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신중현과 그의 민아 - Shin Jung-Hyun Cambo Band

Folkie Jin : "Normal price over 800$. Musical performance by Shin Jung-Hyun and his cambo band. Guest female singers are Min A, Bonnie Girls, Ju Hyun.

He started his "Shin Jung-Hyun and his cambo band" summer 1971. He recorded this record with some guest female singers. These are (the) Bonnie girls (female duo and also they are famous Korean pop star in the 70's, -at first they debuted with shin jung hyun-), Ju Hyun,Min A. Musical features of this album are very psychedelic with some unique Koreanized female garage songs. Especially Side A3 "UjuYeHang" (a space trip) is a great psychedelic female song and has unique guitar melody with echoed sounds.

Side A has two songs by Min A, two songs by Bonnie girls, one instrument song by Shin Jung hyun and his Cambo band. and Side B has five songs by Ju Hyun. I think that this record is a great Korean female psychedelic record!!! Highly recommended!"

Radioshow comments : "Here the band is accompanying kind of 60's psych-pop songs, sung by female duo. It is an instrumental with some fine electric guitar and organ improvisation. Personally the mainstream female 60's pop songs themselves appeal less to me. I still preferred to take out the one ballad, with vocals by Lee Jung Hwa.


2.이제그만 떠나주오


4.하필이면 그사람

5.나를 더이상 괴롭히지 말라 (경음악) [영화주제가]

Side B1.못견디겠소

2.이슬같은 그대 눈물



5.그리운 사람에게

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