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함중아와 양키스 - Ham Jung-A & Yankees

함중아와 양키스 / 골든 베스트 / Ham Jung-Ah and Yankees / Golden Best (2CD)

CD 1

01. 조용한 이별 / Quiet parting

02. 안개속의 두그림자 / Two Shadows in the Mist

03. 잊을 수 없는 사람 / Unforgettable People

04. 복돌이 / Bokdo

05. 인연 / Bond

* 06. 그사나이 / The Man -psychedelic-

* 07. 뜬소문 / The rumors -funk/pop-

08. 눈감으면 / If you close your eyes

09. 내 사랑 / My love

* 10. 정든 고향 / Sweet Home

11. 내게도 사랑이 / Loving me

12. 웃어주세요 / Please smile

* 13. 추억의 바닷가 (썸머타임) / The beach of memories (Summertime)

14. 아름다운 봄 / Beautiful spring

15. 아름다운 여인 / Beautiful Woman

16. 내 마음의 추억 / Memories of My Heart

17. 해지기전에 / Before sunset

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or most probably classics: tracks to check out for sure because for some reason they seem to stand out as unique moments. This makes them also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I cannot really tell how essential they really are.

CD 2

01. 풍문으로 들었소 / I heard a rumor

02. 콧날이 찡긋 / Frowning its nostrils

03. 나 어떡해 / What should I do?

04. 사랑의 상처 / Wounds of Love

05. 인생 / Life -funk influence-

06. 못다 이룬 사랑 / Achieved Love

07. 찻집에서 만난 여인 / A woman met in a tea house -funk/disco influence-

08. 해변의 사랑 / Beach Love

09. 돌아와요 부산항에 / Come back to Busan Port

10. 국제선 대합실 / International Waiting Room

11. 몰라 / Don't know

12. 돌아보지 말아요 / Don't look back

13. 사랑해 / I love you

14. 생각을 해봐 / Think about it -heavy funk influence-

15. 떠나는 마음 / Leaving Mind

16. 단장의 미아리 고개 / Master's Miari Head

17. 나 너를 / I am you

18. 사랑은 정에 울고 / Love cries

19. 희망 속에 사네 / Living in hope

I am not sure if this is the complete works of The Yankees, but it is very much possible with 17 (CD1) and 19 (CD2) tracks. I know very little about this band. I only know that the style ranges a bit in style. Basically they are a pop/rock band that on one hand has a small influence of funk and a tendency to a kitschier way of arranging and singing, especially in some of the early tracks, there are definitely also some more psychedelic tracks, almost too clear from a Shin Jung-Hyun influence. Most often the band is somewhat in between.

At its worst, although this is still enjoyable/acceptible for me in each moment, we hear very simple, almost bar-tender-accompanying-drums and bass, kitschy synthesisers and karaoke singing with at moments some heavy vibration in the voice, mixed with trumpet and brass arrangements and just here and there a touch of strings.

At its best we hear good psych-rockers with organ, and interesting electric guitar. The pop/rock tracks in between have female backing vocalists, funky elements on bass here and there. I think often in such songs there is a Korean song influence.

On the 'psychefolk' radio show, I gave airplay to the the highlights of the compilation, like a couple of rockers in Shin Jung Hyun style, an interpretation of “Summertime” with seagulls and sea shore sounds in the background, a fine electric guitar led theme and a female singer this time who sings a few words in Korean, but mostly in English. But I also chose some funkier pop/rock track.

Ebay Description of Yankees LP :

"Here's a real funky album by The Yankees. Some dope heavy funk grooves, psychedelic tunes, and dramatic samples. Great breaks on this as well. There's a few cover versions on this album including Tommy Roe's "Dizzy" and Silver Convention's "Fly Robin Fly"."

양키스 (함중아와 Yankees) - 풍문으로 들었오 [퍼플 컬러 LP] -LP reissue only-

[LP 180g / 400장 한정반 / 최규성 라이너 노트 / 리마스터링 ]

양키스 (함중아와 YANKEES) - 풍문으로 들었오 (Remaster 2020)

A1 풍문으로 들었오 / I heard it through rumors

A2 찻집에서 만난여인 / Woman Meets in a Teahouse

A 3생각을 해봐 / Think

A4 해변의 사랑 / Beach love

A5 나에게도 사랑이 / My Love

B1 단장의 미아리고개 / General manager

B2 나 어떡해 / What should I do

B3 돌아와요 부산항에 / Come back to Busan Port

B4 차표한장 (One way Ticket)

B5 빨간마후라 / Red Mapura

40년 만에 재발매된 이 앨범은 대중적으로 가장 사랑받았던 양키스의 최대 히트앨범이다. 요즘 젊은 세대들에게도 널리 알려진 <풍문으로 들었오>가 처음 발표된 각별한 음반이다. ‘트로트 고고의 결정판’인 이 앨범의 백미 <풍문으로 들었오>는 인순이가 리메이크했을 정도로 발표 당시에 학생층에 좋은 반응을 얻었고 장기하와 얼굴들이 커버하여 2012년 영화 「범죄와의 전쟁」의 OST로 사용되었다. 또한 2015년 SBS 동명의 드라마 「풍문으로 들었소」의 주제곡으로 양키스의 원곡이 사용되면서 재조명되었다. 특히 재수록곡인 <내게도 사랑이>는 KBS TV '가요 톱10'에서 1981년 9월 둘째 주부터 10월 첫째 주까지 연속 5주 1위를 차지하며 함중아를 10대가수로 등극시킨 최대 히트곡이다.

-최규성 라이너 노트 중 발췌 * 180그램 PURPLE 컬러 400장 한정판매. * MRC SOUND Lab. 리마스터.

"Re-released in 40 years, the album is the biggest hit album of the most popular Yankees. This is a special album that was first published in <Rounded by Rume>, which is widely known to the younger generation. The album 'The Definitive Trot Gogo', the album 'I heard from the rumors', received a good response from the student base at the time of the release, and was covered by Jang Ha and his faces as the OST of the 2012 film War of Crime.

In 2015, the original song of the Yankees was re-lit as the theme song of the SBS drama of the same name. In particular, the re-recorded song <Love Me To My> is the largest hit song in KBS TV 'Ko Top 10', ranking first in five weeks from the second week of September to the first week of October in 1981 and Hamjung Ah as a top ten singer. "

-Excerpt from Choi Sung-Sung Liner Notes * Limited edition of 180 Grams LP in PURPLE Color 400 sheets. MRC SOUND Lab. Remastered.

Tracks on compilations can be found here:

친구야 소풍가자 C'est Si Bon Friends (3CD)

CD3-9 내게도 사랑이 / Loving me

원음으로 듣는 7080 통기타 베스트 Guitar classics 7080 2CD

CD2-5 내게도 사랑이 / Loving me



Yankees also provided some odd mixtures between mainstream pop and trot with rock elements. So for foreigners I should warn to check this with some caution because this kind of mixture might be not appeal as much compared to their strongest sound to collect too freely and without a certain selection. Never the less more often you will also find real and rewarding psychedelic elements (like with the Shin Yung Hyun & Men cover and several other Shin Young Hyun covers) comes forward which is worth to notice, an influence which is directed at now and then.​ Elsewhere a funk element was incorporated as well, which is interesting too. At several moments the focus still is more pop-and even mainstream pop and even pop-disco orientated than rock.

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