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김정호 - Kim Jung-Ho (April & May)


Kim Jung Ho looks like an LP which could be singer-songwriting etc. and it might be that as well, but also, it is the rather schlager-kind of songwriting, close to Trot, arranged with studio music that is also mainstream, besides having electric piano, keyboards, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and strings and a few more instruments. Some songs are sung by female singers, but are also mellow and sentimental. Also the folk track (13) with two picking guitars, with some harmony vocals could be something more interesting, in the guitar/folk/songwriter tradition, but it is mellow and easy-going as well.

More exceptional I personally think is track 7, showing an older / more mature voice singing in a new Korean folk style with some fitting strings and singing with a convincing sadness in her voice, a clarinet solo, a bit of synths for the melody and a few pickings. It is a convincing enough track to take out, while the album itself can’t lift itself out of a certain mediocre mode.

Other participating singers were Jang Eun-Sook (5), Lee Hwa & Lee Seung Hee (10), Kang In Won (13), Lee Seung Hee (14). Strangely enough there's no different singer for track 7 indicated.

1. 기다리는 마음 - 김정호 / Waiting Mind-Kim Jung Ho

2. 바람이어라 - 김정호 / Be the Wind-Kim Jung Ho

3. 대전부르스 - 김정호 / Daejeon Busth-Kim Jung Ho

4. 정때문인가봐요 - 윤승태 / It's because of the times-Yoon Seung-tae

5. 빗물 - 장은숙 / Rainwater-Jang Eun Sook

6. 누구라도 빛이되어 - 김정호 / Anyone Becomes Light-Kim Jung Ho

7. 불효자는 웁니다 - 김정호 / The Hunger Cries-Kim Jung Ho

8. 꿈속의 사랑 - 김정호 / Love in Dreams-Kim Jung Ho

9. 공든탑 - 이승희 / Golden Tower-Lee Seung Hee

10. 난 알았네 - 이승희 / I got it-Seunghee Lee

11. 맴도는 얼굴 - 강인원 / Hovering Face-Kang In Won

12. 전화 - 이승희 / Telephone-Lee Seung Hee

13. 조용히 들어요 - 강인원 / Listen Quietly-Kang In Won

14. 그대떠난 뒤에는 - 이승희 / After You Leave-Lee Seung Hee

15. 두손을 잡아요 - 장은숙 / Hold Your Hands-Jang Eun Sook

16. 생일을 축하합니다 (건전가요) / Happy birthday (wish you good health)

천재는 요절한다...김정호 GREAT HIT

풍부한 감성의 소유자 김정호에게 음악은 기쁨과 애환, 즐거움과 외로움 등 모든 감정을 실어 전달하는 유일한 수단이었을 것이다. 고인이 된 그의 철학이 담겨있는 또 하나의 이 앨범은 1981년 LP로 발매 되었으며 당시 인기를 모았던 강인원, 윤승태, 이승희, 이화, 장은숙의 노래들도 수록된 COMPILATION앨범이다.

For Western collectors this is not the album to look after. I have mentioned track 7, a trot track which is worth mentioning for its emotional matured voice, but then in a way this is also merely anecdotical. The folk guitar song "Listen Quietly" might still appeal collectors of the folk period, but it's not really that outstanding. All-in-all for an April & May off-shoot this is already to avoid.

The second album is even worse than the first. Despite that the cover might denote some personality, the album suffers from what made pop music worse in Korea during the 80s onwards. Especially the keyboards are texturing in an uninspired way, bass and drums in an automated way, its songs are mellow ballads in a mainstream predictable soft style. I can’t stand it’s predictable sentiment, living no longer in the present, but adapting a nostalgia feeling which is not even directing to the past but is repeating and playing a predictable style only. Most songs I could not listen to until the end. To avoid. 1000 copies only.​

사의 찬미 / Hymn of death [LP Sleeve]

