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윤시내 - Yoon, Si-Nae

Because I heard this great funky track from Yoin Si-Nae’s first album, and because I was able to check out her second album, I decided to do so. It is a (average-)good, but not exactly an exceptional album of pop with a pop/rock touch in a few tracks. The arrangements are well worked out with a few small orchestrations and a few rock band elements and an analogue keyboard. The singing has a Korean mainstream flavour, has a bit of emotion in the singing but is more singing songs. Mostly this sounds like a singer dedicating herself to whatever they put her up to. I don’t find it a surprise that with her comeback so many years later this does not sound very inspired or groovy or rocking or anything in particular as an achieved quality of personal choice. This second album still is enjoyable enough thanks to a numerous of elements and the right times to bring those elements together, at the same time it is also already part of a public pleasing tendency, but because everything is still present the album is worth having, if you accidentally would happen to have it, but is not something a western listener should trace specifically.

1981-09-05 태양음향 (TYL-1002) LP

1990-09-00 Oasis (ORC-1152) CD

(CD) 윤시내 - 오리지날 힛송 총결산집 /

Yoon Si Nae-Original Song Collection NC1000803

1. 열애 / Devotion

2. 여심 / Heartfelt

3. 갈대 / Reed

4. 나는 작은별 이어서 / I'm a little star

5. 그리운 사람 / A nostalgic person

6. 천년 / Millennium

7. 고목 / Old tree

8. 임에게 / To Im

9. 먼하늘 먼마음 / The distant sky

10. 떠나가 주세요 / Please leave

Track 4, a track that is only underlined in this case can be considered as a fine enough track that you could eventually check out, but I don't consider it as truly essential. Track 7 has a fine blues feel that makes the track better than it in essence is. The other mentioned tracks are acceptable but for foreign ears really not so exceptional.

From the clips on youtube, I guess that her 1978, most funky album might be the best one to trace first. From there it goes quickly into the 80s mainstream mill.

For foreigners this above CD is a forgettable modern album, no review is done.

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