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임아영 / Lima A Young / Lim Ah Young (& 퀘션스 / Questions)

임아영 ‎– 오 못믿어 / 미련 Universal (6) ‎– KLS-5. 05 Aug 1971

* A1 오 못믿어 / Oh! I don't believe in you

* A2 미련 / / I cannot give you up

A 3 문이 열릴때 / Open Doors

with Lim A Young:

* A4 마른 잎 / Dry Leaf

A5 내 마음 모두 주오 / Give me all my heart

B1 여보세요 / Hello

B2 봄비 / Spring rain

B3 그대는 바보 / You are an idiot

B4 명동거리 / Myeongdong Street

B5 떠도는 사나이 / Drifting man

Psychefolk Radioshow comments : "Another record with some great psychrock tracks, with Shin Jung-Hyun. 5th track is female voice and acoustic guitar. Some tracks are better than others. Most tracks are softer psychpop / poprock with female vocals. These two great chosen tracks are with emotional male voice. Great stuff !!"

Folkie Jin : "Lim a young's debut album. She debuted with supports of Shin Jung-Hyun,too. Side A are Lim A Young voice and Side B songs are same to Questions debut album (see 3 items back). Her voice is really lovely voice and I love it!! So Side A songs have a soft pop and rock sound with string arrangements and the Side B songs are in psychedelic rock style. The side B songs ? are included in Questions debut album. Recommended !!"

See also Questions.

임아영 장현 장미리 - 마른잎 기다려주오 보리밭

Lim Ah Young / Jang Hyun : Rose-Dry Leaves (split-album)

(not reissued yet)


Kim Chu-ja (lie) / Lim Ah-young (dry leaves) / Glass Sister (dream tree)

(not reissued yet)

A split album with Honeybee Sisters recently had been reissued too, LP only. See therefore see The Honeybee Sisters-->

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