1. 사의찬미(김정호) / Ui Chan Mi (Kim Jung Ho) 2. 바람이어라(김정호) / Be the wind (Kim Jeong-ho) 3. 가면 어데로가나(유익종, 장경옥) / Go somewhere (Yook, Jong-ok) 4. 잊혀지지 않아요(우순실) / I can't forget (Usoonsil) 5. 사랑했어요(김현식) / I Loved You (Kim Hyunsik) 6. 어서 말을해(유익종, 여진) / Go ahead and talk (Yongjong, Yeojin) 7. 어린왕자(강인원) / Little Prince (Ganginwon) 8. 행복한사람(조동진) / Happy People (Jo Dongjin) 9. 모두가 사랑이예요(해바라기) / Everybody's Love (Sunflower) 10. 꿈을 꾼후에(여진) / After dreaming (Yeojin) 11. 외로운 사람들(이정선) / Lonely People (Lee Jung Sun) 12. 어허야 둥기둥기(해바라기) / Uh-huh Float (Sunflower)

The first song still is somewhat OK. But this is already the era of the 80s of songwriting which is to avoid. The mellow safe zone of the late 80s for western collectors is forgettable.


This album has not been reissued yet, but I will include it in my review section because someone traded a cdr copy with me so that I was able to check the album out.

More or less all the songs are in a mellow fashion in the direction of being mainstream popular songs, but the emotions in the singing, with its long stretched notes sound still attractive, like lullabies for grown-ups.

The first track might be the most powerful with its arrangements and singing. It has an intro with violin and orchestration, is a more melancholic song with a go-to-the-emotions mellowness, and an effect of drama. Further on the orchestra becomes lusher. Other instruments include drumming and acoustic guitars, and some sparse organ. The band and arrangements for most of the tracks are somewhat comparable in sound, and have the mostly same instruments, like a clear presence of an electric bass for a more rhythmic drive, not too fronted drum percussion, small parts of organ and here and there some electric guitars too.

The second track starts a bit similar with the arrangements as the first track, has now also electric bass and mellower vocals.

The other tracks are all mellow chanson songs with comparable arrangements. The song melodies play it safe. The 6th track is more melodramatic and shows a small organ solo. The seventh track is more up-tempo with hompitomp rhythms, and also the bass is playing a more happy foundation, a popular but still effective approach. Also the 8th track uses a dance rhythm with rhythm stick percussion, still with the long notes in the singing. Also the track after that has something happy mixed with the mellow emotions effectively, teasing to a head-spinning effect for the public. Here and there, like in this song the singer just sings a rhythm without words (tereteretuu in this song, like fafafafa in the fourth song).

The last track has another different musical idea, a small bluegrass violin part, mixed with another hompitomp rhythm, and acoustic guitar strums.

Like in all songs it has long stretched notes in the singing. An enjoyable consistent release even though without surprises, fitting well and honestly with the sounds of the times.

PS. Afterwards I realised this is one of both members of April & May !

Ebay description :

"Some superb tracks on here that might be described as East Asian exotica and Korean easy funk, one in particular is a killer with laid back breakbeat, meandering bass, strings and cool organ (reminds me of 'Danube Incident' by Lalo Schifrin, the one sampled by Portishead on their track 'Sour Times')!"

김정호 Kim Jung Ho Gold (이름 모를 소녀/보고싶은 마음)

Kim Jung Ho Gold (I don't know your name / I miss you)

제조회사유니버살 / Universal 75

A 1. 하얀나비 / White Butterfly 2. 빗속을 둘이서 / In the rain 3. 정 때문에 / Because of Chung 4. 사랑이야기 / Love Story 5. 고향 / Hometown 6. 기도 / Prayer B 1. 인생 / Life 2. 밤바다 / The night sea 3. 별리 / Isolation 4. 지난 겨울엔 / Last winter 5. 그날 / That day 6. 당신 / You

The files I have are only 10 tracks, no titles so I might be mistaken grading the favorites here. Anyhow, this is something completely different from the later period. It is nice folk / singersongwriting stuff with many succesful songs.

