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김정애 - Kim Jung-Ae

유성기로 듣던 가요사 두번째(1945~1960) [Disc 8]

The second (generation?) singers in the meteor group (1945 ~ 1960) [Disc 8]

7 앵두나무 처녀 / Cherry tree maiden -mambo- (1955)

8 시절타령(時節打鈴) / Tayeong -twist- (195?)

9 금단(禁斷)의 사랑 / Forbidden love (1958)

10 봄봄부기 / Boogie Spring -boogie woogie-

"Cherry Tree Maiden" is a great mambo track. Unfortunately the track has bad sound quality. It's better to immediately refer to the remastered version on the Domido release next. This version reveals a great song, but the surface noise does not add charm in this case. It is followed by a modern life jazzy twist, "Taryeong". "Forbidden Love" is a slow tango, nicely arranged with a great sound. The last track is a happy boogie. All these tracks reveal a modern city life boost. The last track also has some jazz piano part and other smaller jazz elements in the arrangements.

V.A.Domido Best Collection 100 Vol. 1 (5CD)

CD2 -14 앵두나무 처녀 / Cherry Tree Maiden (1955)

This is a track which truly revives because of its remastered quality. It is inspired inside the mambo/boogie area of vividness. It has a nice ring and is well arranged.

V.A.Domido Best Collection 100 Vol. 2 Yoo Sung Gi Album (5CD)

CD1-3 날라리고개 [김정애] / Fying dogs (1963)

CD1-9 시집사리 [김정애] / Poems (1959)

CD1-13 남녀회상곡 [남백송 김정애] / Reunion Song (1962)

[Nam Baek-Song & Kim Jung-ae]

CD2-13 아리랑 처녀 [김정애] / Arirang Virgin (1955)

CD3-7 아리랑 럭키쎄븐 [김정애] / Arirang Lucky Seven (1962)

Of course, also these tracks reveal the same sort of vivid new city life pleasures as the previously mentioned songs. The mambo "3 Flying Dogs" is successful in its core, has an eastern vibe to a western sound and melodies to a most vivid new form injection of inspiration. "Poems" is Trot-styled. "Reunion Song" is a chachacha-like duet with Nam Baek-Song, which has a trot-background in melody and jazzy effects upon the arrangements. "Arrirang Virgin" has boogie/jazz arrangements and is a song that could fit very well into a movie if you ask me. "Arirang Mucky Seven" is a chachacha with a few words in English ("Lucky Seven"). It has some electric guitar solos, small arrangements by brass instruments mostly and has the backing of a smooth jazzy latin rhythm section.

Conclusion: Kim Jung-Ae is certainly an interesting voice who participated into tracks of the latest trends of modernization, like boogie, mambo and such. All these tracks give a unique character upon that what was already vivid in Korea. Recommended.



김정애(본명 김정순): 강원 양주 출생(1935 - 1987)

Kim Jung Ae (real name Kim Jung Soon): Born in Yangju, Gangwon (1935-1987)



(only with Google Translate help, so with mistakes, but it will already give you an idea)

마음의 사랑 / 황금심 (1962)

만나도 모를 사람 왜 이리 그리운지

모르게 인정이라 꿈에도 무심한가

슬퍼서 지은 노래 나 혼자 불러보네

아~아 마음의 사랑이요 나의 덫이요

나만이 알어야 할 그대의 푸른동산

수집은 봄바람에 남은 정 새로운데

무명화 피고지면 가슴만 설레이네

아~아 마음의 사랑이요 나의 덫이요

'Heart of Love / Golden Heart' (1962)

Why do I miss you so much

I really don't know why

I'm sad and I am singing alone

Ah ~ a love of my heart, my trap

Your green garden that only I should know

Its collection is new in the spring breeze.

If you're obsessed, only your heart flutters

Ah ~ a love of the heart, my trap

시절타령 / 김정애

정월달에 정이들자 이월달에 이별하고

삼월달에 청실홍실 고개를 넘고

사월달에 사시나무 옛님이 그리워서

오월달에 오시는가 유월달에 윳놀이던가

칠월달에 칠성별이 팔월달에 내팔자를 비웃는구나

한달만에 한마디로 두달만에 두마디로

석달만에 서로좋아 맺었든정도

넉달만에 너는실다 버림을 받고서

다섯달에 달빛아래 여섯달에 영넘은님은

일곱달에 일편단심 여덥달에 옛님갔소 울면서 간다

Tayeong / Kim Jung Ae

When the moon becomes new moon

In March, I crossed the blue and red threads

I miss the old trees in April

Are you coming in May or will you be playing in June?

In July, the Seven Stars are laughing at me.

One word in a month, or Two words in a month

Like three months after each other

In four months you have been abandoned

In five months, in six months,

In seven months, I am single-minded

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