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노고지리 - No Go Ji Ri / Nogojiri / Nogojili / Skylark (Kim Chang-Wan) (ref. San Ul Lim)

노고지리* ‎– 노고지리 제 2집 (SRB Records ‎– SR-0176) 1979.11.10

LP reissue 2015년 07월 09일

Side 1 * 1. 조용한 방 / a quiet room

* 2. 찻잔 / Mug

3. 그대 창가로 와요 / Come to your window

4. 해바라기가 있는 정물 / Still life with sunflowers

5. 나 그대의 넓은 대지가 되고져 / I become your great land

6. 성(城) / Castle

(7) Side 2 1. 오두막 / Hut

(8) 2. 슬픈노래 / Sad Song

* (9) 3. 끊이지 않는 소리 / Continuous sound

* (10) 4. 한줄기 빛 / One line of light

5. 안개 / Fog

6. 공군가 (군가) / Air

노고지리: 한철수 (Lead Guitar), 한철호 (Drum), 홍성삼 (Bass)

" The album was described to me as "similar to San Ul Lim and Great fuzzy power trio, savage guitar parts". But it takes from the San Ul Lim assiociation especially the amateur or garage-like 'schoolgroup' kind of playing, resulting in an often "lazy" singing and a rather less unadventurous kind of psych-rock playing and rhythms, no matter some simple fuzz guitars solos (like on track 1,3).

The second, soft mellow track I chose for airplay is rather nice between the rather just fine tracks.

The last track I think is a "government"-friendly song, in an almost communist or some sort of government oppression style."

A Greek seller described this LP as "One side is heavy psych, the other melodicprog"

I have listened to the LP once more again after so many years. The first track is very much like San Ul Lim with all its similar charms. The second slow track still is a favourite. Also the third track still is very much like San Ul Lim. This is alternated with another slow ballad with acoustic pickings and warm glockenspiel. This returns once more to another calm San Ul Rim kind of song with a funky rhythm in the background. From there it returns to quieter songs, with some fuzz solos in the background on "Castle." "Hut" is a strummed guitar song with a clock rhythm and a few textures of weird electronic sounds. "Continues Sound" improvises in the song with a repetitive bluesy jam way, greatly turning towards the next track. The album would have been rather perfect but slows down and turns into the inappropriate "air" soldier-song like track. All-in-all the LP comes recommended to check out.

The same album received a reissue too, so it seems, but I didn't find it yet

I also found a double CD compilation of the band.

Sudo Music 노고지리 -베스트 애창곡 (올맨밴드)

/ Best Love Songs (All Man Band) (2CD) (2003)

Disc. 1 01. 광대 / The clown

02. 연인 / Lovers

03. 문밖에 있는 그대 / You are outside the door

04. 둘이서 / Two people

05. 안된다니까 / No

06. 사람이 꽃보다 아름다워 / People are more beautiful than flowers

07. 서른 즈음에 / About thirty

08. 백년의 약속 / A one hundred years' promise

09. 장미 / Rose

10. 내사랑 내곁에 / My love by my side

11. 그저 바라 볼 수 만 있어도 좋아 / I can just look at it

12. 기도 / Prayer

13. 골목길 / Alleys

14. 비와 찻잔사이 / Between rain and mug

15. 사랑의 썰물 / Low tide of love

16. 창문 넘어 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요 / I'll think of the old dimly over the window

17. 등불 / Lantern

18. 사랑이여 / Love

19. 하얀나비 / White Butterfly

The track is a late 70s commercially sounding disco-rap version with DJ-scratching of a rock song. This turns the next few tracks into mainstream pop/rock mode.

"Two People" is a nice sounding sad song on an acoustic guitar foundation (with some keyboards). "No" then suddenly returns to disco-pop again.

The track after that has an influence of hard rock but basically sounds like another predictable pop song. The songs after that does not improve much. They have a "group sound" : yes. "Rose" is a mixture of rock with disco-pop again, once more with a with forgettable result. Also the slower songs after that honestly sounds rather forgettable to me. The tempo increases ands stabilizes at to a soft pop/rock sound, which is ok but not in anything unusual. "Alleys" has a bluesy reggae rhythm. From hereon they sound a bit like a cover band, and who knows they are. All the slower tracks give a more consistent style, sound fine but not usual. It is this middle soft-pop/rock sound which is the best to listen to so far.

