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양미란 - Yang Mi-Lahn (Yang Mi Ran) (>He5)

Tracks can be found on:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 / Music Museum 220 Best

CD7-1 달콤하고 상냥하게 / Sweet and gentle (1969)

CD7-5 봄길 / Spring Road (1969)

CD7-8 범띠 가시내 / Bumpy Thorns (1970)

CD7-13 휘파람 / Whistle (1970)

This singer cooperated with the psych rock band He5 which you can already hear in the background of the first song, "Sweet and Gentle". This brings this singer in the area of the abroad already known Kim Jung Mi. It is about time He5 will be notified too because they are among the best bands the psychedelic period had to offer. Yang Mi-Lahns voice is pop music but she has a funky fool to it. Different is "Spring Road" which is more modern mainstream pop music with pop band, showing organ and a bit of brass and flute arrangements (besides more background strings and such). "Bumpy Thorns" has more pop-swing to it. Here the funky power in er voice shows itself well too. "Whistle" is slow pop with a variety of arranged ideas in it to make its associations in it richer and more attractive (like an American country-like whistle and short bursts of fast organ melodies).

CD10-19 흑점 / Sunset (1969)

This track is another slow pop song. It knows brass arrangements to it. With Yang's funky and soulful voice still coming out well.

I hope they will release a compilation or the He5 release some day soon.

with He5:

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