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이정화 - Lee Jung-Hwa / Lee Jeong-Hwa & Donkeys

Radioshow comments : "Here Shin Jung Hyun & Donkeys were backing band for a basically mainstream song oriented release. Still, the psych elements are all there (electric guitars, organ,..), especially in some tracks. The first chosen song ("Petal" possibly means "marijunana") has some orchestration arrangement too.

Last 16 minute track is similar and is the complete B-side of the album. Of course here's more room for band improvisation. This means a melodic repetition (drum, electric guitar, bass, organ) with on top a really great electric guitar improvisation on the musical theme (with some wah-wah effects too) by Shin Jung Hyun, followed by a psych organ improvisation (somewhat Iron Butterfly like), a bass solo, and small piece of a rather simple (let's say a garage-like version) of a drum solo. Great!"

This albums has two versions (First pressing and Second pressing). This is the second pressing. It contain the same songs but with different recordings. First pressing is more primitive and live gem style but second pressing is more psychedelic pop style of late 1960s." :

First post. I guess one of the things I’ll do on this blog is introduce some Korean music here and there. By far, this is my favorite Korean rock album. It’s by Shin Jung Hyeon (신중현) and the Donkeys feat. Lee Jeong Hwa. The album sounds like it was recorded onto a personal tape recorder in a dark empty basement. One of the interesting things is when you can hear the tape warble during the transfer. Shin Jung Hyeon is responsible for what seems to be 95% of rock music during the 60’s and 70’s in Korea and I think this album is the most well produced of all of them. The obvious hit on this album is the opening track “싫어” which finds itself being performed later by the Pearl Sisters as well (on a few of their albums which Shin Jung Hyeon also produced). People debate over which one is better, but I like this one because of the dirt and lack of precision. The Pearl Sisters were more mainstream and palatable for mom and I’m not sure they ever had an album with a 16 minute long jam session…but this album does have one!

Lee Jeong Hwa really shines on this album and doesn’t fall into the traps that I find most female singers from this time falling into. Often times, the female vocalists from this particular period are either too out of control or too flat. Lee Jeong Hwa shows a dynamic range and the focus is often drawn to her over the actual music. The wonderful thing about this album is how there is an exchange between the musicians. While Shin Jung Hyeon is known as a guitar player extraordinaire, there’s no show-boating in a way that would detract from the songs themselves; it shows restraint and taste. There are also obvious sour notes that have been left in, giving it the feel that old albums often have…the idea that “tape is expensive, crank this out, get it on the shelves” is very present.

Sadly, this album is very difficult to find in Korea nowadays as K-pop rules the airwaves. Many Koreans I’ve spoken to don’t even know who Shin Jung Hyeon is. There was a deluxe reissue of this album which was limited to 800 or 1,000 copies, I believe…so about as many as were released of the original vinyl. Given the rarity of this music, I do not hesitate to download it and neither should you (get it below). This album is a perfect gateway into classic Korean psych and for me, it has been an oasis in what is otherwise a musical wasteland.

1. (with female singer Lee Jung-Hwa) ; (First pressing) : This record normal price is a over 800$.

2. (Second pressing) This record normal price is a over 700$

Donkeys Members are Bass: Lee tae hyun ; Lead Guitar: Shin jung-hyun ; Rhythm guitar: On duk gi ; Keyboard: Kim min rang ; drums: Kim ho sik.

Folkie Jin :

"Great Korean psyche jam! This group leader is Shin Jung Hyun who was a Korean rock godfather!! He played guitar at American 8 army show for long time before he organized this group. And he was influenced by Psychedelic music of Jimi hendrix, Jim Morrison etc.

These records are available as a recently reissued box set (2LPs). First pressing plus second pressing, but these records are different recordings and play style. First pressing is a psychedelical and improvisation style song based, more rocky band styled, but the second pressing is a psychedelical with some popular string arrangements additions.

Announcement of the 2LP reissue : "Another incredible looking reissue, and a steal considering it comes straight from the source: Seoul, Korea. This one features 2 separate LPs from loungey vocalist Lee Jung Hwa. She's backed up by legendary guitar man Shin Jung Hyun on all tracks. Frame-worthy poster and exquisite liners (all in Korean, but the pictures speak for themselves). Housed in a classy, yet understated, plain brown box. A definite staff pick. Highly recommendable record!!"

