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머스탱스 - The Mustangs

머스탱스 - the mustangs 머스탱스 | Beatball Music | 2008년 06월 04일

01 Red Wood Run

02 U

03 Sly Laughter

04 유리명 스트레스 / Freed Stress

05 Paraffin

06 Input

07 바람 / The Wind

08 1999 Memory

No must have heard tracks are found on the album.

This is the only band from Korea I have heard who play this sort of music. On the first album they are an indie slow-power rock band of 80s/early 90s style (singing), a bit underground-primitive (but well recorded) and with not too complex chords or playing, the result still is great and effective and directs clearly towards a(n indie-rock related) psychedelic tension, or towards room for groove/mood improvisation with the full band. The percussion is drums with some hand percussion too. There are good electric guitar solos or contributions, arranged and played and improvised with an independent vision. The band would even stand strong if they were a new band performing today. Their lyrics are in English. The short fifth track is a hand percussion improvisation on bottles, sticks, with a Korean mode blues acoustic guitar jam. Four tracks are between 7 and 10 minutes long. On the last short track the band plays greatly in the distance, while someone is checking some papers. Worth tracing !

Listening / looking back at them, I should not give them too much credit, because compared to the International scene (although they have an international sound all right) they sound in fact a bit more like an average indie band with a still rather enjoyable late night live energy. They would still fit well with some underground German bands.

Itunes review: "This CD, released as part of Bear Family's brilliant, mind-boggling Smash! Boom! Bang! German '60s beat series, will seem like complete ersatz to most listeners, who might wonder why they should reach out to a German rock & roll band that they likely never heard of. And the joke would be on them because, for anyone who loved the early singles of Gerry & the Pacemakers, the Beatles, the Roulettes, or the Dakotas, and who also has a fondness for the lean, melodic instrumentals that the Shadows were doing in the early '60s, the 16 songs on this CD represent a little slice of heaven. The group members harmonize well, they play hard but in an articulate fashion, and they have an honest, naïve enthusiasm, born of youth, that shows a genuine love for what they are doing. This reviewer had to resist the urge to dance to their rendition of "Please Mr. Postman," and they even have a handful of originals in here that are competitive with most of the in-house compositions being generated by the British beat bands of the period. There's also a beguiling innocence to their rendition of "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter" — one of the few tracks sung in German — that would melt the heart of even the biggest skeptic. That single and the German-language "Oh My Baby" and "Einsamkeit" are among the bonus tracks added to the original Die Mustangs LP, and they raise the value sharply for any '60s music enthusiasts. Is this an essential CD? Not at all. But will anyone inclined to like the Beatles of "From Me to You" or the Gerry & the Pacemakers of "Chills" regret buying it, or file it away after one listen? Not at all."

released June 16, 2006

육신을 달구는 멈출 수 없는 에로틱 싸이키델리아로의 여행! ‘무아지경(無我之境)으로의 안내자’ 머스탱스 The MUSTANGS “너흰 누구냐?” 지리멸렬 한국 록씬에 새로운 바람을 몰고 올 리얼 수컷 3인조! 연도도 기억 나지 않는 오래 전 마리화나라는 이름으로 결성, 수 차례의 멤버변동을 비롯한 부침을 겪다가 한장의 데모시디만 남긴 채 역사의 뒤안길로 날려보내고 2005년 3인조로 재정비, 머스탱스로 개명하였다. 일찍이 MOGWAI 나 SIGUR ROS 로부터의 강한 영향력을 이야기했던 그들은 비트볼을 만나며 지하골방의 습기와 함께 침잠만 하는 제습기 같은 음악성에서 탈피를 선언, 동물적인 육체성이 꿈틀거리는 싸이키델릭 싸운드를 접목시켜 자신들만의 음악을 만들어낸다. 같이 빨간티 입고 골 차자고 칭얼대지도 않고 홍대 놀이터에서 가죽옷 입고 난장 하자고 조르지도 않는 매력 넘치는 수컷들 여기 그들만의 짐승의 록이 있다!

"Journey to Erotic Psychedelic!

‘Guide to the Muji-kyung (無 我 之 境)’



"Who are you?"

Real male trio to bring a new wind to the rocky Korean rock scene!

Long ago I can't remember the name of marijuana, but I went through the ups and downs of a group of members. They talked about the strong influence from MOGWAI and SIGUR ROS earlier. They met Beatball and declared their break from music like a dehumidifier that just sleeps with the moisture of the underground alcove.

Wearing a red tee and kicking together. Wearing leather clothes at Hongdae playground. They are attractive males. Here is their own beast rock!"

머스탱스 - acid trip | Beatball Music | 2008년 06월 04일

01 Flashback

02 Burning Ball

03 C20H25N30

04 Indica

05 Paraffin Intro

06 Paraffin

07 Acid Trip

08 Savita

I can't really tell if there are highlighting tracks. There surely is a clear attempt to become acid psychedelia through a sense of jamming. In general it still remains a bit too inconsistent.

On the second album there’s also some keyboards as an extra instrument, used in a very trippy psychedelic way. The style, like the title “Acid Trip” already states, directs this time even more towards psychedelic rock with free improvisations and jams, flashy long electric guitar solos, a few combinations with acoustic guitar, wild drumming and more slightly chaotic complexity, and some good variety within the tracks.

