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윤복희 - Yun Bok-Hee (Yoon Bok-Hee)

You can find tracks here:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 220 Best CD box

* CD5-3 다시는 돌아오지 않으리 / I’ll never come back (1967)

CD5-16 웃는 얼굴 다정해도 / even sweet smiling face (1967)

This first song with passionate voice has I assume starts with the same effect as Jacque Brel's "Ne Me Quitte Pas" should have, with the same theme, but it builds up more passion and shows with this a strong emotional performance. A song and performance to remember.

The second track with brass orchestra sings with equal passion a crime movie-like song.

Tracks with * I consider essential listens, also very suitable for western radioshow airplay.

Jigu 윤복희 - 골든 / Golden 2006

Disc. 1 01. 친구야 / Friend

* 02. 여러분 / Everyone

03. 이거야 정말 / Really

04. 노래하는 곳에 / Where to sing

05. 비 개인 오후 / Non-Private Afternoon

06. 가시리 / Thorns

07. 그대로 있겠지 / Staying the same

08. 바늘과 실 / Needle and Thread

* 09. 깃발 / Flag

10. 말은 필요 없어요 / No need to say

11. 내가 받은 그대로 / As I have received

12. 번지 없는 주막 / No place to go (Inn with no address)

13. 고향초 / Hometown Candle

14. 나 하나의 사랑 / Loving

15. 봄나른 간다 / Spring time

Disc. 2 * 01. 나는 어떡하라고 / What should I do?

02. 그런 거지 뭐 / Because

03. 오늘 같은 밤 / Same night today

04. 사랑한다고 / I love you

05. 너 잘 있니 나 잘 있어 / How are you?

06. 빈 바다 / Empty Sea

07. 작은 소망 / Small Hope

08. 행복하여라 / Be happy

09. 나는 알았네 / I got it

10. 내 조국 / My homeland

11. 오직 사랑뿐 / Only love

12. 황성옛터 / Yellow Planet

13. 비 내리는 소야곡 / Rainy Serenade

14. 애수의 소야곡 / Gospel of Sorrow

15. 타향살이 / Saliva

CD1 I assume these are all recordings from a later date, but there has been given attention to the production to make this work, with varied succes, because with a matured and already somewhat aged voice in combination with the already further more commercialised times this combination tend to lean itself to become even more easier a drift into more mainstream territory, so it is not always leading to the best options or results I would prefer them to hear, musically speaking. In one song in particular however she still amazes a rather big range of expressions: on 여러분 / Everyone, this voice shows a range from slow and more sad variations to full power soulfulness. When turning towards a loud over the top voice this does not always convinces at some other songs, almost seeming to break the mike into bits with her voice, while on the mentioned track it fits to its variations. It is also nice to notice, for foreigners like me, that one part of this song is in English. From a slower track like "Flag" or "No need to say" I like its modest expression and approach perhaps even more. While some other slow tracks, like on "Whom I love" it show such vibrations in the voice that might not be requested for the songs I personally prefer not to have them exactly there; the worked out production does not entirely make up for it.

CD2 "What should I do" is drifted by emotion, and is arranged carefully (clarinet, guitar, strings, bass, drums,...). Also "How are you" with brass and string orchestra has power. "Empty Sea" is a nice ballad, more calmly sung (which suits Yun Bok-Hee's voice well). Most tracks on the second CD for me and to my taste the effect of voice and music, creates somewhat unhappy results.

As a compilation, for completists while some tracks still are definitely worth taking out.​

윤복희 - 오리지날 힛송 총결산집 (180g) 2020-12-15 Side. A 1. 여러분 2. 바늘과 실 3. 나는 어떡하라구 4. 노래하는 곳에 5. 친구야 친구 6. 삼돌이 Side. B 1. 나그네 2. 별이 빛나는 밤에 3. 사랑의 나무 4. 다 그런거지 뭐 5. 내 고향 6. 가는 세월 오아시스 레코드 명반 재발매시리즈 윤복희의 [오리지날 힛송 총 결산집] LP 재발매!!

