Sides B were composed by other composers. These records were a new experiment for the Korean Folk history.."

김정미는 고등학교 3학년 때 신중현 사단에 발을 들여놓았다. 신중현은 자신의 작품을 가장 잘 소화해 낸 가수로 펄 씨스터즈와 함께 김정미를 꼽고 있다. 김정미는 제2의 김추자라고 불려질 만큼 김추자의 창법을 닮았다. 김추자와 김정미, 모두 신중현에게 창법 지도를 받았기 때문이다. 김정미는 신중현의 창법 지도를 가장 제대로 받았던 가수였다. 김정미는 김추자에 비해 성량은 풍부하지 못하지만 신중현 음악 스타일에 걸맞은 창법, 특히 사이키델릭 창법에서는 독보적인 가수였다. 김정미의 노래가 지니는 매력은 우선은 섹시하다는 데 있다. 그의 노래를 듣고 있으면 마치 한편의 에로 영화를 보는 듯한 느낌이다. 1960년대 말부터 사이키델릭에 심취했던 신중현은 1970년부터 본격적으로 사이키델릭 작품들을 발표했다. 특히 1971년에 가수로 데뷔한 김정미에게 집중적으로 사이키델릭 작품들을 부르게 했다. 김정미는 <봄>, <햇님>, <바람>과 같은 신중현의 사이키델릭 작품을 불러서 인기를 끌었다. 음악잡지인 『대중가요』에 김정미의 인기가 눈에 띄기 시작한 것은 1972년 봄이다. 1972년 유니버살레코드사에서 ‘김정미 최신가요집’ 음반(KLS-44, 1LP)이 제작되었는데 이것이 김정미의 첫 녹음이었다. 이 음반에는 신중현의 작품 <잊어야 한다면>, <간다고 하지 마오>, <언제나>, <나 생각나네>, <기다리는 마음>, <가나다라마바>, <잊었던 사랑>, <못잊어>가 담겨있다. 이 음반에서 반주는 그룹 ‘더 맨’이 맡았다. ‘김정미 NOW’ 음반(성음제작소 SEL-100 023, 1LP)은 1973년 11월에 제작되었다. 이 음반에는 <봄>, <햇님>, <바람>, <불어라 봄바람>(김자림 작사), <당신의 꿈>, <아름다운 강산>, <고독한 마음>, <비가 오네>, <가나다라마바>와 같은 신중현의 사이키델릭 걸작과 한국전통음악과 록을 접목한 <나도 몰래>가 담겨있다. 이 음반의 앞표지에는 꽃밭을 배경으로 한 김정미의 인물 사진이 실려있는데, 이 사진은 신중현이 촬영한 것이며 꽃은 사이키델릭을 상징한다. 김정미는 1977년 9월에 지구레코드공사에서 제작한 음반(JLS-1201239, 1LP)에서 김성욱 작사, 김영광 작곡의 <나는 바본가 봐>, 하중희 작사, 김용선 작곡의 <셋방살이>, 김태완 작사, 김영광 작곡의 <너를 보내고>, 제니스 조플린(Janis Joplin) 작곡, 지명길 역사의 <난 정말 몰라요>(Move Over), 김성욱 작사, 김영광 작곡의 <너를 갖고파>를 녹음했다. 김정미는 이 음반을 끝으로 가요계를 떠났다. 1974년 9월에 지구레코드공사에서 제작된 김정미의 음반(JLS-120920, 1LP)은 신중현, 김정미 콤비가 마지막으로 이뤄 낸 사이키델릭 음악 음반이다. 이 음반에는 신중현의 작품 <이건 너무하잖아요>, <생각해>, <담배꽁초>, <갈대>(남지연 작사), <당신이>, <너와 나>가 담겨있다. 김정미의 녹음이 담겨있는 음반으로 지금까지 13장이 확인되었다. 김정미의 음반 가운데 신중현의 작품이 담겨있는 것은 12장이며, 신중현 외의 작곡가들의 작품이 담겨있는 것은 1장이다

Folkie Jin : "Musical performance by Golden Grapes with Shin Jung Hyun Lead guitar.

Normal price over 850$ Guest female singer are Kim Jung Mi, Ju Hyun, Min A, Bonnie Girls.

Kim Jung Mi debut record! Musical performance of this record by Golden Grapes, the group also debuted with supports of shin Jung Hyun. All Group members were mixed blood and orphan guys. so Shin Jung Hyun want to help them. He often played with them and also he gave to play stages for them, too, and he played at this record with Golden Grapes. In this record also he worked with some guest female singers. These are Kim Jung Mi, Ju Hyun, Bonnie Girls, Min A. All Side A songs by Kim Jung-Mi and four songs are same to Kim Jung Mi second album but one song is a different. Side B songs are three songs by Ju Hyun, one song by Min A and Bonnie girls. Side B songs also included to Shin Jung-Hyun sound vol. 1 album, but the musical performance is different. The reason is that Musical performance of this record is by Golden Grapes, while on Shin Jung-Hyun sound vol. 1 album it was by Shin Jung-Hyun and his cambo band. All songs are nice Koreanized psychedelic sounds and you can understand that his great musical composition ability at this album."

Folkie Jin : "Her recently songs collection (Shin Jung-Hyun songs collection) Universal record. Musical performance by The men. This record is an actually her debut album. Her early voice was a little bluesy and soulful. Features of music are normal Psychedelic pop sound with much brass arrange and a little string arrangements. Especially Son Hak-Rae of The men played Saxophone and Oboe at this album. Side B 4 has a little fuzz guitar sound touches with brass arrangements. Mostly songs are soft pop Psychedelic numbers. I think that this album has a psychedelic pop sound."

