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유주용 - Yu Ju-Young

Several tracks can be found on:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 / Music Museum: 220 Best

* CD3-17 나의 푸른 하늘 / My Blue Heaven (1963)

With baritone sax and congas and vibes as instruments, and an Elvis-like voice, it is clear how this is a different and more Americanised early 60s pop in a succesful formula. The song is with English lyrics.

* CD5-14 함께 가실까요 / Shall we get together (1966)

Also this sounds like an American song but I do not know. I almost did not notice the singer was not singing in English.

* CD6-6 부모 / Parents (1968)

This third song with lush orchestra is a more romantic take of a song. In the background are invited a boy/men's Group of harmony singers. Christmas comes near.

Other tracks found and heard were:

* 나의 트럼펫 / My trumpet

* 난의 비가 / Rain

* 놀려 주세요 / Play with me

우리는 갑니다 (정사 주제가) / We are going (ordinary theme song)

피노키오의 편지 / Pinocchio's Letter

"My Trumpet" is a warm lush song in a slow rhythm, with some trumpet solo theme in it. "Rain" is a warm slowly waltzing crooner. The warm "Play with me" with some orchestrations gives the song a romantic feel. "We are going" is a sad parting song as if at the end of a concluding movie. The last track is a more mellow song, with some extra background female vocalists.

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