오늘날 우리는 옛날 사람들이 상상조차 못해 본 여러가지 소리를 들을 수 있습니다. 우주 로켓트가 박사되는 소리, 초음속 비행기가 날으는 소리, 거대한 터빈이 돌아가는 소리, 수백 만의 군중이 데모하는 소리 등등 옛날에는 존재하지조차 않았던 새로운 소리들을 우리는 별달리 새로운 소리라고 느끼지도 않은 채 듣고 있다. 생각컨대 현대인의 귀는 새로운 소리에 귀 익다 못해 이젠 잇달아 쏟아지는 새로운 소리의 홍수에 젖어 이제 마비되다시피 되어버린 것입니다. 바꾸어 말하면 오늘날의 우리의 주변에는 귀의 기능을 상실케할만큼 많은 새로운 소리들이 마구 쏟아져 나와 넘쳐 있는 것입니다. 그러니 만큼 소리를 바탕으로 하는 음악도 음악도 옛날의 그것과는 달라질 수 밖에 없습니다. 여기에 이른바 현대 음악의 탄생이 요구되고 불협화음의 등장이 불가피해집니다. 어떻게 하면 새로운 소리를 바탕으로 한 새로운 음악을 만들 수 있을 것인가? 뮤지션들은 지난날의 음악의 법칙을 깨트리고 그 테두리를 벗어나서 뭇소리에 마비된 현대인의 귀에 자극을 가하기 시작했습니다. 그것은 분명 <이상한 소리>였습니다. 과거의 멜로디를 위주로 한 평면적인 음악에만 귀 익어 온 사람들은 멜로디의 조성을 묵살하고 새로운 소리로써 입체적으로 구성한 이 음악을 "이게 무슨 음악이야? 소음이지!" 하곤 음악으로써 받아들이기를 꺼렸습니니다. 그러나 새로운 음악의 개척자들은 그 발명 당초에 있어서는 그렇게나 신기했던 자동차의 소리에 대해서 이젠 그 홍수속에 살면서도 그것을 조금도 신기하게 느끼지 않는 현대인의 재빠른 <귀의 적응성>으로 미루어 멀지 않아 그들의 음악을 사람들은 <이상한 소리> 로서가 아니라 <새로운 음악>으로써 느낄 때가 오리라 믿고 있습니다. 저도 그것을 믿고 있는 한 사람으로써 미력하나마 <새로운 음악>의 창조에 힘쓰고 있는 터입니다. 이 앨범에서 저로선 처음으로 시도한 싸이키 데릭 사운드로 종래의 대중 가요 기준의 잣대로 가름질한다면 좀 <이상한 가요>임에 틀림없습니다만 귀에 익기만 하면 여러분께선 조금도 이상한 음악 아니라고 느끼시게 되리라 믿습니다. 싸이키데릭 사운드는 음악을 위한 음악이 아니라는 것이 그 특색입니다. 그런만큼 뮤디션을 연주할 때 듣는 이의 청각에 대해서는 말할 나위 없고 시각에 대해서도 자극을 가합니다. 그것이 불가능한 레코드에서는 그 무드를 전달해 줄 모든 사운드를 총동원하여 듣는 이의 상상력의 문을 열어 주어 듣는 이 각자의 마음속에 스스로 그림을 그릴 수 있겠금 무드와 대사를 제공하는데 힘씁니다. 이것이 미국의 싸이키데릭 그룹 의 말입니다. 저도 이런 효과를 노려 이 음반을 만들었습니다. 그럼 여러분, 여러분께선 이 판을 통해서 마음 속에 여러분 나름의 그림을 그려봐 주십시요. 그 그림이 제가 그리는 그림과 일치된다면 저는 더 이상 바랄 것이 없습니다. 1969 년 새봄 신중현 :

rough translation (with mistakes):

Monumental Steps of Psychedelic Rock in Korea

1969 was a turning point for Korean popular music. The era of Trot was shaken. Soul singers, such as Pearl Sisters' with "Nim" and "A cup of coffee" (both recorded in 1968), or Kim Chu-ja's "Before Late" or "Kim Sangsa from Vietnam," made a new sound that was categorized as Psychedelic Sound. In 1969, a wave named Soul & Psyche brought a new wind to the music scene.

At that time, Pearl Sisters and Kim Chu-Ja were the new major league stars in the music world foretelling youth culture (expressed with a guitar). It was the preparation to introduce the bands led Shin Jung-hyun's division, with the appearance of minor league star singers. It is well known that Shin Joong-hyun has been training Pearl Sisters and Kim Choo-ja on the one hand and leading his band on the other, constantly changing the lineup and names of the band.

