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문주란 / Moon Joo-Ran / Mun Juran Moon Ju-Lan

Jigu 문주란 / Moon Joo-Ran/Mun Ju-Ran/Moon Ju-Lan : 문주란 골든 2005 2CD

CD 1 01. 동숙의 노래 / Dong Sook Song

02. 돌지 않는 풍차 / Windmills That Won't Turn

03. 타인들 / Others

04. 꼭 필요합니다 / It is necessary

05. 공항의이별 / Farewell at the airport

06. 낙조 / Fallout

07. 공항에 부는 바 / At the airport

08. 내 몫까지 살아줘 / Live my share

09. 너와 나 / You and me

10. 별이 빛나는 밤의 블루스 / Starry Night Blues

11. 파란 종이의 편지 / Letters of blue paper

12. 남과 북 / South and North

13. 젊은 초원 / Young Meadow

14. 언덕위의 수선화 / Narcissus on the hill

15. 애수 / Sorrow

16. 태양과 나 / The sun and me

17. 초우 / Chow

18. 마지막 편지 / The Last Letter

19. 안개 낀 고속도로 / Misty Highway

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics from a western point of view of listening, as tracks to check out for sure because they seem to stand out as such. This makes them also very suitable for western radio show airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I am not sure how essential they really are.

The first 10 songs are trot related popular music, so I can stand them but prefer not to say much about them. For most western collectors I would say: mostly this era truly is to avoid.

A few highlights I would still like to lift out, like the slower song "South and North" (CD1-12), which gives a different feel and fits more with the late 60s/70s ballroom songs from other singers I appreciate. The more up tempo "Young meadow" after that fits with that new era, with a fine style of a pop/rock association. "Sorrow" is in between this era and darker trot.

CD 2 01. 웨딩드레스 / Wedding Dress

02. 울고 싶어 혼났어요 / I'm crying from excitement

03. 당신이 있으니까 / Because you are

04. 남중 / Namjung

05. 산 넘어 바다 건너 / Cross the sea beyond the mountains

06. 빗속으로 사라지다 / Gone in the rain

* 07. 검은 상처의 블루스 / Blues of Black Wounds

08. 잊을 수 없는 연인 / Unforgettable Lovers

09. 석류의 계절 / Pomegranate Season

10. 여로 / The Way

11. 울어라 열풍아 / Cry fever

12. 사람나고 돈났지 / I was occupied

13. 꽃님 / Flower

14. 망각 / Oblivion

* 15. 수탉같은 여자 / Cocky Woman

16. 꽃피는 십리포구 / Blooming Siripogu

17. 젊은 가슴 젊은 노래 / Youngsters Song

18. 그날 / That day

19. 추풍령 / Churyeongryeong

20. 사랑했기에 / Because I Loved You

On the second CD we first have more trot-related songs. "Gone in the Rain" and "Blues of Black Wounds" are slightly more night club-alike songs. This slight more serious melancholy can be felt in the song of "Pomegreate Season" too. "The Way" and "Cry Fever" I can still take very serious too despite its trot character. After that, all other trot songs sound already more easy consumed and acceptable. "Cocky Woman" is more poppy in a 60s way, with organ accents. The sad pop song "That Day" makes it somewhat different too. "Because I loved you" has small tango accents and lush orchestrations.

You can also find some tracks on the following compilations:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 220 Best Kayo Museum CD box

CD7-11 별빛 속의 연가 / Sonata in the Starlight (1969)

CD7-15 주란꽃 / Juran flowers (1969)

"Sonata in the Starlight" is a fine nostalgic pop song with orchestrations and some electric picking guitar. "Juran Flowers" is a fine sad song with orchestrations, double bass, ... and some organ.

Master Builder Series - 김인배 작곡집 / Inbae Kim 2CD

CD2-3 비에 울던 4월 / April Rain

CD2-9 이슬비처럼 / Like a drizzle

This is a fine lush pop song with attractive latin-like rhythm and bigger orchestrations. The trot-like and nostalgic "Like a Drizzle" is orchestrated in the intro with a more brass.



Moon Too Ran often is singing in the trot dominated popular music scene and therefore should be approached with some caution. But like most Korean popular singers, she still has a good voice, which leans itself to more serious let's say night club related kind of songs, which suit her very well too.

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