김정호 Masterpiece (Apple Record Years)

2017.SAIL MUSIC 6LP reissue Limited Box set

'광주소리'의 대부로 김소희, 한애순, 김록주, 한갑득, 한승호등에게 소리 전수와 많은 제자를 길러낸 현대 판소리, 창작판소리의 창시 역활을 했던 월북 소리명창 박동실 선생의 외손자이자 일제강점기 시절 국극협회 소속의 단원으로 활동했던 박숙자 여사의 차남으로 소리 명인 집안의 혈통을 이어받은 김정호 (본명 조용호)는 1972년 그가 작곡하여 어니언스에게 준 곡들이 대중들에게 커다란 관심과 공존의 대히트를 기록하며, 3기 '4월과 5월'의 멤버로 잠시 활동을 병행하는 등 그만의 존재감을 널리 알리게 되었다. 드디어 1973년 발표된 "보고싶은 마음/이름 모를 소녀"의 첫 정규 앨범을 통해 우리에게 다가와 1985년 11월 29일 추운 겨울날 35살의 짧은 생을 마감할때까지 50여곡의 주옥같은 명곡들을 선사한 그의 노래들은 당시 정치적 사회적으로 암울했던 70, 80년대의 고단한 청춘들에게 슬픔과 한서린 서정미로 남아 팬들의 마음을 더욱 더 아프게 했다. 사후 그를 애도하는 헌정음반과 편집음반이 발표되었고, 그를 잊지 못하는 팬들의 모임을 통해 활발한 추모 공연과 최근에는 김정호의 외가인 전남 담양의 메타세쿼이아 길에는 그의 음악 세계를 기리는 노래비가 세워졌다. 이번에 재발매 되는 Masterpiece (Apple Record Years) Lp박스는 김정호의 4장의 정규앨범과 리메이크 앨범인 옛노래 모음 Vol.1, 2로 총 6장으로 구성된 한정 발매반으로 다소 뒤늦은 감은 있으나 아날로그 매체를 통해 다시 한번 김정호만의 색체 가득한 한국 대중 포크음악의 위대함과 다시 한 번 그의 음악이 재조명될 수 있기를 기대해본다.


Google translation:

"As a godfather of 'Gwangjuri-ri', he was the only grandson of Ms. Park Dong-sil, who was the founder of the modern pansori and creative pansori, who had transferred the sound to Kim So-hee, Han Ae-soon, Kim Rok-ju, Han Gap-duk, and Han Seung-ho. Kim Jung-ho (real name Cho Yong-ho), who inherited the ancestry of a family named Sok-ja Park, the second son of Mrs. Park Suk-ja, who wrote the song in 1972, gave the Onions the greatest hit with the public.

As a member of 'April and May', he became aware of his presence by performing activities for a while. He finally came to us through his first full-length album, `` I Want to See My Name / Unknown Girl, '' released in 1973 and presented 50 gem-like masterpieces until the end of his short 35-year-old on a cold winter on November 29, 1985.

The songs left sorrow and bitterness in the 70's and 80's, who were politically and socially dark at the time, making their hearts more painful.After his dedication, tribute and editorial albums were released, and through a gathering of fans who did not forget him, a lively memorial performance and a song tribute to his music world were recently set up on the metasequoia road in Damyang, Jeonnam, which is Kim Jong-ho's ex-wife.

The Masterpiece (Apple Record Years) Lp box, which is being re-released this time, is a limited release group consisting of Kim Jung-ho's 4 regular albums and a remake album, old songs collection Vol.1, 2, which is somewhat late, but once again through analog media We look forward to seeing the greatness of Korean popular folk music filled with the colors of the bay and to re-examine his music."

김정호-Vol.1 보고싶은 마음 / 이름모를 소녀 (180g) (300장 한정반)

2017-11-28 Sail Music LP reissue only

Side. A 1. 보고싶은 마음 2. 꿈을 찾아 3. 저별과 달을 4. 밤은 가고 5. 외기러기

Side. B 1. 이름모를 소녀 2. 작은 새 3. 잊으리라 4. 사랑의 진실 5. 행복의 나라로

180g Heavy Weight Virgin Vinyl 300 Copies Limited Edition

한정 되었던 포크 음악을 대중의 영역으로 확장시킨 불꽃같은 삶과 명곡들을 남긴 한국 가요사의 레전드 哥人 김정호 !!

"이름모를 소녀", "작은 새", "사랑의 진실", "외기러기", "보고싶은 마음" 등 세대와 세월을 뛰어넘어 사랑받고 있는 김정호 대표곡들이 수록된 데뷔 역작!

