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이장희 - Lee, Jang-Hee

Lee Jang Hee - Meet Me In A Room

also listed as "That's You"

I usually prefer not to review albums if I do not know if whether they are official reissues or not, but there are so little more easily available Korean reissues that I prefer to give this one some attention.

Before I do review this I must say that there are, just like in Japan, two different influences of inspirations that western collectors should distinguish with, which is the more self-penned and adventurous creative-folk, and the more cover-songs based folkpop. Both genres can be very attractive in their own context, and can have overlapping interests. In Korea during the early 70’s both genres can have a certain unique and attractive sensitivity.

This reissue gives a good introduction on Korean folkpop. It describes how in Korea folk songs were important as expressions, and also acted like a substituted world for any more individual visions to be expressed in songs of love, nature and freedom. It also describes how Folkpop was born with Song Chang-Shik and Yoon Hyong-Jo, a duo who made at least two beautiful albums with folk interpretations of covers from various origins (see their listing here).

I guess American music had its biggest influence mostly since the Americans were stationed in Korea and asked Korea for their help in the Vietnam War (music promotion and studios in return for soldiers).

The notes say it was Han Dae-soo, who became Korea's first singer/songwriter, after he returned from the United States and held a concert introducing this new type of song to the Koreans in 1969. One of the popular singers after this is Lee Jang Hee.

The style on this album is pop music which will not surprise those who look for “progressive” inventions or “psych” associations, in whatever context this is interpreted usually, like in a World Pychedelia context.

Some tracks, like the first, fourth and 8th track have nice guitar arrangements (acoustic and slightly surf-inspired electric). In general the songs are just nice pop music with mostly rather mainstream pop rhythms.

The few more melancholic songs distinguish themselves a bit (like the aforementioned fourth and 8th song, and the great first part of the last, 9th song).

The singing is with a warm voice without showing its characteristics too much. Personally I like also this more “mainstream” pop approach, because also in such more modestly played tracks, you can still hear a typical Korean approach of a unique and attractive inner sweet softness, but that does not make me yet absolutely recommend this to every kind of music lover. On the other hand, I can imagine, that once a listener starts to open themselves to this flavour it is easily appreciated.

PS. The same label reissued one of the best and most psychedelic albums from Shin-Yung Hyun: with The Men : 'It’s a lie' (1973), a recommended album for psych lovers and one of the best starters for Korean psych. Also reissued and available outside Korea are two psychrock albums from San Ul Lim, the psychedelic He6 album, and some Kim Yung Mi albums in an original song/chanson style with a well done rock flavour.

CD release date: Oct 07, 2011 ; Music Research

* 1 그건 너 / It is you

2 촛불을 켜세요 / Turn on the candle

* 3 그애와 나랑은 / With me

* 4 당신은 누군가요 / You are someone

5 친구여 / Friend

6 누구일까 / Who is it?

7 자정이 훨씬 넘었네 / It's well past midnight

8 애인 / lover

* 9 비의 나그네 / wayfarers

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics, also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered excellent tracks as well, but I cannot tell for sure how essential they are. Better check these out too.

in an article about the session band Light Of The Orient (roughly translated, with mistakes):

Jang Hee Lee | That's you! (1973)

In the early 1970s, when he favored beautiful voices such as 'Ooktail', Lee Jang-hee's appearance with a voice far from singing and an unassuming mustache was clearly a shock. It is also unique that the vocals and performances are on the same side of the music. The fact that Lee's voice and Kang's guitar performance are in the same position becomes more apparent when listening to the title song <That's you!>. When the climax, Lee Jang-hee, shouts ‘that ’s you’, Kang Geun-sik's guitar takes over. The part of trilling alternating hammering and pooling in <She and Me> was a unique process that could not be heard in domestic folk music until then. In addition to the performance and the creation, you can also feel the unique personality of the lyrics. Some honest and direct expressions like "I accidentally met a classmate who laughed at you crazily," said "I changed my phone and changed coins all day long." The poems are lyrics that can be said to be a big event in the domestic music world where most expressions were made. Lee Jang-hee's alum is a singer, performer, and lyricist with the beauty of melody.