[Hate / Spring Rain] is the debut album of the new female singer Lee Jung Hwa and also the official debut of the five-member band Donkeys led by Shin Ji Hyun. Not drifting in the 'some house' style represents the ambiguous character of this record. In the planning, this album is a popular solo singer album (Pear Sisters, Kim Choo-ja, Kim Sang-hee, Kim Jung-mi, etc.) made by Shin Jung-hyun with a spotlight on a singer, and a band album focusing on his group sound (Ad Wong, Somewhere between the middle of the album). That's why Shin Shim Hyun went on and off the stage of the 'General Stage' and the Eighth Army show, while he was aiming for a rock band, but also with a Kambo (a small group playing band led by an electric guitar) and a package show (Kambo, Vocalist and Dancer). It stays in the shadow of a composed small show). The cover of Lee Jung-hwa's black dress for the stage visually demonstrates the record as an extension of the package show (compare it with the 'bright covers' from the debut work of Pearl Sisters at the same time. Is a fresh look of the two sisters on a picnic).

After the disolvement of Add 4 and Bluz Tet, Shin Shin-hyun (lead guitar) recruited Lee Tae-hyun (bass), Kim Min-rang (keyboard), Odeok-gi (rhythm guitar), and Kim Ho-sik (drum) in the second half of 1968. He formed a five-member band Donkeys and led a package show group called 'No Out Show' on the US Eighth Army stage. The vocalist in the package show was Lee Jung-hwa, the protagonist of the album. When the 'no out show' was recognized for his skills and popularity on the stage of the eighth army, Shin Shik-hyun once again knocked on the general stage. At the end of 1968, Shin Shin Hyun made Pearl Sisters' debut album while also making Lee Jung Hwa's debut album. While both were recorded by Shin Ki-hyun's original song by Donkies, the Pearl Sisters' record focused on the singer in a popular approach (Dunkis's performance is accompaniment), while Lee Jung-hwa's record He had all his character as a band record.

[No / Spring Rain] is the result of Shin Shin-hyun's music group's direction (Dunkis). It was Psychedelic Rock that Lee and Hyun wanted to express in this album. Lee Jung-hwa's vocals, unlike the soul style of general singers at the time, gave it a `` smooth '' feel (there are distances from the somewhat husky and vocal vocals Shin Joong-hyun trained at the time, Pearl Sisters, Kim Sang-hee and Kim Choo-ja). For example, the following year, Questions' album recorded in Park's vocal version and compared to the hit "spring rain". If Park's version focuses on the explosive singing power of a full-blown dark soul tone, Lee Jung-hwa's version unfolds in harmony instead of romance and explosion. Lee Jung-hwa's vocals are 'flowing' buried in Donkey's performance with rather unstable pitches without the art of admiration. So Lee Jung-hwa's "spring rain" leads to the climax at some point without knowing. If you feel this song is psychedelic, it is likely that. Not just because of keyboard and string sessions.

The subsequent "petals" are more psychedelic. The introduction of fuzz guitars and organs in a majestic, hazy atmosphere reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane. In general, the rhythm remains a secondary role, with a psychedelic performance emphasized. This atmosphere is reproduced in "tomorrow". This lyrical and calming song makes Shin's guitar play with wah and effects constantly, making him forget where the beginning is and where the end is. The final song and the "heart" that occupies the entire B side of the LP contains the essence of Shin Shik-hyun's psychedelic style. The subject riff, led by Fuzz Guitar, leads to a full-fledged 'drug trip' for a total of 16 minutes and 35 seconds in a row. Lee Jung Hwa's song comes out of the Sumi Correlations, which improvises solo performances in the middle. From 2 minutes 47 seconds, guitar solo, organ solo, bass guitar solo, and drum solo are unfolded nearly 9 minutes in turn. In particular, Shin Ji-hyun's guitar add-on, which takes about seven minutes with proper use of the wah effect, is a historical improvisation by itself. It is no exaggeration to say that “heart” is not only the beauty of the record, but also the essence of the Korean psychedelic rock that blossomed around 1970.

