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신중현 골든그레입스 - Shin Jung-Hyun & Golden Grapes

Folkie Jin : "Musical performance by Golden Grapes with Shin Jung Hyun Lead guitar. Normal price over 850$ Guest female singer are Kim Jung Mi, Ju Hyun, Min A, Bonnie Girls.

Kim Jung Mi debut record! Musical performance of this record by Golden Grapes, the group also debuted with supports of shin Jung Hyun. All Group members were mixed blood and orphan guys. so Shin Jung Hyun want to help them. He often played with them and also he gave to play stages for them, too, and he played at this record with Golden Grapes. In this record also he worked with some guest female singers. These are Kim Jung Mi, Ju Hyun, Bonnie Girls, Min A. All Side A songs by Kim Jung-Mi and four songs are same to Kim Jung Mi second album but one song is a different. Side B songs are three songs by Ju Hyun, one song by Min A and Bonnie girls. Side B songs also included to Shin Jung-Hyun sound vol. 1 album, but the musical performance is different. The reason is that Musical performance of this record is by Golden Grapes, while on Shin Jung-Hyun sound vol. 1 album it was by Shin Jung-Hyun and his cambo band. All songs are nice Koreanized psychedelic sounds and you can understand that his great musical composition ability at this album."

Radioshow comments : "The psych-pop songs are sung by quiet nice female voice.. This is accompanied with backing vocals on first track, and with organ, electric bass, drums, and here and there some electric guitar. Most songs are quite simple pop songs."

Folkie Jin : "Golden grapes debut album / Enjoy the psychedelic party or trip. Prince record Normal Mint price over 1000$ Ultra Mega rare! This album is a great and masterpiece of Korean dark psychedelic rock music!!!!

You can listen to very rhythmical and powerful psychedelic sounds at this album more than any Korean psychedelic records. The color of psychedelic sounds are very deep and dark also the feeling are damply and heavy. In shortly this is a bad trip! ? I think that this is a Korean representative psychedelic record and his forgotten masterpiece!! So you have a big headache when the trip ended as smoke marijuana!!! This is a really dark and powerful also hallucinating psychedelia !!!!"


A2생각하는 사람

A3하필 그 사람

A4나를 더이상 괴롭히지 말라

A5그 사람아

B1즐거운 Go Go

Bass, Bongos, Vocals – Vichard Harrison

Composed By – 신중현*

Congas, Vocals – Richard Ben

Drums – Bill Jackson (7)

Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Harry Dickson (2)

Organ – Bob Engel (3)

Psychefolk Radioshow comments : "Some late 60's psychpop with nice organ (at times Iron Butterfly-like to give some idea), male voice(s) with Beatlesque harmonic singing and psychrock drive, and some early 70's psychedelic rock. I especially like the fourth track : heavy rock with organ, harmonic vocals, electric guitars improvisation,.. Last bluespsych track lasts for 15 minutes. The album starts very, very slowly, with a blues-psych guitar solo and a the psych organ waiting to participate. It takes an almost 8 minutes before the musical rhythm changes, into a funkier mode, which is moulded into a psych repetition too, with some electric guitar, until, I count now 9 minutes, the organ makes it to a (really great) solo too. When the drum starts its solo the track is (sadly) faded out. Highly recommended album. Perhaps one of the best psychedelic rock albums from Korea."

RhythmOn Rec. Shin Joong Hyun: Sound 1.2.3. Kim Jung Mi Golden Grapes

-3CD box set- (1971,1972,re.2016)****°

on LP: 2016-04-28 RythmOn (GEBLSL48) 180g 3LP Box Set / 350장 한정반

Golden Grapes is one of the more psychedelic sound bands Shin Yung Hyun has worked with, so of course this makes this 3CD box essential for any Western collector of World psych music. All songs have a definite Shin Yung Hyun sound.