From the liner notes:

“While Japanese and American-style pop dominated the music scene after the Korean War, some young musicians playing acoustic guitars, started singing songs about love, nature and freedom. Then two singers, Song Chang-shik and Yoon Hyong-joo, released a historic duet album featuring acoustic guitars, for the first time in Korea. And a hippie named Han Dae-soo, Korea's first singer/songwriter, returned from the United States and held a concert singing a new type of song in 1969. Folk music in Korea was born in that year. The music touched the hearts of young fans and swept the university campuses and concert halls. Along with draft beer and blue jeans, the acoustic guitar became an obsession for youngsters. In the dark age of military rule, students sang folk songs yearning for freedom and democracy.” Lee Jang Hee also appeared on a couple of soundtrack albums “Home of Stars” (1974) and “March of Fools” (1975), which apparently are famous albums in Korea.

This is a luxury package edition with 2 cd’s in mini LP format with extra photos included. The first album starts with a few songs in which the singing still leans slightly to older crooners. The Hammond organ and drummer with bass play along smooth relaxed rhythms with a certain kitschy and entertaining, with still a successful enjoyable effect. The second track has bossa nova rhythms. Then very quickly it goes much more into a folk direction with a mixture of acoustic and electric pickings. The voice comes over with warm effect. There’s still use of organ in many tracks. The tenth song is a Leonard Cohen interpretation, a warm successful version with nice pickings. Favourite still is track 8. There’s a slight tendency to more melancholic songs, while the last one still sounds more optimistic.

The second album continues in the folk direction, leaving out the organ and drums, and has acoustic pickings only most of the time. The choice preference again is for beautiful melancholic songs. I recognise one cover, which is Lady Jane (Rolling Stones) on track 5, a Korean translation. This is followed by a nearly 11 minute acustic song, which thanks to it’s good guitar pickings doesn’t sound too long. A very nice album, and a very enjoyable compilation of songs. A highly recommended buy.

CD deluxe box set: Released: Feb 26, 2013 ; company: Rhythm

Disc. 1 [1집 Young Festival Vol.1]

* 1 친구여 / My friend

2 내 마음을 채워주오 / Fill my heart * 3 그 여인 그 표정 / A woman's expression 4 아빠의 자장가 / Daddy's Lullaby 5 안녕 / Hello 6 그대여 속삭여줘요 / Whisper to me 7 그애와 나랑은 / He and me * 8 무지개 / Rainbow 9 아무도 모르는 집 / A house no one knows about * 10 밤, 바람, 마음 / Night, wind and heart

Disc. 2 [2집 Young Festival Vol.4]

* 1 헝크러진 내머리 / Tangled Head * 2 애인 / Lover 3 마지막 노래 / Last song * 4 비의 나그네 / Wayfarers

​* 5 내사랑 제인 / My Love (Lady) Jane

* 6 꿈 이야기 / Dream stories 10:57

* 7 겨울 이야기 / Winter stories

* 8 그대여 눈을 감아요 / Close your eyes

"Two acoustic albums by Lee Jang Hee were recorded from before the label band Dongbangui Bit 동방의 빛 (The Light of the Orient) was formed. But Kang Geun-sik (from this band) played electric (and acoustic) guitar in those albums too. In the beginning, two people played music as cover acts as a duo, which were Lee Janghee and Kang Geun-sik. 이장희와 강근식. " Hyunjoon Shin

이장희 1집 - Young Festival Vol.1 [재발매]

[ LP Miniature / OBI / 라이너노트 / 24비트 디지털 리마스터링 ] Sail Music | 2016년 08월 25일

이장희 2집 - Young Festival Vol.4 [재발매]

[ LP Miniature / OBI / 라이너노트 / 24비트 디지털 리마스터링 ]이장희 노래 | Sail Music | 2016년 08월 25일


As a compilation of Lee Jang-Hee’s albums it still is difficult to figure out how the original albums were, for me it worked confusingly because I had already two albums and only vaguely recognised some tracks here and there. In this mixed order as a compilation this wasn’t the easiest way to give the best impression. So I figured out that on the compilation, 5 out of 9 tracks from “Meet me in a room” (1973) were taken*.


