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김혁 - Kim Hyuk

This is a songwriting project with always relaxed melodies, amplified picking and strummed accompaniment, some harmony vocals in many of the tracks, and some textured (at times analogue sounding) keyboards. The rhythms used are straight forward, almost rhythm-box-like and are kept simple and basic. Here and there are fuzz harmony arrangements, almost textured in nature. Musically nothing really stands out and the inspiration still seems to be from a rather safe and slightly greying and light at heart area. The 7th track is a bit different, played with a jazz combo band and bar music barrel organ, drums and bass and with backing vocalists, a Korean folk/trot song, which again is not really outstanding.

김혁 - 21살의 비망록, 비몽 / Kim Hyuk-21-year-old memorandum

1983-05-15 오리엔트, 예음 (OL-0084)

2011-07-08 / 2011-07-07 오리엔트, 뮤직리서치 (MRCD-1106, 8809154802612)

* 1 비몽 / Bemont (?)

2 그대 목소리 / Your voice

3 분내 / Within 3 minutes

4 외로운 항해 / Four lonely sails

5 철부지 꿈을 찾아 / Finding Spoiled Dreams

6 내 조그만 손으로 / With my little hand

7 어허야 둥기둥기(건전가요) / Hehe, I'm a big guy

8 21살의 비망록 / Memorandum of 21-year-old

9 우리 두 사람 / Two of us

10 하얀 밤이 오면 / When the white night comes

11 청바지 아가씨 / Jeans babes

12 당신만을 / Only you

13 나의 기도 / My Prayer

14 사랑 / Love

'21살의 비망록'의 주인공 '김혁'의 유일한 독집앨범. 1983년 LP로 발매된 이후 28년 만에 처음으로 CD로 발매되는 기념비적 음반으로 수집가들에게 표적이 되었던 희귀음반 중 하나입니다. 이 재발매 음반은 맨 처음 녹음된 마그네틱 마스터테잎으로부터 음원을 발췌, 디지털 리마스터하여 더욱 뛰어난 음질로 발매되었습니다

"This is the only solo album of Kim Hyuk, the heroine of "21-year-old memorandum". It is one of the rare records that has been targeted by collectors as a monumental record released on CD for the first time in 28 years since its release in 1983. This rereleased album was extracted from the first recorded magnetic master tape and digitally remastered for superior sound quality."

On compilations:

골든 포크 (2015 오디오파일) / Golden Folk (2015 Audiophile)

4. 비몽 / Bemont



This album is a bit on the edge of being collectable or interesting to western collectors. It contains a few fine song tracks, especially the opener, but also even more even, plain and softer tracks and some not truly great tracks.

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