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서수남과 하청일 - Suh Soo-Nam & Ha Cheong-Il

서수남/하청일 - 코믹쏭 (Digipack) 최근입고 / The Comic Pack : 2014-10-02 (1972)

1. 빈대떡 신사 / Bindae Tteok Shrine

2. 나는 바위올시다 / Let me rock

3. 봄바람 임바람 / Spring breeze

4. 석별의 정 / Separation

5. 럭키모닝 / Lucky morning

6. 달콤한 시간 / Sweet time

7. 회전의자 / Swivel chair

8. 즐거운미소 / Pleasant smile

9. 푸른날개 / Blue Wings

10. 이럴때 어쩌나 / What will happen then?

11. 봄이오면 나는 좋아 / I like it when spring comes

12. 내고향으로 마차는 간다 / The carriage goes to my hometown

Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out, but I am not sure how essential they are. They will be appreciated by western ears.

This duo delivers sweet and a bit like Simon & Garfunkel type vocals and acoustic guitars as foundations, with some covers too like “Lucky Morning” with some English vocal parts. With a little additional arrangements (organ,guitars,..) this really sounds fine, innocent and honest expressions with an overall optimistic or positive vision. The last few tracks are songs with guitars only and sound more thin. Still, it is fine to remember them with a compilation like this.

컨트리와 포크 레게 등 다양한 음악을 선보이며 국내 가요의 수준을 한 단계 올려놓았던 전설적 듀오 서수남, 하청일의 1972년도 작품입니다. 명품 보컬 하모니와 기타연주가 돋보이는 초기작품으로 소장가치있는 명반입니다.

"This is a 1972 work by the legendary duo Seo Su Nam and Ha Cheong Il, who have raised the level of Korean music with various music forms such as country and folk. It is an early masterpiece featuring luxury vocal harmony and guitar performance."

Perhaps mentioning Donovan is a closer feel to the sound of the above record than Simon & Garfunkel. The mood is that with happiness and sunshine.

#folk #harmonyvocals #singersongwriter #SimonGarfunkel #humour #cabaret #S #harmonyvoices

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