The front cover of the 1975 LP is the same one as this one. All tracks from the LP are on this compilation in a different order. I didn’t hear that 1975 LP before now with this compilation so now I already have it in its completeness, let’s say with some bonus tracks. So in that case I was able to check the 1975 LP in a corrected order of listening**.

** CD1/7 ; CD1/12 ; CD2/5 ; CD2/3 ; CD2/11 ; CD2/10 ; CD2/4 ; CD2/9 ; CD1/4-LP9 ; CD2/6-LP10

With this taken out of the track list the compilation sounded much better, for a consistent and well hung together listen. I found this album so good I preferred to order it separately just because it gave such a great listen, much better for instance than the far better distributed 1973 album. First of all the band involved is terrific. We have subtle use of two electric guitars, slow rock progressions, good drumming and some beautiful analogue synths arrangements, different on each track and thoughtfully arranged. One of the favourite tracks out of all-good tracks is track 8 that listens like a happier child-friendly song with melodic use of two keyboards and some nice fuzz guitar, a very successful song. I chose the last track for airplay too, a very moody and more melancholic song with electric piano and analogue synths, and slowly developing electric guitar in the beginning. One of the better, more (calm) rock orientated albums.

CD reissue: "It's Me" ; release date: Oct 07, 2011, Music Research

1 나야 나 / It's Me

2 아가씨는 어려요 / Young lady

3 오늘밤 웬일인지 / For some reason tonight

4 그애와 나랑은 / With me

5 겨울 이야기 / Winter Story

6 창가에 홀로앉아 / Sit alone by the window

7 당신을 처음 본 순간 / The first time I saw you

8 촛불을 켜세요 / Turn on the candle

* 9 그여인 그표정 / A woman's expression

* 10 무지개 / / Rainbow

2CD reissue "Golden Best", release date: Mar 08, 2011

Disc. 1

1 그건 너 / It's you

* 2 한잔의 추억 / Cups of memories

3 자정이 훨씬 넘었네 / It's well past midnight

4 그 여인 그 표정 / A Woman's Expression

* 5 한 소녀가 울고 있네 / A little girl is crying

6 잊혀진 사람 / Forgotten people

7 나야 나 / It's me

* 8 휘파람을 부세요 / Blow the Whistle

9 슬픔이여 안녕 / Goodbye sorrow

10 바닷가 언덕 / Seaside Hills

11 촛불을 켜세요 / Turn on the candle

12 아가씨는 어려요 / Young Lady

13 나 그대 / My dear

* 14 게 모두 드리리 (색소폰) / I'll give you everything (sax version)

Disc. 2

* 1 나 그대에게 모두 드리리 / / I'll give you everything

2 비의 나그네 / Wayfairers

3 그애와 나랑은 / With me

4 당신을 처음 본 순간 / The first time I saw you

5 오늘 밤엔 웬일인지 / For some reason tonight

6 무지개 / Rainbow

7 애인 / Lover

8 편지 / Letter

* 9 이젠 잊기로 해요 / Let's forget now

10 창가에 홀로 앉아 / Sitting alone by the window

11 겨울 이야기 (사운드 트랙 “별들의 고향”중에서) / Winter Story (from Soundtrack "Home of the Stars")

12 좋은 걸 어떡해 / What is good?

* 13 비 / Ratio

PS. "The backing band for Lee Jung Hee more than once was Dongbangui Bit 동방의 빛 (The Light of the Orient)." "During Lee Jang's career he suddenly emerged into obscurity and disappeared from the public. He was in fact even 'lost' three times in 1975, 1980 and 1988. The first was associated with marijuana smoking, the second with the complicated cultural-political conjuncure, and the third with a mismatch of timing. " Hyunjoon Shin

Other LP compilations that exist (not reviewed):