Side. A1. The heart you want to see 2. Find your dream 3. goodbye and the moon 4. The night goes 5. Wild goose Side. B1. an unknown girl 2. little bird 3. Forget 4. The truth of love 5. To a country of happiness

This is the debut masterpiece of Kim Jung-ho's favorite songs that have been loved for generations and years, including "Unknown Girl", "Little Bird", "The Truth of Love", "Lonely Snow" and "Want to See".

김정호 Vol.4 (달님/세월 그것은 바람)

2017.11.28.SAIL MUSIC LP reissue only

Side. A 1. 달님 2. 기도 3. 끝이 없는 강 4. 나그네 5. 오늘따라 문득 Side. B 1. 세월 그것은 바람 2. 어느날 갑자기 3. 사랑가 4. 날이 갈수록 5. 한세상에 태어나 6. 지지 않는 꽃 (Bonus Track)

(2CD) 김정호 - 옛노래 모음 애창곡


01. 눈물젖은 두만강 / Tumen Wet River

02. 알뜰한 당신 / Frugal You (?)

03. 꿈속에 사랑 / Dream of Love

04. 비 내리는 고모령 / Gomoryeong Rain

05. 안녕 / Hello

06. 사막의 한 / A desert

07. 선창 / Dock

08. 타향살이 / Others

09. 카츄사의 노래 / Song of Katyusa

10. 고향초 / Hometown Candle

11. 꽃마차 / Flower cart

12. 불효자는 웁니다 / Ineffective cry

13. 누가울어 / Who is crying

14. 복지만리 / Bok fu

15. 나그네설움 / Wayfarer

16. 안개속에 가버린 사랑 / Love gone in the mist

The last thing I expected from this compilation is that this was going to be a re-recording of much much later date as if the songs matter but the best conditions don't. Why did they add a picture of the old LP if the old LP wasn't used? Disappointing to say the least.


01. 짝사랑 / Unrequited Love

02. 황성옛터 / Hwangseong Ancient Site

03. 삼다도 소식 / News of Samdado

04. 애수의 소야곡 / Soya Goku (?)

05. 대전부르스 / Daejeon Busth (?)

06. 꿈꾸는 백마강 / White Horse River Dream

07. 당신 / You

08. 목포의 눈물 / Mokpo tears

09. 봄날은 간다 / Spring is gone

10. 허무한 마음 / A vain mind

11. 대지의 항구 / The port of the earth

12. 울고넘는 박달재 / Crying Park Daljae

13. 꿈에 본 내 고향 / My hometown in dreams

14. 물레방아 도는 내력 / Turning Watermill

15. 산팔자 물팔자 / Mountain lions

16. 청춘고백 / Confession of Youth

To avoid if not a fan of mainstream trot.

Other previous CD compilations:

Other tracks can be found on:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 Music Museum Best 220 [Disc 8]

20기다리는 마음 / Waiting heart

This is a calm, somewhat mellow sung ballad with synths, drum and bass and voice. Not so much outstanding.

See also the next tribute album:

7080 통기타 / 36 Best Kim Jung Ho tribute Radio Show (1986)