1971 Shin Jong Hyun Sound volume 1

with Ju-Hyun : track 1,7,8,9,10

with Min-Ah : track 2

Golden Grapes band on track 4

Shi Yung-Hyun: track 5

track 3-4 with 바니걸스 / Bunny Girls / Banigirls

​1-1. [신중현 사운드 Vol. 1 - 민아, 주현, 바니걸스]

* 1 그 사람아 / That Person

* 2 이제 그만 떠나주오 / Please leave now

* 3. 우주 여행 / Space travel

* 4. 하필이면 그 사람 / That person

* 5. 나를 더이상 괴롭히지 말라 / Don't bother me anymore

* 6. 못 견디겠소 / I can't stand it.

7. 이슬 같은 그대 눈물 / Your tears like dew

8. 연애 편지 / Love letter

9. 말할까 / Should I say

10. 그리운 사람에게 / To a person I miss

Most tracks of the first record are with singer Ju-Hyun and are of course more rockier and with a slightly improvised rocking / jammed / psychedelic undertone despite a certain relaxed groove and even often pop/rock-related association to the songs. The fourth track with its Hammond drive and song attraction, powerful harmony vocals included, might stand out a bit more as a song/track. The 5th instrumental track sounds more psychedelic even though it also contains a brass section to it. You can recognise its jammed groove and Iron Butterfly-alike organ passages. It also shows Shin Jung-Hyun improvising more wildly on his electric guitar. Most songs on side B do not stand out as much, but there’s plenty on the record to make it worthwhile to check it out.

For volume 1 see also Cambo Band

Folkie Jin : "Normal price over 800$. Musical performance by Shin Jung-Hyun and his cambo band. Guest female singers are Min A, Bonnie Girls, Ju Hyun.

He started his "Shin Jung-Hyun and his cambo band" summer 1971. He recorded this record with some guest female singers. These are (the) Bonnie girls (female duo and also they are famous Korean pop star in the 70's, -at first they debuted with shin jung hyun-), Ju Hyun,Min A. Musical features of this album are very psychedelic with some unique Koreanized female garage songs. Especially Side A3 "UjuYeHang" (a space trip) is a great psychedelic female song and has unique guitar melody with echoed sounds.

Side A has two songs by Min A, two songs by Bonnie girls, one instrument song by Shin Jung hyun and his Cambo band. and Side B has five songs by Ju Hyun. I think that this record is a great Korean female psychedelic record!!! Highly recommended!"

Radioshow comments : "Here the band is accompanying kind of 60's psych-pop songs, sung by female duo. It is an instrumental with some fine electric guitar and organ improvisation. Personally the mainstream female 60's pop songs themselves appeal less to me. I still preferred to take out the one ballad, with vocals by Lee Jung Hwa.

with Kim Jung-Mi : track 1-5

with Ju-Hyun: track 6-8

with Min-Ah: track 9

with Golden Grapes: track 10

2. [신중현 사운드 Vol. 2 - 김정미]

* 2-1 아니야 / No

2-2. 만나고 헤어진다면 / When you meet and break up

2-3. 오솔길을 따라서 / Along a trail

2-4. 고독한 마음 / Lonely heart

2-5. 대합실의 여인 / Woman in a waiting room

2-6. 이슬 같은 그대 눈물 / Your tears like dew

2-7. 연애 편지 / Love letter

2-8. 그리운 사람에게 / To a person who misses someone

* 2-9. 그 사람아 / That person

* 2-10. 하필 그 사람 / This person

Sound Volume 2 continues in the same mode, with some progression. Here we have again the participation of the great King Jung-Mi on several tracks with one track by equally rewarding Min-Ah. The songs are a bit more worked out (vocal arrangements and responses included, and organ solos) which benefits them well.

It is basically a song album.