이장희 (Young Festival Vol.1 & 4) (Picture Disc LP) 2018.06.20

미개봉 2LP/GF커버/픽쳐디스크

Side. A 1. 친구여 2. 내 마음을 채워주오 3. 그 여인 그 표정 4. 아빠의 자장가 5. 안녕 Side. B 1. 그대여 속삭여줘요 2. 그애와 나랑은 3. 무지개 4. 아무도 모르는 집 5. 밤, 바람, 마음 수록곡 : Side. A 1. 헝크러진 내머리 2. 애인 3. 마지막 노래 4. 비의 나그네 5. 내사랑 제인 Side. B 1. 꿈 이야기 2. 겨울 이야기 3. 그대여 눈을 감아요

대중적으로 가장 성공한 1970년대 싱어송라이터 이장희의 숨겨진 희귀 명반 부활 : 1970년대 청년문화를 상징하는 인물로 흔히 김민기, 한대수를 언급한다. 하지만 대중적으로 가장 각광받은 싱어송라이터는 단연 이장희다. 그는 뮤지션, 방송인, 음반 제작자, 그리고 사업가로 다방면에 걸쳐 멀티플레이어적 재능을 과시했던 인물이다. 또한 음악적으로는 기타리스트 강근식과 포크와 록을 결합한 '포크 록' 사운드로 한국 포크의 새 지평을 열었던 70년대의 가장 영향력 있는 파워음악인이었다. 이번에 재발매된 이장희의 1집, 2집은 최대 히트 앨범인 3집(1973년) 이전에 발표된 포크의 원형질을 담은 숨겨진 노래들의 무진장 담겨있는 걸작이다. 70년대의 전설적인 포크 시리즈 음반인 유니버샬레코드의 '영 페스티발' 1집과 4집으로 장식한 이 앨범들은 그동안 실물구경이 쉽지 않았던 음반들이다. 생소한 무그 음악과 소박한 통기타 반주로 구성된 앨범 수록곡들은 그야말로 청년 이장희의 순수했던 데뷔 초창기 음악을 진수라 해도 과언이 아니다. 1972년 11월, 화가친구 이두식이 재킷 디자인을, 음악강근식이 기타연주로 참여한 첫 앨범이 발표되었다. 콧수염을 기르고 파이프 담배를 물고 있는 파격적인 이장희의 모습이 인상적인 데뷔앨범에는 9곡의 창작곡과 하나의 번안 곡 등 총10곡으로 구성되었다. 소박한 통기타 반주와 실험적 무그 음악이 간간히 선보이는 이 앨범은 발표당시 ‘철두철미한 자작곡의 본격포크송 앨범으로 근래 가장 큰 디스크수확의 하나’라고 언론의 극찬을 받았다. '친구여'. '내 마음을 채워주오', '그 여인 그 표정', '안녕', '그대여 속삭여줘요', '그애와 나랑은', '무지개'. '아무도 모르는 집'은 이장희의 창작곡이고 강근식 곡 '아빠의 자장가'는 강근식 곡이고 '밤. 바람. 마음'은 번안곡이다. 이장희가 발표한 수많은 음반 중 가장 희귀한 앨범은 콧수염을 자른 준수한 청년 이장희의 사진이 장식된 '영 페스티발 4집(1973년)' 그러니까 그의 2집이다. 총 7곡 중 이장희의 창작곡이 5곡이고 조동진곡과 번안 곡이 한곡 수록되었다. 이 앨범은 전자음이 배제된 순수 포크의 결정체다. '헝크러진 내 머리', 송창식이 훗날 히트시킨 '애인'과 '비의 나그네', 그리고 조동진 곡 '마지막 노래', 번안곡 '내사랑 제인(Lady Jane)', 무려 11분에 달하는 한국 포크의 숨겨진 명곡 '꿈 이야기'와 토크 송 '겨울 이야기', 그리고 '그대여 눈을 감아요'까지 이 앨범은 실로 명곡의 성찬이다. 특히 '겨울 이야기'는 대중가요 가사에 언문일치를 도입한 최초의 토크 송으로 기록되어 있다. 포크와 록을 넘나든 이장희의 음악은 대중가요의 수준을 한 단계 높인 70년대 젊은 음악의 아이콘으로 평가받는다. 이번에 재발매된 그의 1, 2집은 포크 록으로 각인된 전성기 음악이전에 소박하게 노래한 가장 순수했던 시절의 낭만을 전해주는 명반들이다. 음반 자체가 워낙 희귀해 들어볼 수 없었던 이 음반에 숨겨진 노래들은 43년 만에 새 생명을 부여받았다. 늦은 감이 있지만 그동안 재발매 명반 리스트에서 제외되어 있던 그의 중요 음반 두장이 이제라도 지금의 대중에게 소개되어 반갑고 다행스런 마음이다. 음반 해설 : 최규성(한국대중가요연구소 대표. 대중문화평론가) 1970년대 가장 대중적으로 각광받은 싱어송라이터 이장희의 데뷔작과 그의 음반중 가장 희귀한 앨범인 2집 앨범을 2LP 세트로 구성한 픽쳐 한정반. 소박한 기타 반주와 무그 사운드가 돋보인 '친구여', 초기 대표곡들인 '그애와 나랑은', '무지개' 그리고 송창식이 훗날 히트시킨 '애인'과 '비의 나그네'등 수록. 최초 제작사인 Apple(애플)에서 제공 받은 원본 마스터 릴 테입을 최초로 사용한 2018 리마스터반