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아까운 재능을 남기고 단명한 비운의 천재이자 한국 가요계 사상 최초로 추모앨범을 발표한 가수 오늘은 비운의 가수이면서 천재가수로 추앙받는 김정호의 이야기를 하려 합니다. 제가 가장 좋아하는 남자가수 5인방 중의 한명이지만 33세의 젊은 나이로 요절한 추억의 포크가수 김정호를 조명해 봅니다. 1952년 광주광역시에서 여수경찰서장을 지내고 출판사를 경영했던 아버지와 여류명창 박숙자 사이에서 태어난 김정호는, 어렸을 때부터 음악에 눈을 떠서 결국 다니던 학교마저 때려치우고 서울 우이동에서 살면서 기타를 익히며 ‘어니온스’의 임창제를 만나게 됩니다. 어니온스로 데뷔하는 임창제 에게 ‘작은 새’, ‘사랑의 진실’등을 써주면서 자신이 만든 곡임을 밝히지 말아달라고 합니다. 나중에 그 곡이 힛트를 하게 된 후에 밝혀달라는 당부를 후에 임창제는 그 곡이 힛트 한 후에 그 약속을 지키게 되지요. 어니온스의 곡들을 만든 실제 주인공이 김정호임이 밝혀지면서 주목을 받기 시작한 김정호는 당시의 듀오 팀인 사월과 오월의 3기 멤버로 가수생활을 하게 됩니다. 김정호의 재능을 간파한 지구 레코드사 측에서는 그를 작곡가로서도 전속을 하려하자 그는 반발하면서 두 달 만에 팀을 떠나 DJ이종환의 소개로 유니버샬 레코드사로 계약하여 솔로로 나서면서 1974년, “이름 모를 소녀”로 공식 데뷔하게 됩니다. 후에는 부인이 되지만 당시 짝사랑하던 여인 이○○을 바라보며 만들었다고 전해지는 그 곡은 그에게 있어 대표곡이라 할 만큼 대단한 곡으로 평가받게 됩니다. 그 뒤 임창제의 추천으로 당시 TBC 패티김 스페셜 프로그램에 당시 신인가수 조용필과 함께 게스트로 나가게 됩니다. 1974년 공식 1집을 발표하면서 “이름 모를 소녀”, “보고 싶은 마음”, “잊으리라”, “저별과 달을”, “잊으리라” 등 총 10곡의 곡을 수록하게 됩니다. 이듬해인 1975년 2집을 발표하게 되는데 오늘 들려드리는 그의 가장 대표곡인 “하얀나비”가 담겨있는 앨범이지요. 2집에는 이 곡 말고도 “나를 두고”, “푸른 하늘 아래로”, “얼굴”, “새벽길” 등 모두 10곡이 담겨 있습니다.

한창 전성기를 구가하고 있는 그에게 가수로서 사형선고나 다름없는 대마초사건에 연루되어 임창제는 물론 김정호도 출연정지처분을 받으면서 1979년 해금조치를 받기 전까지는 활동을 할 수 없게 되지요. 그 때 감기로부터 시작한 그는 치료시기를 놓치는 바람에 폐결핵진단을 받게 됩니다. 1980년 5년 만에 3집 앨범을 내놓게 됩니다. “인생”, “사랑이야기”, “지난겨울엔”, “밤바다”, “고향” 등 총 10곡을 담은 3집 앨범을 발표하자마자 폐결핵 증세가 악화되어 인천의 한 요양원에 입원하게 되고, 1년 이상은 안정하고 치료를 한다는 의사의 진단이 나오게 됩니다. 그런 때문인지 3집 앨범은 전작 두 개의 앨범에 비해서 별 주목을 받지 못하게 되지요. 김정호는 4개월 만에 병원에서 뛰쳐나와 다시 음악 작업에 몰두하게 됩니다. 1981년에 나온 4집 앨범은 “세월 그것은 바람”, “나그네”, “날이 갈수록”, “달님”, “지지 않는 꽃(보너스 트랙)” 등 11곡이 수록 돼지만 한번 망가진 이미지는 쉽게 복원되지 않은 탓인지 예전만큼 인기를 유지하기에는 역부족인 앨범이었지요. 1983년 그는 “님”을 타이틀로 한 5집 앨범 ‘Life’를 발표하게 되지만 이 앨범이 그의 유작이 돼버리지요. 건강악화로 이 앨범 녹음조차도 숨이 차서 쉬었다가 녹음하고, 그러기를 반복하면서 장장 5개월에 걸쳐서 녹음 했다고 합니다. 마치 자신의 운명이라도 아는 것처럼 “님”이란 곡에 그의 한을 토해낸 이 앨범을 끝으로 그는 건강이 악화되면서 ‘내 죽거든 앞이 보이는 널찍한 곳에 묻어 달라’는 유언을 남기고 1985년 11월 29일 33살의 아주 젊은 나이로 조용히 우리 곁을 떠나갔습니다. 대중가요와 국악을 접목한 명곡인 “님”은 후에 김수희의 리메이크로도 유명해지고, 수록된 9곡 중 “고독한 여자의 미소는 슬퍼”는 그의 마지막 힛트곡이 됩니다. 음악적인 재능이 매우 뛰어났던 천재가수로 동료가수들조차 그의 재능을 인정했던 만큼 그가 떠난 이듬해인 1986년 송창식, 윤형주, 김현식, 윤시내, 하남석, 이정선 등이 모여서 그의 초모앨범을 만들게 되는데 이런 추모앨범은 그가 최초라고 합니다. 우수에 젖은 슬픈 목소리, 처연한 멜로디와 가슴을 적시는 슬픈 노랫말 등으로 전체적 분위기는 좀 어두운 곡들이지만, 되려 중독성이 있어 후배들에게도 항상 선망이 되고 있는 가수 김정호. 참고로 저는 개인적으로 이 곡을 가장 애창하는 곡이기도 합니다. 그래서 오늘은 그의 곡 “하얀 나비”와 강배기가 부른 버전을 같이 들려드립니다. 좀 쑥스럽네요. 흉은 보지 마시기 바랍니다. 즐거운 오후 되세요.

