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V.A.: 84 젊은이의 노래 [omnibus]

This compilation, with nice front cover sleeve and art work, of course is already from a worse period for song music, songwriters, taste and production.

There are attempts to show something similar to that period, elsewhere something more public teasing up tempo TV show arrangements are added of brass and flute and strings, the result of all the tracks, for foreign ears, like nearly all Korean 80s and 90s and more recent albums remain forgettable.

LP 1979-06-15서울음반 (SOP-702)

CD 2010-06-10뮤직리서치 (MRCD-1015, 8809154802445)


1.해바라기 오정선-

2.사랑의 눈빛 영주와 은주-

3.마음 오정선-

4.한밤중 4월과 5월-

5.작은 세상 [대학가요제 입상곡] 박형철-


1.사랑 4월과 5월-

2.둘이 둘이서 서승희-

3.꿈속에서 정영환-

4.젊은 연인들 4월과 5월-

5.당신의 사랑을 오정선-

6.너와 나 [군가] Various Artists-

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