Disc. 2 01. 찻잔 / Mug Cup

02. 암연 / Dark

03. 회상 / Remember

04. 빗속의 여인 / Woman in the Rain

05. 애수 / Sorrow

06. 사랑의 슬픔 / Sadness of love

07. 내일 / Tomorrow

08. 커피 한 잔 / A cup of coffee

09. 넌 할 수 있어 / You can do it

10. 내마음의 보석상자 / My Heart Jewel Box

11. 비와 외로움 / Rain and Loneliness

12. 기쁜 우리 사랑 / Our good love

13. 슬픈 계절에 만나요 / See you in the sad season

14. 여행을 떠나요 / Take a trip

15. 난 바람 넌 눈물 / I wind you tears

16. 사는게 뭔지 / What is life

17. 정 / Tablet

18. 일어나 / Wake up

"The Mug" track We know from volume 2, but I guess it is a rerecording, -it is the best track so far. After a slow acoustic track the San Ul Lim-alike songs appear, but without their kind of sound production, now into a more commercial approach. "Woman In The Rain" from Shin Jung Hyun gets an almost pop disco rock version: it is forgettable. The commercial sounds dominate too often. "Tomorrow" starts with a fuzz solo but within a mainstream context, use of simple chords. Also cup of coffee sounds commercialized. Too often the band lacks a creative vision, and I am beginning to get very bored by the band. The rocker "Take A Trip" can't get me back to pick my interest, and also a fall-back on their best mainstream band sound on "I wind your tears" only bores me further.

The cover showing a 60s looking band is confusing. The all man Band announcement might say that it is a re-commercialization, just like a cover band of their greatest period, like a remake. Much more you cannot expect. To avoid.

A track found on a compilation:

7080 통기타 베스트 / Best Guitar tracks 7080

CD1-7 찻잔 / Teacups

Great progressive and rather slowly progressing song, with nice timing and accents in its evolution.

See also &




[우리시대의 명반·명곡]

노고지리 독립 활동기

강렬한 빛은 언제나 짙은 그림자를 드리운다. 예상치 못한 2집의 빅히트 이후 한껏 인지도를 높였던 록밴드 <노고지리>는 '제2의 산울림'이란 평가를 받으며 음악적 한계에 직면했다. <노고지리> 2집에서 '산울림'의 향기가 진동했던 것은 김창완이 이들을 조련하고 음악적 방향을 잡아주었기 때문이다. '찻잔'이 수록된 2집의 제작사는 서라벌레코드이지만 실제 제작사는 대성음반이다. 대성음반은 당대의 메이저 레이블 서라벌에서 독립한 이흥주가 설립한 신생 제작사로 음악적 재능이 있는 젊은 뮤지션들의 등용문 역할을 했다.

실제로 대성음반을 통해 제작된 <산울림>, <로커스트>, <어금니와 송곳니>, <따로또같이>, <장끼들>, <벗님들>, <꾸러기들>, <도깨비>, 정태춘, 하덕규, 강인원, 김원중, 구자형, 조인숙, 인희 등 80년대의 숨겨진 보석 같은 음반들은 무수하다. 이처럼 대중성은 부족하지만 무궁무진한 음악적 감성과 재능을 지닌 뮤지션들이 데뷔할 수 있었던 것은 산울림의 김창완이 대성음반의 이사로 재직하며 음반 기획과 프로듀서를 겸했기 때문이다.

당시 김창완은 1977년 발표한 산울림 1집으로 신드롬을 일으킨 이후 왕성한 창작력을 선보였다. 창훈, 창익 두 동생의 군 입대로 <산울림>은 사실상 활동 중단 상태였지만 김창완의 감성 창작 샘은 봇물 터지듯 넘쳐흘렀다. 김창완은 <노고지리> 2집에 수록된 전곡을 작사, 작곡했고 편곡에서도 산울림 브랜드의 전형적인 감성을 이식했다. 멤버 구성도 기타와 드럼으로 구성된 기본의 2인조에서 묵직한 저음과 리듬감을 지닌 베이시스트 홍성삼을 영입해 산울림과 같은 3인조 밴드로 재편하는 변화를 통해 풍성한 사운드를 구현했다. 앨범의 히트에 고무된 김창완은 이듬해인 1980년 발표한 산울림 6집에서 <노고지리> 버전보다 저음역대로 편곡한 '찻잔'과 '해바라기가 있는 정물'을 직접 리메이크를 했다.