Folkie Jin : "Musical performance by The men. This record music style is a soft pop psychedelic music. It has a little string arrangement and psychedelic performances (oboe, saxphone, organ, electric guitar etc.) This record reissued only CD format in 2002."

Folkie Jin : "Personally I think that Korea best folk rock album is a Kim Jung-Mi's "Now" as a total album while Korea best folk rock song is a Seo Yu-Seok's "Seonnea(Fairy)" "The fairy" is a more progressive and acid folk song. Especially you can hear great harp, violin, cello session, string session, Shin Jung Hyun's wawa guitar sounds, oboe, Bass guitar at this song. A real Korean acid folk masterpiece song!!"

"Musical performance by Yupjeons. Korean psychedelic folk Masterpiece and Her best record!! This record reissued LP and CD format in 2003. She was made into a psychedelic singer by Shin Jung Hyun. Her vocal resemble the Grace slick of Jefferson Airplane so was erotic that is a very sexy ? It is a mega rare Korean psychedelic folk or beat rock album. Its price is over 1000$ mint condition L.P but nearly don't find out it because Korea president's "purge measure of Korean pop music" at 1970th her record was fired by government employees. You'll see her record at the book which is a RECORD COLLECTOR DREAMS by Hans Pokora (PS right LP : single taken from LP)."

This singer has a beautiful, only slightly breathy voice, with folk-psych and pop-psych group accompaniment. This is considered as her best work. Her voice style is pretty much like English pop-psych. The accompaniment varies a bit, is made for perfection, and is perfectly fitting for a song oriented record. A very beautiful record. It was a bit more difficult to pick out tracks, because they all sound good. The more I listen to the album, the more I like it even better.

Folkie Jin : "Musical performance by Yupjeons. Korean psychedelic folk Masterpiece and her best record!! This record was reissued LP and CD format in 2003, but it is sold out now. She was made into a psychedelic singer by Shin Jung Hyun. Her vocal resemble the Grace slick of Jefferson Airplane was erotic that is a very sexy ? It is a mega rare Korean psychedelic folk or beat rock album. It also so rare because of Korea's president's "purge measure of Korean pop music" In 1970th her record was fired by government employees. You'll see her record listed at the Record Collector Dreams book by Hans Pokora"

Eclipse Records : "Legendary groovy acid femme psychedelic folk rock masterpiece, finally sees reissue in a deluxe mini-LP sleeve from Korea; super acid rock produced by famous Korean fuzz guitar maven Shin Jung Hyun, with the playing of Hyun and his band The Men evident throughout; sustains a spacey west coast style of psychedelia throughout; one song from this album featured on the ‘Peace, Love and Dreams’ series; if Francoise Hardy is the Marianne Faithful of France, then Kim Jung Mi is, I suppose, the Francoise Hardy of Korea..."

"Something of a first for me is this 1973 folk/pop album from South Korea. Alerted to its existence by a glowing review in Record Collector, it has taken me six months to get around to risking it, but the risk has paid off with an enchanting album. The first track is a heavily orchestrated ballad, making for a lush 60's pop sound, while the second (no titles as they are all in Korean) is just singer and band, and is a faster folk/rock effort. The musicians sound as though they have picked up many Western influences, with the guitarist in particular sounding very West Coast, and it is not until track five that an Oriental influence creeps into the songs. Kim Jung Mi has an expressive voice, and the songs are just Westernised enough to make this a very pleasant listen despite not understanding the words. Fans of 70's folk/rock such as Trees and Mellow Candle should investigate, as if you are constantly searching for something a bit different - as I am these days - then an album like this is worth the investment. " Peter Jolly

Dusty Groove : "A folk funk masterpiece from Korea -- sung with breathy brilliance by female singer Kim Jung Mi, and featuring some great fuzzy backgrounds from guitarist Shin Jung Hyun! Although not in English, the record has a very similar feel to some of the hippest British female work of the same period -- a style that takes older folk styles and gives them a trippier, more psychedelic twist -- largely through the use of echoey production that makes the voice sound all flanged-out next to the guitar, but also through some spacious arrangements that give most of the record a nicely floating sort of feel! Titles are all in Korean, as are the lyrics -- but the record's got an undeniably universal appeal."

Midheaven description : "A reissue of this legendary femme acid folk masterpiece. KIM JUNG MI’s Now album seems to require a couple of listens before its excellence can be fully appreciated. Korean fuzz guitar master SHIN JUNG HYUN and his band THE MEN are the backing band, with their solid presence evident throughout, sustaining a spacey West Coast psychedelia vibe. Though every song has a similar tone, one would never accuse the music of being too much the same neat trick. if Francoise Hardy is the Marianne Faithful of France, then Kim Jung Mi is the Francoise Hardy of Korea. Moody, melancholic, and sexy. "

http://blogjam.com/2008/02/28/kim-jung-mi/ :

If I were to tell you that one of the greatest records ever made came out South Korean psychedelic pop scene in 1973, you’d probably doubt my sanity. And you’d be utterly, utterly wrong.

I don’t know much about Kim Jung Mi. I know she’s backed on this track by fuzz-guitar maestro Shin Jung Hyun and his band The Men, but that’s about it. It’s from an album called Now, and that the track is called The Sun.

All that matters is that it’s like Sweet Jane crossed with Hey Jude crossed with Francois Hardy, and that every second is 24 carat, take-your-breath-away magnificent.

Folkie Jin : "Musical performance by Yupjeons. Mostly songs are same to the Now album except for track A2, B1,B4 This record reissued only in CD format in 2003." I saw it was also reissued on double CD by Pony Canyon in 2002.