Golden Grapes: track 1-5

Shin Jung-Hyun : track 6

​3-1. [신중현 사운드 Vol. 3 - 골든 그렙입스]

* 1 그리워라 / Miss

* 3-2. 생각하는 사람 / the mindful person

* 3-3. 하필 그 사람 / This person

* 3-4. 나를 더이상 괴롭히지 말라 / Don't bother me anymore

* 3-5. 그 사람아 / That person

* 3-6. 즐거운 Go Go (경음악) / Happy Go Go (instrumental)

It is on the third album where the band (singing in late 60s harmony vocals) more shows its full qualities. Part of its attraction is the organ, the songs themselves, and its slightly rawness mixed with enough sophistication. At times the jamming groove dominates a bit more, driving its sound convincingly. On track 4 this jam takes us to improvised psychedelic realms, with organ rhythm moods and electric solos, and a driven rhythm. Last track, of over 15 minutes jams with bluesy ease, with Shin Jung-Hyun leading a relaxed solo, until the band adds a bit of tempo, with a long organ solo lead.

신중현 사운드 시리즈는 1970년대 초 국내 싸이키델릭의 여제(女帝) 김정미를 비롯하여 바니걸스, 주현, 민아, 그리고 골든 그렙입스가 참여한 시리즈로 화려했던 신중현 사운드의 전성기 시절의 한 단면을 보여주는 명반들이다. 소울과 싸이키델릭 사운드를 지향하는 시대적 흐름을 읽어 낼 수 있으며 양질의 우리 대중문화를 선도적으로 이끌어 나갔다는 측면에서 보다 큰 의미를 되새겨 볼 수 있는 한국 대중음악의 보고(寶庫)로 재평가 할 만한 의미 깊은 앨범들이다.

The Shin Joong-Hyun Sound Series contain albums of the heyday of Shin Joong-Hyun's sound, which was a series of Korean psychedelic Kim Jung-mi, Barney Girls, Joo-hyun, Min-a, and Golden Grapes. It is a meaningful album that can be read and reevaluated as a report of Korean pop music, which can read the trends of the times that aim for soul and psychedelic sound, and reflect the meaning in terms of leading the quality culture of Korea.