"Resurrection of a rare ablum by the most successful 1970s singer-songwriter Lee Jang-hee:

As a symbol of youth culture in the 1970s, Kim Min-ki and Han Dae-soo are often mentioned. But the most popular singer-songwriter was Lee Jang-hee. He was a musician, broadcaster, record producer, and businessman, who has demonstrated his multiplayer talent in all directions. Musically, he was the most influential power musician of the '70s, who opened up a new horizon in Korean folk with the sound of' fork rock 'combining guitarist Kang Geun-sik and folk and rock.

Lee Jang-hee's first and second albums, which were re-released this time, are masterpieces of hidden songs containing the prototyping of the folk released before the biggest hit album, the third album (1973). These albums, which were decorated with the 1st and 4th albums of 'Young Festival' of Universal Records, the legendary folk series records of the 70s, have been difficult to watch. It is not an exaggeration to say that the album's tracks, which consist of unfamiliar Mug music and simple guitar accompaniment, are the essence of youth Lee Jang-hee's pure debut.

In November 1972, the first album was released with artist friend Lee Doo-sik's jacket design and music Kang Geun-sik playing guitar. Lee Jang-hee's impressive debut album, with a mustache and a pipe tobacco, consists of a total of 10 songs, including nine original songs and one draft song. The album, which features simple acoustic guitar accompaniment and experimental Mug music, was praised by the press at the time of its release as one of the biggest disc harvest albums in its entirety. 'Friend'. 'Fill my heart', 'Woman's face', 'Goodbye', 'Whistle with me', 'She and me', 'Rainbow'. 'Nobody Knows' is Lee Jang-hee's original song, and Kang Geun-sik's song 'Daddy's Lullaby' is Kang Geun-sik's song. wind. Mind is a change of tune.

The rarest album released by Lee Jang-hee is 'Young Festival Vol. 4 (1973)', which is decorated with photos of Jun Jang-hee, a young man who has a mustache. Of the total seven songs, Lee Jang-hee's original songs were five, and Jodongjin and the draft were recorded. This album is a crystal of pure folk, without the electronic sound. 'Hunked My Head', Song's 'Lover' and 'Rain's Rain', Cho Dong-jin's Song 'Last Song', Roan Song 'Lady Jane', 11 Minutes of Korean Folk Hidden From the famous song 'Dream Story', the talk song 'Winter story', and 'Close your eyes', this album is the sacrament of the famous song. In particular, 'Winter Story' is recorded as the first talk song to introduce word matching in popular song lyrics.

Lee Jang-hee's music, who crossed & fused folk and the rock, is regarded as an icon of young music in the 70s, raising the level of popular music to the next level. His first and second albums, which were re-released this time, are alumnus who convey the romance of the purest days of simple songs before the heyday of imprinted with folk rock. Songs hidden in these records, which were so rare to hear, were given new life in 43 years. Although he is late, his two major albums, which have been removed from the list of re-release albums, are now glad to be introduced to the public.