Radioshow comments : "Good second album by Kim Jung Mi with a couple classic songs on it. Psychpop songs with good poprock arrangements, and great voice. Somewhat similar as the first album, although on first album every tracks is equal strong."

On http://waxidermy.com/kim-jung-mi-the-wind/ (with audio :

"Recorded in 1973, this LP is the middle release in a trio of collaborative LPs between singer Kim Jung Mi and guitarist/bandleader/songwriter Shin Jung Hyun. Here we have Kim Jung Mi's cool female vocals over a solid bunch of pop/psych songs. This LP and the one directly preceding it ("Now") are both highly rated LPs and listening to "The Wind" you can hear why as the production and overall vibe is extremely accessable and appealing. The story goes, that by the late 70s Kim Jung Mi was fed up of the censorship rampant in Korean pop music and essentially quit, I don't know how accurate this is but after digging through some background on both Kim Jung Mi and Shin Jung Hyun, one definitely gets the idea that things were not easy in those turbulent times. This LP is a fantastic listen throughout and Shin Jung Hyun's guitar playing adds a distinctive and interesting voice to its overall sound."

Folkie Jin : "Musical performance by Yupjeons. This record reissued only CD in 2002. A4-6 and B4-6 songs are not Kim Jung Mi songs and Shin Jung Hyun's songs, but by other singers and writers. At this album Kim Jung Mi's sexy and acidly voice meets Shin Jung Hyun's psychedelic pop feelings again. Some songs have a certain pop feelings but have also Shin Jung Hyun's great musicality with his group Yupjeons's musical performances."

"The rockier side of pop, again thanks to Shin Yung-Hyun's participation and defined psych-rock sound."

There exist 2 reissues. This is the korea-only edition. There exist another reissue on World psychedelia.

The first couple of tracks are sung with a soulful voice with an exotic timbre. These songs are rockier, with a psychrock band. In fact it is as if Shin Yung Hyun with the Yup Yuns arranged a few simple and effective tracks, with an additional singer. Contrary to what I say, it is the singer who gets all the attention in the mix. You can even hear the background echo of the voice better than the band accompanying. With a different mix, you might have heard better, this very fine cooperation, with clearly Shin Jung-Hyun's mark. There is a great swing or groove in these tracks. Tiny brass arrangements occur. All songs are in Korean. Only tiny electric fuzz guitar solos are present, mixed a bit further in the background compared to the voice, respecting the singer which gets most of the attention, the band coming secondary. Some organ occurs later too. After 5 rockers a few slower songs appear with a darker song edge, the first one with some additional flute. The next three tracks, also with a bit darker or melancholic temperament are orchestrated and this fits very well with these songs which are a bit more Korean. The first one, with some additional strings imitating or fitting keyboards even reminds me of some Persian songs or way of songwriting or singing. The second orchestrated track has some additional clarinet and wah-wah guitar, the third one clarinet with flute and some brass as well. The last track is more up tempo with a chachacha rhythm, is between happy and sad with more electric guitar. It is a well balanced and well compiled album.

Forced Exposure : "Third reissue on this label of groovy Korean psychedelic pop with slight English folk flavors from Kim Jung Mi -- known throughout as the the "Francois Hardy of Korean pop." "This 1974 album shows a different side of the delectable Korean singer's personality, as she is called upon to front slinky mid-tempo rockers instead of the folk-inflected tracks of both the Nowand Wind records; this makes for some interesting music, including a cover version of Janis Joplin's 'Move Over'; the tracks all sound more than a year removed from Now and Wind, in part because of drastically better production values (this album was made for Jigu, unlike Kim Jung Mi's other releases), plus the addition of horns, organ, and even a string section; Shin Jung Hyun is still backing his protégé with characteristic guitar lines, so no loss of musical quality is evident."

Dusty Groove : "Groovy folk funk from mid 70s Korea – mad, pulpy tunes from Kim Jung Mi – possibly her best work ever! This wonderful self-titled set is a pretty deep left turn from her other material that we've been lucky enough to get our hands on – this one really goes deeper into the trippier elements that pepper her work – with deep, thumping bass lines, groovy organ washes and some strings! Groovy, groovy work and more than lives up to the World Psychedelia tag! 11 tracks in all."


RhythmOn Rec. Kim Jung Mi: Anthology – King Record Era 1972-1973

-4CD box- / (also as 4LP box) (1972-1973,2016)****°

김정미 - 앤솔로지 [500셋 넘버링 한정반]

[ 4CD + 인서트 (전곡가사와 라이너) + 소형 포스터 / 전 앨범 LP미니어쳐 커버 사양 ]김정미 노래 | 리듬온 | 2016년 10월 28일

This box was a limited, 500 numbered edition. It’ s for records are a must-have of Korean music history. The music is 24-bit digitally remastered for this edition. I have already previously reviewed CD3 & 4 both from 1973, in a different version, from which the most known album is “Now”, followed by “The Wind”.

음반소개 1970년대 한국 싸이키델릭의 여제 김정미의 대표작들을 모은 4CD 박스 한정반.

양대 명반으로 손꼽히는 '바람' 'Now'을 비롯하여 '최신가요집' 그리고 '간다고 하지마오 / 아니야'

앨범으로 구성된 스페셜앨범.