2집의 성공으로 활동 동력을 제공받은 밴드 <노고지리>는 1980년 3집에서 음악적 독립을 시도했다. B면 수록곡 '갈테야'와 전통민요 '새야새야'를 제외한 8곡이 한철호, 한철수 쌍둥이형제의 자작곡으로 구성했던 것. 강력하고 세련된 록 사운드를 들려준 3집의 최대 히트곡은 한국적 이미지가 넘쳐났던 '광대'다. 이 노래는 당대 최고의 인기를 구가했던 지상파 음악방송프로그램 MBC <영11>, KBS <젊음의 행진>등을 통해 전파를 타며 80년대를 록 전성시대로 견인하는 자양분이 되었다. 지금은 록 밴드가 지상파 방송에 출연하는 자체가 희귀한 시절이 되었지만 1980년대 초기는 <노고지리>, <송골매>, <무당>, <마그마>, <로커스트>등 실로 다양한 밴드들이 지금의 아이돌 역할을 해냈다.

1981년 인기밴드로 떠오른 <노고지리>는 대성음반을 떠나 현대음향과 지구레코드로 전속 사를 옮기며 그해에만 2장의 앨범을 발표하며 최대 전성기를 구가했다. 사운드의 발전에 가속도가 붙었던 당시의 흐름에 대응하기 위해 의욕적으로 4인조로 개편해 발표한 4집에 대한 대중의 반응은 미온적이었다. 산울림의 그림자에서 벗어나려했던 <노고지리>는 음악적 독립이라는 빛을 획득했지만 폭넓은 지명도를 안겨준 명곡 '찻잔'의 그림자는 벗어날 수 없는 거대한 벽이었다. '찻잔'에 드리워진 산울림의 잔향은 너무도 강력했다.

의욕적이고 뜨거웠던 음악적 변신에 비해 빠르게 식어버린 찻잔처럼 1981년에 발표된 2장의 앨범은 흥행실패로 이어졌다. 이후 쌍둥이 형제 듀오로 밴드를 재정비해 1985년까지 2장의 앨범을 발표했지만 새롭게 등장한 <들국화>,<다섯 손가락>과 헤비메탈 3강 밴드에 밀려 과거의 영광을 재현하지는 못했다. <노고지리>에게 '찻잔'은 화려한 비상을 안겨준 빛이었고 결코 넘을 수 없는 거대한 벽 같은 그림자였다. '찻잔'은 반짝 인기 후 사라지기보단 자신들을 대표하는 노래를 넘어 시대를 초월해 사랑받는 명곡이 되었다. 이 노래는 시대를 초월하는 서정적 감수성으로 세월의 저편에 봉인되어 있는 추억을 깨우는 동시에 편안한 휴식을 안겨주는 위무의 기능을 발휘하고 있다. 현재, 쌍둥이 형제는 경기도 김포에서 라이브카페 <노고지리>를 운영하며 노래를 계속하고 있다.

[Albums and Masterpieces of Our Time]: Nogojiri's independent activity period.

Intense lights always casts a thick shadow. Rock band Nogojiri, who has gained recognition after the unexpected big hit of the 2nd album, was faced with musical limitations as it was evaluated as 'the second San Ul LIm'. The scent of 'Sanwoolim' vibrated in Nogojiri Vol. 2 because Kim Chang-wan trained them and gave them musical direction. The 2nd album containing 'Mug' was actually produced by Daesung Record. Daesung Record was a new production company founded by Lee Heung-ju, independent of the major label Seorabal of the time, and served as a gate for young musicians with musical talents.