Record Comment: Choi, Kyu-Sung (President, Korea Popular Music Research Institute, Popular Culture Critic)

This is a picture limited edition composed of 2LP sets, the most popular singer-songwriter Lee Jang-hee's debut in the 1970s and his second album, the rarest album.

It includes 'friends' with simple guitar accompaniment and Mug sound, early representative songs 'she and me,' 'rainbow', and 'lover' and song 'rain', which Song Chang-sik hit later.

2018 remastered class using original master reel tape from original maker Apple"

Also released on vinyl:

MRC (2LP) 이장희 - The Best Years (180g) (Gatefold)

2019년 08월 13일

70년대 가요의 수준을 한단계 올려놓은 세련되고 진보된 사운드로 각종 매체를 점령했던 시대의 아이콘 '이장희'는 1973년 '그건너'를 히트시키고 일약 스타덤에 오르게 된다. 또한 1974년 공전의 히트를 기록한 영화 '별들의 고향'에서 사운드트랙을 맡아 그의 천재성을 유감없니 발휘했고 수만은 히트곡들을 남겼다. 2019 리마스터반 'THE BEST YEARS'는 이장희의 최 전성기에 히트한 곡들로 총망라 되었으며 원본 사운드 재생에 충실한 MRC사운드 랩의 리마스터로 고음질의 퀄리티를 제공한다. * 게이트폴드 형식의 2LP set 180그램 Black반. * 500장 한정판매.

* MRC SOUND Lab. 리마스터. * 라이너노트_최규성

"Lee Jang-hee, the icon of the era that occupied various media with sophisticated and advanced sound that raised the level of song in the 70s, became 'Star Crossed' in 1973 and became a star star. He also played a soundtrack in the movie 'Hometown of the Stars', a record-breaking hit in 1974, unfortunately showing off his genius, leaving tens of thousands of hits. The 2019 remastered class 'THE BEST YEARS' is a full range of hits from Lee Jang-hee's heyday, and the MRC Sound Lab's remastered faithful to the original sound reproduction provides high quality sound."

* 2LP set 180 grams black half of gatefold type. * Limited edition of 500. * MRC SOUND Lab. Remastered. * Liner Note

디스크 Disc1A1그건너 A2자정이 훨씬 넘었네 A3그애와 나랑은 A4그여인 그표정 A5당신을 처음 본 순간 A6편지 B1비의 나그네 B2애인 B3창가에 홀로앉아 B4슬픔이여 안녕 B5바닷가 언덕 B6나야나

Disc2 C1한잔의 추억 C2휘파람을 부세요 C3잊혀진 사람 C4오늘밤엔 웬일인지 C5무지개 C6촛불을 켜세요 D1나 그대에게 모두 드리리 D2한소녀가 울고있네 D3겨울이야기 D4이젠 잊기로 해요 D5친구여 D6그여인 그표정(Acoustic version)​

Tracks found on compilations:​

바보들의 행진 / March of fools OST

9 창가에 홀로 앉아 / Sitting alone by the window

Most of this album is somewhat disappointing for me, for its easy mainstream use of rhythms and schlager-like pop songs, song festival-pop like at times with some kitschy approaches. The few fuzz guitar parts and organ can’t compensate enough, for collectors this 60s pop album is not rewarding enough. I chose only one song that stands out.

This track by Yang Hee Lee is a somewhat sad and slow rhythm song with with some keyboards and fuzz outburst with louder emotional voice.

Golden Folk (2018 Audio Phile)

2 비의 나그네 / Wayfarers

8 겨울이야기 / Winter Story

비의 나그네/ 아가씨들아 / Rain's wayfarer / ladies (1972)

6 그 여인(女人) 그 표정(表情) / The woman's Expression

8 그애와 나랑은 / With him and me

Acoustic track with great dual picking guitars and warm voice, a strong and affectionate track played in recognizable minor key chords.