It is starting already very strong with the first instrumental track, “Flashback”. The third tracks starts with a thunderstorm, used for a rolling/cymbal drum solo before a somewhat relaxed jam on guitars starts, and some song appears, accompanied by moody electric guitars textures, getting heavier further on, like a psychedelic storm, with some slower, more whirling and also some heavier guitar jam parts.

“Indica” has also analogue synths leading here and there, with some really wild experiments on the electric guitars.

“Parrafin” is a heavy psychedelic jam instrumental.

The almost 13 minute “Acid Trip” starts calmly, with electric guitars and drums and bubbling electronics only, then changes its rhythm with some Korean flavoured guitar melody lead. This leads to another very calmed down improvisation, still led by this guitar, before brooding itself out of a weird psychedelic guitars tension, returning to the main theme electric jam, becoming calmly wilder with it from within, with some experimenting-a-bit further conclusion.

This is followed by another track with good guitars (here are some vocal harmonies used) which has pretty wild rhythms and guitars too, and a more aggressively sung ending into the complexity of the situation.

Indie-Psych-heads, go for this one!

- 음악적 남성성에 대한 재고 - 미친 사내들의 사이키델리아! 지난 2006년 소녀취향 모던 록이 주류였던 음악씬에서 가장 즉흥적이고 원초적인 록음악을 선보인 머스탱스의 도전은 과연 인지도와 생경한 음악이라는 그늘을 뒤로 하고 폭발적인 공연무대와 평단의 찬사로 빛을 얻었다. 으스스한 아방가르드 같기도 하고 심지어 일정한 후렴구에 보컬멜로디도 존재하지 않던 앨범이 얻은 영광은 ‘한국 사이키델릭의 재발굴’ 이었고 잊혀지던 ‘음악적 남성성에 대한 향수’였는지도 모른다. 그리고 그들은 지금 선보이는 두 번째 앨범으로 다시 영광을 이어나가고자 한다. 거친 디스토션에 신선함을 녹여 폭발시킨 첫 번째 앨범이 ‘초심의 록’이라면 [Acid Trip]은 더 파고들고자 하는 날 익은 ‘원초적 록’의 기운이 지배적이다. 웅얼거림과 포효의 연속이 이어지고 또 다시 기타소리로 이어지는 패턴 없는 음악의 산재. 마치 음반의 8곡이 거대한 하나의 곡이 된 것처럼. 당신이 오래 전 꼭 들어야 한다고 집었던 오래된 LP의 주인공들이 하나 둘 스친다. 강렬한 기타로 시작하는 ‘Flashback’과 잠재된 포효를 터트리는 트랙 ‘Burning Ball’. 1집의 수록 곡 ‘Paraffin’은 좀 더 과감한 편곡을 거쳐 ‘Paraffin intro’와 ‘Paraffin’이란 두 곡으로 자리하고 있다. 앞에서 언급한 ‘원초적 록’의 기운을 한껏 받아드린 트랙들이다. 짧지만 지독하게도 긴 음악들이 당신을 정신 못 차리게 어지러운 여행으로 초대할 것이다. 헨드릭스, 샌프란시스코의 밤, 동아시아의 사이키델리아가 낯선 한국이란 불모지에서 그들이 다시 조우한다. 이들의 외침 안에 1집 때 보다 더 독한 포부가 있음은 물론이겠다. 이 음반을 즐기느냐 아니냐는 당신이 해야 할 몫이지만 그렇지 못하더라도 그냥 두지는 말아라. 선언하건대, 대한민국 마지막 남은 진정한 ‘수컷의 음악’일지도 모른다.


released February 28, 2008

"-Inventory for musical masculinity- Crazy guys psychedelia!

The Mustangs challenge, which presented the most improvised and primitive rock music in the music scene where girl-oriented modern rock was the mainstream in 2006, was shed by the explosive performance stage and the acclaimed praise behind the shadow of recognition and vivid music. The glories of the album, which seemed to be an eerie avant-garde and even no vocal melody in certain choruses, were "re-discovery of the Korean psychedelic" and perhaps the forgotten "perfume for musical masculinity." And they want to continue their glory again with their second album.

If the first album that melted freshness into a rough distortion was ‘Rock of the Beginning’, [Acid Trip] is dominated by the raw “Rock of the Day,” which is ripe. The patternless music interspersed with hum and roar followed by guitar sound. As if the eight songs of the album became a huge one. The old LP protagonists pass by one that you must listen long ago. "Flashback" starts with a strong guitar, and "Burning Ball" tracks to blast latent roars. The first track, "Paraffin," is more boldly arranged and is divided into two songs, "Paraffin intro" and "Paraffin." These tracks have taken full advantage of the spirit of the original rock mentioned above.

Short but damn long music will invite you to a dizzying trip. Hendricks, San Francisco Night, and East Asia's Psychic Delia meet again in the unfamiliar country of Korea. Of course, there is more ambition in their calls than in the first album. Whether you enjoy this record or not is your job, but if not, don't leave it alone. As declared, it may be the last remaining true “male music.”

released February 28, 2008

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