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송골매 - Songolmae (Song Gol Meh) (=Peregrine Falcon)

1979-09-13 Jigu (JLS-1201504) LP 1979-09-13 Jigu (JCS-1504, 8805115500443) 1997-09-00 Jigu (JCDS-0628, 8805115008208)

지구레코드 Earth Records CD

1. 산꼭대기 올라가 / Going Up to the Mountaintop * 2. 세상만사 / All Works Of The World 3. 길지않은 시간이었네 / lesser time 4. 지금 내마음 / Now My Mind * 5. 세상 모르고 살았노라 / not knowing and living the World * 6. 오늘따라 / Today 7. 아낙네 마음 / Travelers' Festival 8. 나그네들의 축제 / Saemaul's Song

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics, or tracks to check out for sure because for some reason they seem to stand out as unique moments, which makes them also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I am not sure how essential they are.

The album is a promising light prog-rocker album with small electric solos, harmony singing, organ rhythms. The second track is more like an older rocker. The third track is a longer slower track with electric blues guitar lead and organ chords, better than the tracks before. Then the group softly rocks further even when one could say the 5th track has a tendency towards soft hard rock. The only really outstanding track is track 6, with an irregular rhythm fitting well with the song rap and well arranged in harmony with the rock band themes and arrangements. This is followed by a lighter-in-rhythm, pleasant bluesy up-tempo rocker with slower song parts. The last groovier and funkier track fits with that. Don’t expect too much of the Song Gol Meh albums simply because Pokora noticed them. But it’s enjoyable, all right. For me especially the outstanding track shows the band could eventually can grow into something with unique moments. The other tracks show enjoyable bluesy rock tendencies.

Bass – Yieungsu ; Guitar – Jideokyeop ; Keyboards – Yibonghwan ; Vocals, Drums – Baecheolsu

송골매 초창기1기 맴버였던 배철수,지덕엽,이응수,이봉환 입니다.

Baek Chul-soo, Ji-deok-yeop, Lee Eung-su and Lee Bong-hwan were the first members of the Peregrine Falcon.

Airplay in Psychefolk Radio Show: track 6

Jigu Records ‎– JLS-1201684 송골매 2집 - 어쩌다 마주친 그대 / 모두 다 사랑하리 | 지구 | 1982년 12월 11일

구레코드 열기 / Open Earth Records (CD) 송골매 - 2집 어쩌다 마주친 그대 CD 1997-12-10

A1 어쩌다 마주친 그대 / How did you meet?

A2 우리들 / Us?

A3 그대는 나는 / You are mine

A4 다시한번 / Once again

A5 세상만사 / Everything

B1 하다 못해 이 가슴을 / Can't do this

B2 모두 다 사랑하리 / Everyone will love you

B3 빨리 빨리 / Quickly soon

B4 내 마음의 꽃 / 길지 않는 시간이었네 / My heart's flower / It wasn't long

* B5 바람 / The Wind

On the LP "II" there are several hard rock passages which are slightly interesting, but the album remains somewhat mainstream. Just a few tracks seems to be influenced slightly by disco and funk. Despite its stronger aspects and a beautiful cover design the album isn't really too rewarding.

송골매는 80년대 한국을 대표하는 밴드로 그 시작은 항공대학교 스쿨밴드인 활주로에서 시작되며 당시에도 활주로의 역사는 오래되어 타 대학의 경우보다 10여년이 빨랐다.

활주로는 송골매로 바뀌어 1집을 내는데 당시 '산꼭대기 올라가. ' 란 노래가 힛트를 하는데 보컬인 배철수는 활주로 시절 부터 우리나라 정서에 맞는 창법과 유명한 시조나 시를 가사로 썼다.

그러다 2집을 내기전 대학시절 부터 알던 홍익대 블랙테트라 출신의 걸출한 보컬 구창모 그리고 기타의 김정선 등이 가세하며 더 큰 비상을 하게 되었다.

아마 2집앨범이 송골매의 대표적 음반이 아닐까 생각하며 그들을 알린 상징이라 생각한다.

개인적으로 가수들 공연 중 여럿을 봤는데 가수 구창모의 가창력은 대단했고 한국을 대표할 밴드의 가수다웠다.

특히 '모두다 사랑하리'는 동명의 영화로 나와 송골매란 팀을 더 부각 시켰다.

노래를 만든 사람은 그 유명한 김수철로 언젠가 직접 불렀는데 노래의 느낌이 또 달랐다.

LP로 들어보면 처음 건반과 기타의 선율이 잔잔하지만 보컬과 중간에 드럼이나 베이스가 그 느낌을 잘 표현하고 있어 듣기 좋다.

당시 록밴드로선 드물게 일본 야마하 가요제에 출전하고 방송과 영화 그리고 콘서트 그리고 다운타운가의 공연장을 힙쓴 송골매는 밴드를 희망하는 청소년들의 우상이었도 팬들도 열광했었다.

구창모의 탈퇴로 송골매의 인기는 많이 하락했으나 당대 어느 밴드 보다 대단했다고 생각한다.

"Peregrine Falcon is a representative band for Korea in the '80s. It started on the Runway, a school band of the aviation university. At that time, the Runway had a long history, which was about 10 years earlier than other universities. Runway moved to Peregrine Falcon for 1 LP. They sang a song, and Bae Chul-soo, who sang the words from Runway, wrote lyrics and famous poetry and poems that suited Korean emotions.

Then, before the 2nd LP, outstanding vocals Koo Chang-mo from Black Tetra from Hongik University and Kim Jong-sun from other universities made a bigger impact. Perhaps the second album is a representative record of Falcons and it is a symbol that suited them here very well.

I personally saw several of the singers' performances, and singer Koo Chang-mo's singing power was great and it was a singer of the band that would represent Korea. In particular, 'everything I love you' came out with a movie of the same name to highlight the falcon team more. The creator of the song sang it sometime with the famous Kim Soo Chul, but the feeling of the song was different again.

If you listen to the LP, the melody of the keyboard and guitar is calm at first, but the drums and bass in the middle of the vocals express the feeling well. At the time, a rare band was a singer at the Yamaha Song Festival in Japan. He was an idol of youths hoping for the band.

The popularity of Peregrine Falcon declined a lot with Koo Chang-mo's withdrawal, but I think it was greater than any other band."

Rateyourmusic Magognip Jul 06 2016: "Decent western influenced Korean rock, mid to fast paced. I feel that they get more influence from Europe than America. The style runs from upbeat pop-rock to heavy(ish) prog-rock. Progressive fans would probably be more interested in their first album. The band name translates as "The Falcons" - which explains the sleeve image."

The group continued to make LPs after this in pop/rock style

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