대중가요 Lp 가이드북

3 그건 너 / That's you

추억의 신청곡 Best 40

CD1 1 그 여인 그 표정 / The expressive Woman

CD1 8 그 애와 나랑은 / With him and me

친구야 소풍가자 / Let's have a picnic, friend (C'est Ci Bon)

4 한잔의 추억 / A cup of memory

윤형주(尹亨柱) 리싸이틀 / Yoon Hyung-ju : Recollection

* CD2 8 무지개 / Rainbow (live)

with 윤형주 / Yoon, Hyung-Ju

CD2 7 그애와 나랑은 / With him and me (live)

with 윤형주 / Yoon, Hyung-Ju

Sparsely arranged with acoustic and electric picking guitar and some sparse improvised percussion on the second track and warm voice.



(roughly translated via Google Translate from Wikipedia):

After graduating from Seoul High School, he entered Yonsei University, Department of Biology, but after dropping out, he made his debut as a singer in 1971 by invitation of DJ Jong Hwan. After being arrested on charges of cannabis in 1976, he stopped playing music for a while, and in 1978, he managed a clothing store called Bando Fashion. Since then, he has produced songs such as for Love & Peace, and for Kim Tae-hwa. In 1982, he also released recordings in the United States. In 1988, he returned to the United States to perform concerts. In 1989, he founded Radio Korea, a Los Angeles Korean radio station, and was president until December 2003.

After returning to Korea, he spent his life in Ulleungdo (Ulleung County, Gyeongsangbuk-do), and on December 15, 2010, he appeared in a talk show for the first time in his life.

His younger brother Lee Seung-hee (Lee Kyung-hee) has also been a folk pop singer and composer. This composer has written songs for Kim Hyun-sik and singer Kim Kwang-seok. He is a popular musician. His wife, Seung Hee Lee, is a popular drama artist, Sung Sung Jung.

이장희 / 동방의 빛 | 별들의 고향 O.S.T. (1974)

커다란 히트를 기록했던 최인호 원작, 이장호 감독의 동명 영화 O.S.T. 음반으로, 음악은 이장희와 동방의 빛이 담당했다. 이 O.S.T. 이전에도 영화 주제가를 담은 음반들이 있었지만, 말 그대로 주제가나 삽입곡을 담았을 뿐 배경음악을 수록한 음반은 거의 없었다. 이 O.S.T.에 배경음악까지 수록되어 한 장의 음반으로 발표될 수 있었던 것은, 영화의 빅 히트가 그 배경에 있었겠지만, 그 이면에는 전체적으로 영화의 배경을 지탱하고 있던 음악의 완성도가 출중했기 때문이다. 노래 자체로 히트를 기록했던 <나 그대에게 모두 드리리>, 어린 윤시내가 부른 <나는 열아홉살이에요>는 물론, 적제적소에 배치한 효과음과 진보적인 연주가 어우러진 4부작 타이틀 트랙은 ‘한국의 핑크 플로이드’라고 할 만한 실험적 프로그레시브록 넘버들이 함께 수록된 음반. 하지만, 자켓의 문제로 또 수록곡의 문제로 이 음반은 계속해서 재발매와 금지가 이어지며 제대로 된 평가 역시 유보되었던 국내 O.S.T.의 걸작이다.

Lee Jang Hee / Oriental Light | Home of the Stars O.S.T. (1974)

Original film by Choi In-ho, Lee Jang-ho, who recorded a big hit As a record, music was played by Lee Jang-hee and the Light of the East. This O.S.T. Previously, there were records containing the theme song of the film, but literally the theme song or the inserted song, but there were few records containing the background music. The background music of this O.S.T. was recorded and released on a single record because the film's big hits were in the background, but the completeness of the music that supported the background of the film was outstanding. The four-track title track that combines the sound effects and progressive performances placed in the right place, as well as <I'll give it to you all>, which I sang to you, and Young Yun Si Na, who wrote the hit as a song itself, This album contains experimental progressive rock numbers. However, due to the problem of jackets and songs, the album continues to be re-released and banned, and the evaluation is also a masterpiece of domestic O.S.T.



Jang Hee Lee is a must to collect or check out. This is the top quality of folk guitar and voice but also shows progressive arrangements elsewhere.

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