초회 500셋 넘버링 한정반 인서트(전곡가사와 라이너) 소형 포스터

전곡 24비트 디지털 리마스터링(2016_사운드미러 코리아) 전 앨범 'LP미니어쳐 커버' 사양

[한국적 싸이키델리아의 시작과 완성을 의미한 김정미의 음악 여정]

1970년 대 이미 한국 대중음악의 산파 역할을 담당했던 신중현 사단의 기대주로 탄생한 김정미는 현재 우리의 기억 한가운데 한국 싸이키델릭의 여제라는 또 다른 이름으로 어느 순간 자리매김 했다.

사실, 김정미의 음반들은 근래에 늦깍이 팬들을 양산하기에 이르러, 그녀의 이름이 확고히 각인되는데 크게 일조했다. 이유가 무엇일까?

과거로 잠시 돌아가 보자. 당시 신중현은 펄 씨스터즈에 이어 스타로 발돋음한 김추자에 이어 당시 고등학교 3학년에 재학 중이던 김정미를 발탁해 자신만의 트레이닝 방식을 선택했다. 김정미는 김추자의 육감적인 율동과 성량에는 미치지 못했지만 신중현 본인의 추구하는 음악적인 스타일을 실현해 줄 재목으로 충분했다.

신중현 본인의 말에 따르면 당시 김정미를 다소곳한 자세로 앉혀서 노래를 부르게 했다고 말한다.

김정미가 지닌 잠재력을 일치감치 파악한 뒤 그에 맞는 트레이닝 방법을 선택했다는 의미이다.

그러한 시도는 더욱 김정미의 내면에 자리 잡고 있던 잠재력을 이끌어 내어 신중현의 의도대로 경쟁력 있는 또 하나의 스타 탄생을 의미하는 일이었다.

어느덧 제2의 김추자로 불려질 정도로 김정미는 김추자와 닮아갔고 당대의 히트 제조기 신중현과의 작업을 통해 대형스타의 탄생을 기대케 했던 그녀의 출발점은 김추자 무대 대역이었고, 뒤 이은 옴니버스 앨범인 '신중현 사운드 Vol. 2' 로 실질적인 출발의 서막을 알렸다.

1972년부터 1973년 사이에 발표한 음반들은 과거 김정미의 인지도를 끌어올린 일등공신격인 독집앨범들이다.

신중현 으로부터 독창적인 창법을 전수받은 뒤라 김정미만의 매력을 십분 느낄 수 있는 넘버들로 구성되었으며 인기몰이에 기여했음을 부인할 수 없다. 그 점은 김정미가 이미 학창시절부터 발산했던 끼에 기인한 결과이기도 했지만 타고난 음폭과 노력은 한층 신중현의 음악적 시도에 날개를 달아 주듯이 보기 좋게 대중적인 노선과도 맞아 떨어졌다.

1972년 김정미는 공식적인 데뷔작으로 '김정미 최신가요집' 을 발표한다. 이 앨범의 연주는 그룹 ‘더 멘’ 이 맡았다. 비장미가 돋보이는 대곡 '잊어야 한다면'을 비롯해 업 템포적인 진행이 인상적인 '간다고 하지마오' 그리고 간헐적으로 파격적인 시도가 돋보이는 '못 잊어' 등 모든 수록곡이, 김정미의 매력적인 보이스와 한국적인 가락이 공존하여 화려한 사운드를 만들어내고 있음을 감지 할 수 있다. 여기에 ‘더 멘’의 출중한 연주도 무게감 있는 사운드의 한 측면을 담당했다. 데뷔앨범의 성공에 힘입어 김정미는 가요계의 촉망받는 기대주로 이름을 알렸고 이듬해인 1973년 6월에 2집 '간다고 하지마오 / 아니야' 앨범을 발표했다. 이미 앞서 발표된 '신중현 사운드 Vol. 2'에 수록된 4곡과 1집에 수록곡들이 반복된 형태를 띄고 있는 것으로 봐서 급조된 인상마저 풍기지만 그만큼 김정미의 인기가 당시에 어떠했는지를 가늠해 볼 수도 있겠다.

현란한 건반 연주가 돋보였던 타이틀곡인 '아니야' 를 필두로, 마지막 곡 '언제나' 에 이르기까지 김정미의 진면목을 느낄 수 있다.

1973년 한 해에는 연속해서 김정미의 양대 대표앨범으로 손꼽히는 '바람 / 추억' 과 절묘한 앨범명이 돋보인 'NOW' 가 발매되었다. 현재 김정미의 진가를 재평가 받도록 만든 문제작이자 신중현과 김정미 콤비의 역작이라고 볼 수 있다. 이 두 음반 역시 6곡이 동일한 곡으로 겹치지만 세대를 초월해 개별적으로 큰 의미 부여가 되는 명반들이다. 실재, '바람' '햇님' '봄' '아름다운 강산' '나도 몰래' 는 최고점에 이른 한국적 싸이키델릭 사운드의 금자탑을 이룬 명곡들이다. 특히, 신중현이 포크로의 일시적인 회귀를 통해 탄생시킨 명곡 '햇님' 과 '봄' 은 자신의 이상향을 음악적 시도를 통해 절묘하게 결합시켰던 불후의 명곡들이다.

이처럼 높은 음악적 성과에도 불구하고 탄탄대로를 달리던 신중현과 김정미 콤비의 행보는 1975년을 기점으로 대중의 시야에서 자취를 감췄다. 가요정화운동의 일환으로 김정미를 대표하는 곡들이 금지의 족쇄를 차고 대중과 이별을 고했기 때문이었다. 어이없는 결과로 김정미의 음반들은 여타 금지 앨범들과 동일하게 폐기 처분되는 끔직한 수난을 경험했다. 현재 김정미 음반의 희소성을 발생케한 빌미를 제공한 셈이다.