[신중현 사운드 1, 2, 3집]은 1970년대 화려했던 신중현 사운드의 전성기 시절의 한 단면을 보여주는 것 이상의 의미를 지닌 한국 대중음악의 보고(寶庫)로 재평가 할 만한 성과물들이다. 당시 화려하게 주목을 받던 김추자나 펄 시스터즈와 같은 스타급 가수들로 이루어진 앨범들이 아니라는 점에서 소외될 여지가 없었던 바는 아니었으나 음악적인 내용면에서. 신중현의 곡들이 당시 스타급 가수에게 뿐만 아니라 신인 가수들을 통해서도 충분히 반영 될 수 있었다는 점에서 그 우려를 불식 시켜 준 앨범들이었으며 따라서 결과적으로 오늘날 우리의 기대를 저버리지 않는다. [신중현 사운드 1집](프린스 레코드사, 1971년 발매)을 보면, 신인 여가수들로 구성된 컴필레이션 앨범 형식을 취하고 있는데 각자가 몇 곡씩을 나누어서 불러주고 있다. 앨범을 구성하는 객원 가수들을 살펴보면 모친의 간곡한 노력(?)으로 연예계에 입문하게 된 바니걸스, 그리고 당시 대학을 다니던 학생 신분이었던 주현과 미8군 출신의 민아로 구성 되어 있다. 잘 알려진 것처럼 바니걸스는 이후에도 지속적인 활동을 통해 자신들의 입지를 넓혀 가게 된다. 주현은 바니걸스의 경우와 비슷하게 모친의 간곡한 요청에 응한 신중현의 도움으로 실질적인 데뷔를 했으며 신인으로서 신중현의 곡을 무난히 소화해내는 가창력을 선보이며 당대의 신중현 사단의 새로운 기수가 될 기회를 잡았으나 아쉽게도 이 음반이 데뷔작이자 마지막 앨범이 되고 말았다. 민아는 미8군 출신답게 당시 이미 가창력이 뛰어난 점 때문에 신중현으로 부터 좋은 평가를 받아낸 실력파 가수였다. 하지만 안타깝게도 민아 역시도 이 음반을 끝으로 더 이상 가수 활동을 이어가지 못했다. 이렇듯, 객원 신인 가수들이 주축이 되어 제작된 1집에서는 신중현이 지향 했던바 즉, 솔로 가수들에게서 추구 하려 했던 소울 취향의 성향을 쉽게 찾아 볼 수 있다. 보컬 파트에서 발견되는 그러한 느낌들이 요소요소 자리 잡고 있어 어렵잖게 신중현의 프로듀서로서의 실질적인 능력까지도 평가 해볼 수 있으며 아울러 신중현과 캄보밴드의 연주력이 어우러져 우리의 기대치에 부응하는 사운드를 들려주고 있다. [신중현 사운드 2집](프린스 레코드사, 1971년)은 토종 싸이키델릭의 여제(女帝) 김정미를 전면에 내세워서 제작된 그녀의 실질적인 데뷔작으로 볼 수 있는 앨범이다. 물론 앞서 1집에 수록된바 있는 주현과 민아의 곡들과 함께 앨범 전체를 양분하고 있지만 앨범 자켓에서도 이미 예고 하고 있듯이 김정미의 독집에 가깝다. 내용면에서는 데뷔작임을 감안해 볼때 김정미의 색깔을 구체적으로 확립한 앨범이라고 평가 하기엔 이른감이 있다. 그것은 당시 신중현 사단에서 선뵌 전형적인 틀 안에서 크게 벗어나지 못했다는 의미이기도 하다. 따라서 앨범 성향이 당시 만연해 있던 소울 취향에서 크게 벗어나진 않지만 첫 시도에서 싸이키델릭의 잠재적인 가능성을 앞서 보여준 김정미의 음색은 여타 가수들의 그것과는 차별화된 색깔을 지녔음을 이 앨범을 통해서도 감지해 낼 수 있다. 김정미의 창법이 생동감 있게 표출된 타이틀곡 “아니야”를 포함해 모든 수록곡들이 김정미가 한국 최초의 싸이키델릭 보컬리스트로서의 등극을 알린 초창기 곡들임을 상기 해 본다면 나름대로 자료적인 가치 역시도 높은 음반으로 평가 할 수 있을 것이다. 이 시리즈의 마지막 앨범에 해당하는 [신중현 사운드 3집](프린스 레코드사, 1972년)은 신중현의 진가가 더욱 드러난 앨범임에 분명하다. 수록곡들은 이미 전작에 선뵌 작품들이었으나 솔로가 아닌 그룹 사운드의 노래와 연주로 새롭게 옷 입혔다는 점은 후한 점수를 주고픈 부분이기도 하다. 더욱이 이 앨범은 <골든 그레입스>라는 그룹을 세상에 알린 의미도 지니고 있다. <골든 그레입스>는 이후 솔로 가수로서의 입지를 보여준 함중아와 함정필 두형제가 주축이 된 혼혈아들로 구성된 팀이었다. 신중현은 자신의 사무실을 찾아온 함중아 형제에게 실질적인 도움을 주는 한편, 신중현 개인의 리싸이틀 무대에도 함께 올랐을 정도로 신중현은 배후에서 여러모로 영향력을 행사했다. 사실, 신중현이 작사 작곡과 편곡은 물론이며 리드기타와 보컬파트에도 참여했던 본 음반은 [신중현 사운드] 시리즈 가운데서도 가장 정점에 있는 음반으로서 손색이 없다. 이같은 사실은 화려하게 꽃을 피웠던 1970년대 우리의 그룹 사운드 문화가 변방에 외로이 서있는 모습을 상상하게 만드는 것이 아닌 중심부에서 당당히 자신의 길을 개척해 나갔던 풍요로운 모습의 한 단면을 나타내는 것이기도 하다. 이처럼, [신중현 사운드 1, 2, 3] 시리즈는 1960~70년대 한국 락의 르네상스를 함께 이끈 뮤지션이자 스타제조기 신중현이 발굴한 신인 가수들의 등용문과 같은 구실을 성실히 수행한 이면을 찾아 볼 수 있으며 아울러, 시대적 흐름에 부응하여 양질의 우리 대중문화를 선도적으로 이끌어 나갔다는 측면에서 보다 큰 의미를 되새겨 볼 수 있는 찬란한 음악적 성과물임을 기억해야 할 것이다

