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"Sisters" (female harmony singers)

See also Kim Sisters, Lee Sisters, Silver Bell Sisters, Chung Sisters, Jung Sisters, Fanny Sisters, Pearl Sisters, & perhaps The Happy Dolls & Bunny Girls

Most recent reissue on LP only :

Lee Sisters 이씨스터즈 트리오의 금자탑 제2집 / 서울의 아가씨

허니비시스터스 임아영 추억 - 학부인 (Honeybee Sisters) LP only reissue

where there are mentioned:

The Bee Queens, Peanut Sisters, Cherry sisters, Bunny Beatles, Honeybee Sisters, Lady Birds, the Korean Kittens, Mountain Sisters, La Novia, Lee Sisters, Kimchi Cats and the Kim Sisters


아리랑 싱어즈 - Arirang Sisters

화니 시스터즈 - Fanny Sisters

Kim Loo Sisters:

김 씨스터즈 - Kim Sisters

The Korean Kittens

An all-female Korean vocal group led by Yun Pokhŭi who enjoyed brief success in the 1960s in Korea. The Kittens toured in London and appeared on BBC television’s Tonight programme covering The Beatles hit “Can’t Buy Me Love”.


릴리시스터즈 - Lily Sisters / Lee Lee Sisters

펄 시스터즈 - Pearl Sisters / Perl Sisters / Pul Sisters :

Mountain Sisters

The Korean Kittens

유리씨스터즈 / Yuri Sisters:

쿨시스터즈 - Cool Sisters:

국보자매 - Kookbo Sisters (disco era)

서울시스터즈 - Seoul Sisters (disco)

바니걸스 - Bunny Girls / Bani Girls

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