현재로 다시 돌아와 보자. 유행은 주기적으로 돌아온다는 말이 있다. 실재로 그러하다.

음악적인 취향도 언젠가는 사람들의 요구와 변화된 시대상에 따라 제자리를 찾아오곤 한다.

서두에서 밝혔듯이 한국 싸이키델릭의 여제라는 또 다른 이름으로 어느 순간 자리매김한 김정미도 그런 맥락으로

풀어야할 과제였다.

아울러, 신중현과 김정미 이 최적의 콤비가 빚어낸 성과물에 대한 재평가가 후한(?) 상황에서 더욱이 선택의 폭은 과거와 달리 제한적이지 않다. 무엇보다도 역경 속에서도 빛을 잃지 않은 끈질긴 생명력마저 담고 있는 이들의 음악을 두고 앞으로도 찬사는 끊이지 않을 것이다. 아마도 늘 우리와 함께할 음악이란 생각 때문일 것이다.

끝으로, 한 시대를 풍미했던 여성 보컬리스트 김정미를 대표하는 4장의 음반을 선별해서 꾸며진 이번 ‘앤솔로지’ 박스셋을 통해 김정미의 음악 여정을 새롭게 되돌아 보는 시간이 되었으면 하는 바램을 가져본다.

1953년 서울에서 태어난 김정미는 고등학교 3학년인 1971년 신중현 사단에 들어와 영화 '대합실의 여인', '늑대와 고양이들 OST'를 불러 국내에선 특이한 경력으로 '사이키델릭록 보컬리스트'로 데뷔 한다. 그 후 신중현 록밴드 'The Men, 엽전'의 '록보컬리스트'로 활약, 신중현과 실험적인 '한국 사이키델릭 록'의 기념비적인 음반 'NOW', '바람' 앨범을 발표했지만 금지곡 판정에 이어 음반까지 소각 처리되자 6년간의 음악 활동을 접고 1977년에 음악계를 떠났다. 김정미의 관능적이면서도 독특한 음색은 한국 여성 보컬계에서 듣기 힘든 카리스마를 지니고 있다.

Record Introduction: This is a limited edition 4CD box collection of representative works of Kim Jung-mi, a Korean psychedelic woman in the 1970s. 'Wind' and 'Now', two of the best alums, 'latest house' and 'don't go' Special album consisting of these albums.

First 500 sets numbering limited edition with Insert (all song lyrics and liner)

Miniature poster All-bit 24-bit digital remastering (2016_sound mirror korea)

All albums 'LP miniature cover' specifications

[Kim Jung Mi's Music Journey Meaning the Beginning and Completion of Korean Psychedelic]

Born in the 1970s, Kim Jung-mi, who was born as the expectation of Shin Jung-hyun's division who had already played the role of midwife of Korean popular music, was established in the middle of our memory as another name of Korean psychedelic empress.

In fact, Kim Jong-mi's records have recently produced mass-produced fans, which has greatly contributed to her name's imprint. What is the reason?

Let's go back to the past. At the time, Shin Choo-hyun chose Kim Jung-mi, who was in the third year of high school, following Kim Chu-ja, who became a star after Pearl Sisters, and chose his own training method. Kim Jung-mi was less than Kim Chu-za's physical rhythm and rhythm, but it was enough to realize the musical style that Shin Shim hyun pursues.

According to Shin, Shin-hyun, at the time, Kim Jong-mi was seated in a somewhat position to sing.

It means that Kim Jong-mi has identified the potential of Kim Jong-mi and chose a training method accordingly.

Such an attempt was to bring out the potential that was inside Kim Jung-mi and signify the creation of another competitive star, as Shin Jung-hyun intended.

Kim Jung-mi resembled Kim Choo-ja as the second Kim Chu-ja, and her starting point for expecting the birth of a big star through the work of the hit maker Shin Ji-hyun was the stage band of Kim Chu-ja, followed by the omnibus album 'Shin Joong-hyun Sound Vol.' . 2 'announced the beginning of the actual start.

The albums released between 1972 and 1973 are first-class book albums that have raised Kim Jong-mi's reputation in the past.

Since she received her original creative method from Shin, Shin-Hyun, she is made up of numbers that make her feel the charm of Kim Jung-mi. This was the result of Kim Jong-mi's already radiating school days, but the natural soundness and effort matched the more popular lines as if giving wings to Shin's musical attempts.

In 1972, Kim Jung-mi released his official debut film, Kim Jung-mi's Most Recent Collection. The album was played by the group The Men. All of the songs, such as the `` If You Must Forget '' showcased by non-roses, `` Don't Go '' with an impressive tempo of progress, and `` Forget '' that showcases intermittent breakthrough attempts, are accompanied by Kim Jung-mi's charming voice and Korean melodies. You can detect that you are creating a. The outstanding performance of The Men also played a part in the heavy sound. Thanks to the success of his debut album, Kim Jung-mi announced his name as a promising hope of the music industry, and released his second album, 'Don't Go / Go Any' in June 1973, the following year. Already announced 'Shin Joong Hyun Sound Vol. The 4 songs and 2 songs in 2 'are repeated in the form, so even if the impression is sudden, it can be considered how Kim Jung Mi's popularity was at that time.

Starting with the title song 'No Aya', which played brilliant keyboard performances, you can feel the true character of Kim Jung Mi until the last song 'Any Time'.

