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라음파 - Ra Eum Pa Band

라음파 - 악단 연주 앰프기타 힛트곡집 1집

제작 1977년 11월 29일*

(-LP, not reissued yet-)

SIDE 1 1.메기의 추억 / Catfish Memories 2.스와니강 / Swani River 3.새드무비 / Sad Movie 4.뛰지말고 걸어라 / Do not run 5.범불 비 투위스트 / Bamboo Rain Twist 6.아빠는 엄마를 좋아해 / Dad likes mom 7.파파 / Dad 8.예스터데이 / Yesterday

SIDE 2 1.언덕위의 포장마차 / Stalls on the hill 2.쥬리아 / Julia 3.파이프라인 / Pileline 4.샹하이 투위스트 / Shanghai too twist 5.키타맨 / Guitar Man 6.드라이빈 키타 : Dribbin' Guitar 7.베사메 무쵸 / Besame Mucho 8.그사람 바보야 / He's a fool 9.눈이 내리네 / It's snowing

This sounds like a studio instrumental band under a Shadows / Ventures influence, incorporating some hits melodies on lead guitar, including hints or fragments of a few real Shadows covers (which still are some of the more effective associations), with also an instrumental cover from The Beatles’ “Yesterday”, a not too surprising cover.

The rhythms can be often be a bit light and up-tempo, somewhat cheaper entertainment based (electric bass, kitschy keyboard textures, exotic percussion), especially so on the first two tracks, but the lead guitar(s) still is/are nice to hear.

Side B, with a bit more Shadows dominance, sound a bit better, where the band is following the guitar theme changes more clearly with fitting rhythms and keyboards, playing more like a real band and not just filling the gaps more cheaply.

For a large proportion this still is exploited music, nice enough to hear but not really so special. It still is worth chasing for the most outstanding tracks.

Dai Han Records Ra Eum Pa Band:

Christmas Carol 을 Go Go 와 함께 (1976 or 1979)**°

(-LP, not reissued yet-) ORG014


A1징글벨/루돌프 사슴코 / Jingle Bell / Rudolph Deer Nose

A2상하이 투위스트/키타맨 / Shanghai twist / guitar solo

A 3.기쁘다 구주오셨네/경배하자 주께 / Welcome to the Saviour / Let's worship the Lord

A4첫번 크리스마스/실버벨 / First Christmas / Silver Bell

A5주의 군대 / State army


B11.고요한 밤/저 맑고 환한 밤중에 / Silent night / In the clear bright night

B2쟝고/검은 고양이 네로 ??/ Black Cat ??

B3화이트 크리스마스/부루 크리스마스 White Christmas / ??

B4산타크로스 오시네 / Santa Claus is coming

B5.오!거룩한 밤/이별의 곡 / Oh, holy night / parting song

On this album, the band filled an album full of lightly inspired or partly improvised entertaining melodies with Christmas melodies/carols in them, instrumentals that could as well have something in the style from the twist-like era, just closely predating surf music and Batman music. Instruments are melodic electric guitar and bass, easy drumming arrangements and congas, with some brass/flute arrangements, possibly some of it from keyboards, and some 70s keyboards as well. The atmosphere is light, like that of a band from a TV show or bar, but at the same time it all is also more than often slightly danceable and it could as well be from a more serious band in exploitation. With this association and at its most rhythmical more often this could still work well in a live act for a hall full of engaged teenagers, while the slower tracks might appeal to an older, more conservative public. The third track started in a more kitschy way, has the slightly annoying Christmas melody in it, but surprisingly then at the same time also has a wilder bluesy electric guitar solo. The next few tracks, with more brass are again much lighter, with an almost marching rhythm. The second side has a Christmas Carol with lead guitar for the melody, easy rhythms, keyboards and some brass and hangs in between all previous associations. The entertainment remains rewarding in the next track, with almost oriental surf-like guitar, miauw-sounds and brass and entertaining brass and rhythms. Also the next few happy tracks are similarly entertaining with electric guitar leads, some brass arrangements and gay rhythms. If you don't take it too seriously, this album is in fact pretty pleasant to listen to.

See also a somewhat comparable instrumental band Light Of The East

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