[No / Spring Rain] is a commercial record that failed despite the boom of soul and psychedelic. Unlike the recordings of solo artists produced by Shin Ji-hyun (after being popular enough to put him on the hit track), his group's sound recordings will continue to be commercially tried (except for the exceptions of the War). It was reprinted on CD and re-released, al album which is only sold at a high price in the used music market, it is more than fitting a puzzle in the forgotten picture of Korean rock. The cover and the case of the reproduction CD are also the miniature cover of the vinyl record (LP) and the case. However, it is necessary to point out that it was not necessary to make the inlay to be coarse and sloppy, and that the speed of the music recorded on the reproduced CD is slightly faster than that of the vinyl disc, which may exceed the tee of jade, It is not enough to affect the meaning of dip.

While listening to this album, you may notice that it is Korea's first full-fledged psychedelic rock album, and you can focus on how Shin Ji-hyun released the direction of the band at the time. It would be fun to compare how the spring version and the petals of the original version of this album have since changed to other versions. In addition, the album shows a pioneering attempt to construct a discreet chord record, with the LP on the front as a solo singer solo, containing three to four minutes of five or five songs, and the back on the improvised long version of the group sound. One might come to the conclusion that the major riffs and rhythms of "Alleys" follow the germ form of "Beautiful Strong Mountains." It's up to you to decide where to focus.

Dunkys were disbanded in November 1969. But for over a year, she has been involved in recordings of Pearl Sisters (1968), Lee Jung-hwa, Kim Choo-ja's debuts and Kim Sang-hee's [How / I Only Walked], and the movie [Blue Apple] OST album (over 1969). He participated in the psychedelic recital show, which was held successfully for four days at the civic center. After the disbanding of Dunky's, Shin Joong-hyun opened a composition office in Cheongpa-dong and took a serious step as a professional composer.

Record Information

-Album number: DG-1033 (SJHMVD-0001 for reprinted CD)

Release Date: January 17, 1969 (Reproduction CD: July 6, 2002)

-Recording place: Majangdong Studio. Recording article: Lee Chung.

-Lineup (next to the cover on the back cover of the vinyl album, I've made some corrections. I'm seeing errors in age and activity time)

Lee Jung-hwa (vocal): A year ago, he joined the No.1 out of the US, led by Shin Ji-hyun. It features modern charm and distinctive tone, mainly singing black Soul music and white psychedelic music. (From 22 years old 釜山)

Lee Tae-hyun (bass guitar): A great effort and passionate Bass Player. After working at Shouters in the US, he has played with Shin Joong-hyun three years ago. One of the R & B style authorities.

Odeokgi (Guitar): Rhythm Guitar Player, but a must-have comedy. It's a big improvement over the relatively short music life of four years. (25 years old from Seoul)

Kim Min-Rang (Organ): Has spent a lot of time in music school and discipleship. Always researching and working, he has a relatively short playing life but feels good at breathing. (A graduate of Kyung Hee University Music Composition Composition.

Kim Ho-sik (Drum): 21 years old, but a career as a drummer

This first album of Lee Jung-Hwa with Shin Jung-Hyun & Donkeys is perhaps in a more consistent way psychedelic compared to the second album of hers, which only features one track where the band takes its expansions much further. This is a very good album and good songs and there’s room for some improvisation with organ and sometimes electric guitar or a drum solo. The recording quality of the reissue could have been better because this is taken directly from an LP with not the best equipment and the small hiss is present here as well. The music is too good so that it compensates a bit. Still I hope it will get a better reissue some day. The first CD reissue I could no longer trace.

1. 싫어 ; 2. 봄비 ; 3. 꽃잎 ; 4. 먼길 ; 5. 내일 ; 6. 마음

Lee Jung Hwa CD

이정화 - 꽃잎 (신중현 작품집) Lp 미니어쳐 한정판 /

Lee Jung Hwa - A Petal (Shin Jung Hyun Collection) 600 copies LP

Synnara 이정화 - 꽃잎 (신중현 작품집) Paper Sleeve 20/7/2018 500 copies CD

This LP/CD is of better sonic quality as the Ponycanyon edition, which finally makes this reissue recommended.

Although the album has an underlying psychedelic rock band drive, the songs are rather “normal” with on the first side with orchestration and such, but you cannot deny who’s mind is behind them and feel its subtle almost slightly stoned drive that drives the mind beyond anything of the obvious. In a continuation of side 1 the second side plays in a similar mode, but with the band Donkeys. On the last track the band is given a freedom to bring the song to improvisational parts, stretching it to full potential until it’s 16 minutes long, a time of blues-psychedelic improvisation that could have lasted to be successful even for double as long period as this.

This is a miniature LP edition in an embossed paper sleeve. A must for psych lovers.

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