In 1973, 'Wind / Memories', one of Kim Jung-mi's two major albums, and 'NOW', which featured exquisite album names, were released. It is a problem work that caused Kim Jung-mi to be reevaluated, and it can be seen as the work of Shin Ji-hyun and Kim Jung-mi. These two albums are the same albums that each have six meanings, but each one is meaningful. In reality, 'Wind', 'Sun', 'Spring', 'Beautiful Gangsan' and 'I Sneak' are some of the finest songs that made the golden tower of Korean psychedelic sound. In particular, 'Him' and 'Spring', which were born through the temporary return to Polk, are immortal pieces that have exquisitely combined their ideals through musical attempts.

In spite of such high musical achievements, the actions of Shin Ji-hyun and Kim Jung-mi, who ran on Tantan Avenue, disappeared from the public view as of 1975. As a part of the music purification movement, the songs representing Kim Jung-mi banned them from shackles. As a ridiculous result, Kim Jong-mi's records experienced a terrible hardship that was discarded just like any other banned albums. It is now providing a virtue that caused the scarcity of Kim Jung-mi's record.

Let's go back to the present. It is said that fashion is coming back periodically. In reality it is. Musical tastes may come back someday according to people's needs and changing times. As stated at the outset, Kim Jung-mi, who was established at the moment as another name for the Korean psychedelic empress, It was a task to be solved. In addition, in the context of re-evaluation of the outcomes of the optimal combination, Shin Jung-hyun and Kim Jung-mi are more limited than in the past. Most of all, the music will continue to be praised for the music of those who have endured life that has not lost light even in adversity. Perhaps because of the idea that music is always with us.

Lastly, I hope that it will be a time to revisit Kim Jung-mi's musical journey through this “Anslogie” boxset, which is a collection of four albums representing female vocalist Kim Jung-mi, who enjoyed an era.

Written by Son Byung Moon (Rhythm On)

CD1 [Recent collection]

CD2 [Don't go / no]

CD3 [Latest Album- Wind / Memories]


Born in Seoul in 1953, Kim Jung-mi enters Shin-hyun's division in 1971, a third year of high school, and debuts as a psychedelic rock vocalist with a unique career in Korea. After that, he worked as a 'rock vocalist' of the 'Shin Yeon-jeon' rock band, 'Shin Yeop-jeon'. When incinerated, he ended his six years of music and left the music scene in 1977. Kim Jung-mi's sensual and unique tone has charisma that is hard to hear in Korean female vocals.

Trilogy (미공개 포스터 + 4P인서트 + 스티커 + OBI 포함 3LP 박스 한정반)

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Side. 1 (바람/추억) 1. 바람 2. 추억 3. 비가오네 4. 아름다운 강산 5. 불어라 봄바람B Side. 2 (바람/추억) 1. 어디서 어디까지 2. 나도 몰래 3. 당신의 꿈 4. 마음은 곱다오 5. 고독한 마음 Side. 3 1. 아니야 2. 오솔길을 따라서 3. 고독한 마음 4. 만나고 헤어진다면 5. 잊었던 사람 Side. 4 (간다고 하지마오/아니야) 1. 잊어야 한다면 2. 간다고 하지마오 3. 기다리는 마음 4. 가나다라마바 5. 언제나 Side. 5 (최신가요집) 1. 잊어야 한다면 2. 간다고 하지마오 3. 언제나 4. 나생각나네 5. 곁에 와주오 Side. 6 (최신가요집) 1. 기다리는 마음 2. 가나다라마바 3. 잊었던 사랑 4. 못잊어