In fact, the 'Sounds', 'Locust', 'Molars and Fangs', <Like the Tortoises>, <Kids>, <Bots>, <Naughters>, <Gobs>, Jung Tae-chun, Ha Deok-gyu, Kang In-won There are a myriad of hidden gems of the 80s, including Kim Won-joong, Koo Ja-hyun, Jo In-sook, and Inhee. This lack of popularity, by musicians with endless musical sensibilities and talents debuted because Kim Chang-wan of Sanwoolim served as a director of the music album and also worked as a music planner and producer.

At that time, Kim Chang-wan showed his creative creativity after creating a syndrome with Sanwoolim's first album, released in 1977. As the two brothers joined Chang Hoon and Chang Ik, Sanwoolim was virtually inactive, but Kim Chang-wan's emotional creative fountain overflowed. Kim Chang-Whan wrote and composed all the songs from Nogojiri's 2nd album, and also portrayed the typical emotions of the Sanwoolim brand. The members' composition also included bassist Hong Sung-sam with heavy bass and rhythm from the basic two-member group consisting of guitar and drums, and changed into a three-member band like Sanwoolim to create a rich sound. Encouraged by the hit of the album, Kim Chang-wan remakeed the 'tea cup' and 'sunflower still life' arranged in the lower range than the 'Nogojiri' version of the 6th Samullim Collection released in 1980.

The band, Nogojiri, who was encouraged by the success of his second album, attempted musical independence in his third album in 1980. Eight songs, -except for the song "Galteya" and the traditional folk song "Saiyasaya,"- were composed by Han Chul-ho and Han Chul-soo's twin brothers. The biggest hit song of the 3rd album, which gave a powerful and sophisticated rock sound, is the 'clown' overflowing with Korean images. This song became the nourishment that led the 80's to the age of rock during the 80's through the airwaves through the terrestrial music broadcasting program MBC <Young 11> and KBS <The March of Youth>. Now it is a rare time for rock bands to appear on world broadcasts, but in the early 1980s, various bands such as <Nogojiri>, <Songgolmae>, <Shaman>, <Magma>, and <Locust> actually acted as idols.

Nogojiri, which became a popular band in 1981, moved away from Daesung and moved to modern sound and earth records, and released two albums in that year. The public's reaction to the four albums, which were enthusiastically reorganized and released in four teams, was lukewarm in order to cope with the current trend when the development of sound accelerated. Although trying to escape the shadow of the forest, Nogojiri acquired the light of musical independence, but the shadow of the famous 'teacup', which gave a broad reputation, was a huge wall that cannot be escaped. The reverberation of the forest echoes in the 'teacup' was so powerful.

The two albums, released in 1981, were unsuccessful. He later reorganized the band as a twin brother duo and released two albums until 1985, but was unable to recreate the glory of the past by being pushed by the newly released Wild Chrysanthemum, Five Fingers and Heavy Metal Semifinal bands. For Nogojiri, the teacup was a light that gave a colorful emergency and a huge wall-like shadow that could never be overcome. 'Mug' has become a beloved masterpiece beyond time, rather than a song that represents itself rather than disappearing after its popularity. The song is a timeless lyrical sensibility that awakens the memories that are sealed on the other side of the time, and plays the role of Wimu. Currently, the twin brothers continue to sing in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do with their live cafe Nogojiri.

See also San Ul Lim history at산울림

1980년에는 김창완이 홀로 '고장난 우주선'이란 세션들과 6집을 녹음해 발표했다. 1979년 노고지리가 불러 크게 히트한 '찻잔'이 어쿠스틱 버전으로 리메이크 되어 다시 수록되었고 1978년 발표해 크게 히트했던 빨간풍선도 다시 실렸다. 이 앨범에선 한동안 한국에서 가장 긴 노래제목이었던 '창문너머 어렴풋이 옛생각이 나겠지요.'가 크게 히트했다.

"In 1980, Kim Chang-Wan (San Ul Lim) recorded and recorded six sessions and a session called 'Failed Spaceship'. The tea cup, a big hit by Nogojiri (Nogo Geography) in 1979, for which it was remade as an acoustic version and re-listed. In this album, the longest song title in Korea for the time being, 'I'll feel the old thoughts beyond the window' was a big hit."

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