" [Shin Joong-Hyun Sounds 1, 2, 3] is an achievement that can be re-evaluated as a report of Korean pop music, which is more than just one aspect of the heyday of Shin Jung-hyun's sound. There was no room for alienation in that it was not made up of star-class singers such as Kim Choo-ja and Pearl Sisters, who were in the spotlight at the time. It was the albums that dismissed the concern that Shin Ji-hyun's songs could be reflected not only by star singers but also by new artists at the time.

In [Shin Joong-Hyun Sound Vol. 1] (Prince Records, released in 1971), it takes a compilation album composed of new female singers, each of whom sings a few songs. Looking at the guest singers that make up the album, it is composed of Barney Girls who entered the entertainment world with her mother's earnest efforts, and Ju-hyun, who was a student at the university, and Min-A from the 8th Army.

As is well known, Barney Girls will continue to expand their presence through subsequent activities. Ju Hyun made her debut with the help of Shin Ji Hyun, who responded to her mother's request similar to Barney Girls, and as a rookie, she showed her singing ability to digest Shin Ji Hyun's songs without any doubt, but unfortunately this album This debut and the last album.

Min-a was a talented singer who received good reviews from Shin-hyun because she was already a singer at the time. Unfortunately, Mina also continued to sing as a singer after the album. In this way, the first album produced by the new guest singers is easy to find the tendency of the soul taste that Shin Shih Hyun aimed at, which was intended to be pursued by the solo singers. Those feelings found in the vocal part are located in the element, so it is difficult to evaluate the practical ability as a producer of discreet chords, and the performances of discreet chords and cambo bands are sounding to meet our expectations.

[Shin Joong-Hyun Sound Vol. 2] (Prince Records, 1971) is an album that can be seen as her actual debut film made with Kim Jee-mi, the native psychedelic empress. Of course, it is dividing the entire album along with the songs of Juhyun and Mina previously recorded in the first album, but as the album jacket has already announced, it is close to Kim Jung-mi's original collection.

In terms of content, it is too early to evaluate Kim Jung-mi's color as an album considering the debut work. It also meant that he did not deviate much from the typical framework of the Shinshin-hyun division at that time. Therefore, although the album's propensity does not deviate greatly from the soul's taste that prevailed at the time, Kim's tone, which showed the potential of the psychedelic on the first attempt, can also be detected through this album. . Recall that all the songs, including the title song “Noya”, where Kim Jung-mi's creations were vividly expressed, were the earliest songs that marked Kim Jung-mi's rise as the first psychedelic vocalist in Korea.

Shin Jung-hyun's 3rd album (Prince Records, 1972), which is the last album in the series, is clearly an album that shows the true value of Shin Ji-hyun. The songs are already featured in their predecessors, but the fact that they are newly dressed with songs and performances of group sounds rather than solos is a part of the generosity. Moreover, the album has a meaning informing the world of the group 'Golden Graves'. Golden Graves was a team of mixed-race children, whose main focus was Ham Joong-ah and Ham Jung-pil. In addition to providing practical help to Brother Ham Joong-ah, who visited his office, Shin Ji-hyun was influential in many ways. In fact, this album, which Shin-Hyun participated in writing and arranging, as well as lead guitar and vocal parts, is the highest point in the Shin Joong-Hyun Sound series. This is not an illusion of our group sound culture in the 1970s, when the colorful flowers bloomed, but rather a glimpse of the abundance of the way it was.

Like this, the [Shin Joong-Hyun Sound 1, 2, 3] series is the musician who led the renaissance of Korean rock in the 1960s and 1970s, and found the back side that performed the same role as the gate of the new singers discovered by star maker Shin Ji-hyun. In addition, it should be remembered that it is a brilliant musical achievement that can reflect the greater meaning in terms of leading the mass culture of Korea in response to the trend of the times.



This is definitely one of the mist essential releases, not to miss.


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