1970년대 한국 싸이키델릭의 여제 김정미의 대표작들을 모은 3LP 박스 한정반. 'Now'와 함께 양대 명반으로 손꼽히는 '바람'을 비롯하여 '최신가요집' 그리고 '간다고 하지마오 / 아니야' 앨범으로 구성된 스페셜음반 [미공개 포스터, 4P인서트, 스티커, OBI 포함] 1972~73년 무렵 발표된 김정미의 '최신가요집', '간다고 하지 마오 / 아니야'' '최신 앨범 _ 바람 / 추억'', 석 장의 음반에서 그녀의 목소리는 예측을 불허하고 질풍노도 같으며 종횡무진 펼쳐진다. 1971년 신중현이 공개 오디션을 통해 당시 고3이던 김정미를 택했을 때 벌써 예견됐던 일이다. 김정미 최초의 앨범 '신중현 사운드 Vol2'(1971년)'와 비교해 보면 불과 1년 여 사이에 김정미는 신인티를 완전히 벗고 확신에 찬 음성으로 노래하고 있다. '최신가요집'은 전체적으로 다양한 장르가 섞여 있다. '잊어야 한다면'은 소울풍이고 '간다고 하지 마오'는 펑키, '언제나'는 스윙의 분위기가 감돈다. 째즈 스타일의 '곁에 와 주오'와 약간 통속적이라 할 '기다리는 마음', '잊었던 사랑'도 들을 수 있다. 신중현이 '더 멘'을 결성하며 영입한 클래식 전공자 손학래의 오보에가 음반 거의 전곡에 깔리고 있는데 70년대 초반이라는 시점에서는 파격적인 동시에 음반의 품격을 높이는 듯하다. 김정미의 보컬은 허스키하고도 대담하며 흐릿하고 섬세하게 꺾어지는 모음은 사이키델릭의 전조를 암시한다. '못 잊어'는 김정미와 신중현이 이뤄낸 사이키델릭 최대의 폭발물이다. 건반, 기타, 베이스, 드럼, 오보에 어느 악기도 주도하지 않고 일체로 몽롱한 오케스트라적 조화를 이루는 위에 주술적이고 퇴폐적이며 절규하는 듯한 김정미의 보컬이 아지랑이 일듯 떠 다닌다. 신중현 실험정신의 결정판인 '못 잊어'는 '바람'보다 한 차원 높은 곡이다. '바람'은 김정미의 대표곡처럼 습관적으로 지목되지만 '바람'이 2차원으로 평면적이라면 '못 잊어'는 3차원의 감각적 입체음향이라고 봐야 할 것이다. '최신 앨범 _ 바람 / 추억''은 신중현이 일생을 통해 갈구한 사이키델릭과 한국 전통 음악의 두 세계가 공존하는 특이한 음반이다. '바람'과 '아름다운 강산', '추억'이 사이키델릭적인 곡이라면 나머지 곡들은 일관되게 전통 국악을 서구의 락에 접목해 '한국 락'을 열어 보이고 있다. '바람'과 '아름다운 강산'은 김정미의 진면목이 유감없이 발휘되는 걸작이다. '더 멘'은 두 곡을 같은 진용으로 연주하고 있다. 리드 기타와 리듬 기타, 베이스, 드럼이 독주의 경연을 벌이듯 대화체로 진행되며 건반은 빠진다. 신중현의 연주로 짐작되는 리드 기타는 단연 압권이지만 곡의 상승과 반전, 하강을 주도하는 베이스가 놀랍다. 아일랜드 출신의 U2가 1987년 발표한 'With Or Without You' 베이스 연주의 모델이 된 듯한 착각을 불러 일으켜 시대를 앞서간 신중현의 천재성에 경탄하지 않을 수 없다. 김정미의 '아름다운 강산'을 '신중현과 더 멘'버전과 비교해 들으면 타의 추종을 불허하는 김정미의 보컬 능력과 신중현의 투철한 프로정신이 생생히 살아 숨 쉬고 있음을 바로 알게 될 것이다. '더 멘'버전의 '아름다운 강산'은 밴드 음악답게 모든 악기가 총동원되면서 탄력 있고 선이 굵은 연주가 중심이 되는 반면 김정미의 곡은 솔로 보컬을 도드라지게 강조하기 위해 연주가 건조하고 속도감이 있다. 김정미는 신중현의 의도에 부응하듯 또렷하고 도발적인 발음으로 자신의 보컬 능력을 십분 과시한다. '최신 앨범 _ 바람 / 추억'의 나머지 곡들은 5음계의 국악 멜로디가 원용되고 있다. '비가 오네'는 구성진 트롯 풍이며 '불어라 봄바람'은 '자진모리'가락이 떠오른다. '어디서 어디까지', '나도 몰래', '당신의 꿈'의 기타는 가야금 연주음에 조율돼 있다. 이 음반의'고독한 마음'은 '간다고 하지마오, 아니야'음반에 수록된 동명의 곡과 편곡이 완전히 다른데 '최신 앨범 _ 바람 / 추억'의 전체적인 곡 배열에 맞춰 의도적으로 전자악기인 건반을 뺐고 기타도 가야금 줄을 튕기는 것 같다. '최신 앨범'에서는 '추억'에만 건반이 등장한다. 음반 전체의 완성도를 높이기 위한 신중현의 세심한 장인정신과 김정미의 빼어난 해석능력이 녹아 있다. '간다고 하지마오 / 아니야'음반에서는 '아니야'와 '오솔길을 따라서'가 선정적인 드럼 비트와 '핑크 플로이드'의 초기작 'Arnold Layne'에서 도입한 것으로 보이는 시각적으로 출렁이는 건반이 강한 인상을 준다. '고독한 마음'과 '만나고 헤어진다면'은 건반과 기타로 전주가 시작돼 베이스와 드럼이 가세하는 교과서적인 기승전결의 탄탄한 전개가 눈에 띄고 어떤 연주 패턴도 능수능란하게 소화해 내는 김정미의 카멜레온적 보컬에 압도당한다. 박지순 Seoul Times

Google translation (with mistakes) :

This is a limited edition 3LP box featuring Kim Jung-mi's masterpieces in the 1970s.

A special album consisting of 'Wind', which is one of the two major alums with 'Now', 'The Best House' and 'Don't Go / Oh No' albums [including private posters, 4P inserts, stickers, and OBI]

Her voice is unpredictable, fluctuating, and vocal in Kim Jung-mi's `` Most recent house '', `` Don't go or not '', `` Latest album _ Wind / Memories '', and Seok Jang's album, released from 1972-73. Unfolding without limits It was already foreseeable when Shin Jung-hyun chose Kim Jung-mi, who was a high school student at the time, in public audition in 1971. Compared to Kim Jung-mi's first album, 'Shin Joong-hyun Sound Vol2' (1971), Kim Jung-mi has completely removed his new Inti and is singing with a convincing voice. Choi Choi's collection is a mix of various genres. 'If you have to forget' is the soul, 'don't go' is funky, and 'always' is the swinging atmosphere. You can also hear the jazz style "Come next to me", "a waiting heart" and "forgotten love", which are a little popular. The oboe of the classical major, Son Hak-rae, who recruited with Shin Shim-hyun, formed the 'Men', is almost all over the album. At the beginning of the 70's, it seems to be exceptional at the same time.

Kim Jung-mi's vocals are husky, bold, blurry, and delicately broken, suggesting a psychedelic omen. 'Forget Forget' is the psychedelic explosive that Kim Jung-mi and Shin Shin-hyun achieved. Kim Jung-mi's vocal, decadent, and screaming vocal drifts in harmony with the harmonious orchestra of the keyboard, guitar, bass, drum, and oboe. Shin Jung-hyun, the definitive version of the experimental spirit, can't forget, is a song higher than 'wind'. 'Wind' is habitually pointed out like Kim Jung-mi's representative song, but if 'wind' is flat in two dimensions, it should be regarded as a three-dimensional sensuous three-dimensional sound that 'forget'.