A singer who is a short-lived genius who has left unfortunate talent and released the first memorial album for the first time in the Korean music industry.

Today I'm going to talk about Kim Jung-ho, a singer and a revered genius singer.

Being one of my favorite male singers, I'm going to highlight Kim Jung-ho, a folk singer who died at the age of 33.

Born in 1952 between the father of Yeosu police in Gwangju Metropolitan City, and his mother who ran a publishing company, Kim Jung-ho was born when to live for music and threw away his school and lived in Ui-dong, Seoul. There he met Lim Chang-je.

He asked Lim Chang-je to sing “Small Bird” and “The Truth of Love,” and not tell anyone who made song. Later, when it was asked who the song wrote, Lim Chang-je kept the promise.

Kim Jung-ho began to attract attention as it turned out that it was Kim Jong-ho who was the real hero who made the songs of Onions.

He will be known as a singer as a member of the duo team, April and May.

When the district record company, who recognized Kim Jong-ho's talents, tried to transfer him as a composer, he repulsed and left the team in two months and signed as a universal record company with the introduction of DJ Lee Jong-hwan. His debut.

Later on, Lim Chang-je will be invited to the TBC Pattikim Special Program as a guest with new actress Cho Yong-pil.

In 1974, the first album was released, and a total of 10 songs including “Unknown Girl”, “Want to See”, “I Will Forget”, “Bill and Moon”, and “I Will Forget” were recorded.

The following year, he released his 2nd album, 1975, which contains his most representative song “White Butterfly”. In addition to this song, the second LP contained 10 songs, including "Leave me", "Under the blue sky", "Face" and "Dawnway".

As a singer, he was involved in a cannabis case as a singer, and in that way singers Kim Chang-ho and Kim Jung-ho were suspended.

At that time, he started to catch a cold and was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis because he missed treatment.

In 1980, he released his third album in five years.

As soon as he released his third album containing 10 songs including “Life”, “Love Story”, “Last Winter”, “Night Sea”, and “Hometown”, the symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis worsened and he was admitted to a nursing home in Incheon. The doctor's diagnosis stabilised him and treated for more than a year.

Perhaps that's why the 3rd album won't get much attention compared to the previous two albums.

Kim Jong-ho runs out of the hospital in four months and is immersed in music.

The 4th album, released in 1981, contains 11 songs such as “It's Wind”, “Route”, “A Day by Day”, “The Moon”, “Flowers Not Lost (Bonus Track)”.

In 1983 he released his fifth album, "Life," titled "Nim," but this album became his latest work. Even worse, the album was recorded with breathless breathing and recording over five months. As if he knew his own destiny, he ended up with this album, which threw his hand into the song "Nim", and as his health deteriorated, he left a testament saying, "If I die, bury me in a spacious place in front of you." At a very young age of 33, he left us quietly.

The song “Nim”, which combines popular songs and Korean music, is later known as Kim Soo-hee's remake, Of the nine songs included, “The Lonely Woman's Smile is Sad” is his last song.

As a genius singer who had a very good musical talent, even his fellow singers recognized his talent, and in the next year he left, Song Chang-sik, Yoon Hyung-ju, Kim Hyun-sik, Yun Si-na, Ha Nam-seok and Lee Jung-sun gathered to make his album. It is called first.

The singer Kim Jung-ho has always been envious of her juniors because she is a bit darker with her sorrowful voice, her melodies and his sad lyrics.

“White Butterfly” remains my favourite song. We also know the version sung by Kang Gi.

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