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남성봉 - Nam In-Su

Tracks can be found here:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 [Disc 2]

* CD1-5 서울행 3등실 / 서울행 3등실 / 3rd class towards Seoul (1960)

This is an original song rooted in the trot genre which I assume fits well to someone sitting in a train cabin traveling to Seoul and looking forward to reach its goal, full enthusiasm. The musical theme itself is led by accordion while a few other instruments add colorful accents. Suddenly an electric slide theme of an American song is incorporated. Everyone knows it but I cannot recall what it is. It might be a friendship call or so. It is a song worth to take out and give it extra attention.

Tracks with * I consider essential tracks to check out for some reason. They could fit in a western radioshow too. Underlined tracks are preferred tracks for airplay.

Domido Best Collection 100 Vol. 2

CD4-6 사막의 여로 / Desert Journey (1960)

Funny enough also this song associates some kind of what I think is carriage rhythm with tinkling bells accents instead of wooden blocks and a certain exotic flavour here and there I assume referring to the experience of the journey itself.

I can't decide yet if this is a true essential track or not. I think it is, but I am not sure how many people would agree and share my interest in this particular song.

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