`` The Latest Album _ Wind / Memories '' is a unique album in which two worlds, Psychedelic and Korean traditional music, which Shin Ji-hyun craves throughout his life coexist. If 'Wind', 'Beautiful Gangsan' and 'Memories' are psychedelic songs, the rest of the songs consistently combine Korean traditional music with Western rock and open 'Korean Rock'. 'Wind' and 'Beautiful Gangsan' are masterpieces of Kim Jung-mi's true nature. The Men is playing two songs in the same line. Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, bass, and drums are played interactively as if competing in solo, and the keyboards fell out. The lead guitar, which is supposed to be played by Shin, Shin-Hyun, is by far the best, but the bass is astounding. The U2 from Ireland evoked the illusion that he modeled the `` With Or Without You '' bass performance in 1987.

If you compare Kim Jung-mi's 'Beautiful Gangsan' with the 'Shin Joong-hyun and the Men' version, you will immediately know that Kim Jung-mi's unmatched vocal ability and Shin Ji-hyun's thorough professional spirit come alive. 'The Men' version of 'Beautiful Gangsan' is like band music, where all instruments are mobilized with elastic and thick lines, while Kim Jung-mi's songs are dry and fast to emphasize solo vocals. Kim Jung-mi shows off his vocal abilities with crisp and provocative pronunciation, in keeping with Shin's intentions. The remaining songs of 'Latest Album _ Wind / Memories' are used in the 5th scale melody of Korean traditional music. 'Raining' is a composed trot style, and 'Spring Breeze' comes to mind. 'Where to go', 'I don't know', and 'Your dream' guitar are tuned to the gayageum playing sound. This album's 'Lonely Mind' is completely different from the song of the same name on the album 'Don't go, no,' but intentionally beats the keyboard, the guitar, in line with the overall song arrangement of the latest album _ Wind / Memories. It seems to bounce the gayageum line. In 'Newest Album', the keyboard only appears in 'Memories'. Shin Jung-hyun's meticulous craftsmanship and Kim Jung-mi's outstanding interpretation ability are melted to enhance the overall record. Don't Go / No-Ay's record gives the impression that Noya and Along the Trail are sensational drum beats and the visually rocking keys that seem to have been introduced in Pink Floyd's early work, Arnold Layne. . 'Lonely heart' and 'If you meet and break up' are performed by keyboards and guitars. Overwhelmed

Park Ji Soon Seoul Times

CD1 (KLS-44)

The sound on this first album is electric, with the keyboard more often a bit more to the fore with the lead voice, and here and there sweet electric picking solos, and with some backing vocals, in a often rather relaxed, but still groovy late 60s pop/rock style with a slight psych touch. Some arrangements were added like with oboe and flute on track 5, with some brass/strings in the background too, (even more heavier on track 6, or more groovy on track 7, or mixed with the song completely on track 8, or more subtle or mixed on the last few tracks).

Rateyourmusic opinion Fastro Dec 09 2012 : 2.5 “Korean traditional pop with psychedelic pop, just great! Very atmospheric and full of feeling. Dramatic but soft enough female vocals with all the strings and everything on the background, comparable to, let's say, the Moody Blues.”

CD2 1972 (KLS-68)

김정미 - 신중현작품집: 김정미 - 아니야/간다고 하지마오

also released as CD Pony Canyon / Pony Canyon | 2004년 06월 10일

Here, the songs are more worked out with orchestral arrangements in combination with the electric band, and with backing vocalists. It’s mostly more up-tempo and rockier, for the purpose of adding a more power, as a commercial effect. This is almost overdone, but effect I have this can be the final production, which still makes the overall sound a bit loaded and continuously loud. It isn’t until the 8th track a somewhat slower song is arranged. The last track is much more funky in its groove. Except for the electric groove it also includes a more powerful brass arrangements and in the end some contrasting slow strings, and a bluesy electric guitar solo.

한국 싸이키델릭의 여제 김정미의 초기 걸작곡들을 이한장에 담았다. 중후반기 대중적인 곡들에서는 느낄 수 없는 특별한 음악성을 느낄 수 있다. 김정미가 노래하고 신중현과 더멘이 연주한 이 음반은 서양의 싸이키델릭과 대한민국의 가락속에서 음악성을 찾아 나서는 긴장감을 느낄 수 있다.


1.잊어야 한다면 ; 2.간다고 하지마오 ; 3.언제나 ; 4.나생각나네 ; 5.곁에 와주오

6.기다리는 마음 ; 7.가나다라마바 ; 8.잊었던 사랑 ; 9.못잊어

<간다고 하지마오 / 아니야>

1.아니야 ; 2.오솔길을 따라서 ; 3.고독한 마음 ; 4.만나고 헤어진다면

5.잊었던 사람 ; 6.잊어야 한다면 ; 7.간다고 하지마오 ; 8.기다리는 마음

9.가나다라마바 ; 10.언제나

<최신앨범 _ 바람 / 추억>

1.바람 ; 2.추억 ; 3.비가오네 ; 4.아름다운 강산 ; 5.불어라 봄바람

6.어디서 어디까지 ; 7.나도 몰래 ; 8.당신의 꿈 ; 9.마음은 곱다오 ; 10.고독한 마음


1. 햇님 ; 2. 바람 ; 3. 봄 ; 4. 나도 몰래 ; 5. 불어라 봄바람

6. 당신의 꿈 ; 7. 아름다운 강산 ; 8. 고독한 마음 ; 9. 비가 오네 ; 10. 가나다라마바

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