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백영규 - Baek Young-Kyu

Jigu (CD) 백영규 - 대표곡 모음 (16-7-1992)

백영규 - 대표곡 모음 (original LP 1981)

01. 사랑은 왜 / Why my love

02. 숨바꼭질은 싫어요 / I don't like this hide and seek

03. 슬픈 계절에 만나요 / See you in the sad season

04. 잊지는 말아야지 / Don't forget

05. 성아의 이야기 / A song-ah's it's a story

06. 하얀 면사표 / White cotton yarn

07. 우리 만나요, 처음만난 그곳에서 / Let's meet where we first met

08. 떠나간 그님이었네 / He was gone

09. 순이 생각 / Yi thinks

10. 꽃상여는 떠나가네 / The flowers are going away

11. 울보야 / Cryboy

This album compromises a bit between original, arranged songwriter’s music with pop/rock arrangements (acoustic guitar, drums, electric piano) with additionally produced strings (and some female back vocalist) and more mainstream save heaven of ballad songs, this inspiration still lies still within the area of writing original music. However the arrangements and songs never are too originally outstanding, even though they could work in an enjoyable way.

Taken out for airplay: track 10, which has Korean folk flavors and certain progressive moves in the music.

After a later, second listen I think it is better for western listeners to leave this album for what it is, to avoid it.

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