윤복희는 1951년 5살 때 국내 원맨쇼의 선구자였던 아버지 윤부길을 따라 무대 생활을 시작했으며 1952년 뮤지컬 〈크리스마스 선물〉을 통하여 뮤지컬 배우로 데뷔하였다. 윤복희는 14살 때 소녀 듀엣 "투스쿼럴스"를 결성해 미8군 무대에 활약했다. 1963년 워커힐 극장 개관 무대에 특별 초청된 루이 암스트롱 앞에서 모창 실력을 뽐낸 그녀의 재능은 지금도 회자될 정도이다. 이후 유명세를 타기 시작한 그녀는 4인조 여성 보컬 그룹 "코리언키튼즈" 리드 보컬로 1966년까지 동남아를 거쳐 미국, 영국 등 유럽 순회 공연을 했다. 1967년 귀국한 윤복희는 〈웃는 얼굴 다정해도〉등이 담긴 데뷔 독집 음반 "윤복희 스테레오 앨범 제1집"을 발표했다. 이 앨범은 재킷을 장식한 윤복희의 미니스커트 사진으로 사회적 파장을 던진 기념비적인 음반이다. 화제의 중심으로 떠오른 윤복희를 위한 깜짝 미니스커트 패션쇼가 열렸을 만큼 미니스커트는 1960년대의 뜨거운 문화아이콘이 되었다. 이후 윤복희는 신문, 방송, 잡지를 통해 패션 리더로 인식되기 시작했다. 이후 음반 활동 외에도 뮤직컬 활동을 꾸준히 해온 윤복희는 국내 뮤지컬계에서 대모 대접을 받고있으며 지저스 크라이스트 슈퍼스타의 마리아 막달레나 역을 수십 년간 한 것으로도 유명하다. “윤복희 오리지날 힛송 총결산집”은 <여러분>, <나는 어떡하라구>, <친구야 친구>등의 히트곡등이 담겨 있으며 가장 알려진 히트곡 <여러분>은 가수이자 작곡가인 윤항기가 여동생 윤복희를 위해서 작곡한 곡으로, 1979년 제3회 서울국제가요제에서 대상을 수상한 노래다. * LP로 재발매되는 윤복희의 [오리지날 힛송 총 결산집]은 오아시스 레코드의 오리지널 마스터로 제작되었습니다. *발매일은 제작 및 수입 일정에 따라 변경될 수도 있습니다.

Side. A

1. Everyone

2. Needle and thread

3. What should I do

4. Where to sing

5. Friends, friends

6. Samdolyi

Side. B

1. The traveler

2. On a starry night

3. Tree of Love

4. It's all like that

5. My hometown

6. Time to go

Oasis Records Alum Re-release Series

Yun Bok-hee's [Original Hit Song Total Settlement Book] LP Re-release!!

Yoon Bok-hee began her stage life in 1951 when she was 5 years old, following her father Yoon Bu-gil, a pioneer of the domestic one-man show, and in 1952 she debuted as her musical actor through the musical 〈Christmas Gift〉.

At the age of 14, Yoon Bok-hee formed a girl duet "Two Squarrels" and played an active part in the 8th US Army stage. She showed off her prowess in front of her Louis Armstrong, who was specially invited to the opening stage of the Walkerhill Theater in 1963, and her talent is still talked about. She began to gain her fame afterwards, and she toured Europe through Southeast Asia until 1966 as a lead vocalist in a four-member female vocal group "Korean Keatons", the United States and the United Kingdom.

Yoon Bok-hee, who returned to Korea in 1967, released her debut solo album, "Yoon Bok-hee Stereo Album Vol. 1," which includes her 〈Laughing Face and Sweetheart〉. This album is a monumental album that threw social waves with a photo of Yoon Bok-hee's mini skirt, who adorned her jacket.

Her mini skirt became a hot culture icon of the 1960s, as her surprise mini skirt fashion show for Yoon Bok-hee, which emerged as the center of her topic, was held. Later, she began to be recognized as a fashion leader through newspapers, broadcasts, and magazines.

Yun Bok-hee, who has continued her musical activities in addition to her album activities, has been treated as a godmother in the domestic musical world, and she is also famous for playing the role of Maria Magdalena of Jesus Christ superstar for decades.

“Yoon Bok-hee's Original Hit Song Summary Book” contains hit songs such as <Everyone>, <What should I do>, and <Friend, Friend>, and the most well-known hit song <Everyone> is composed by singer and composer Yun Hang-ki for her younger sister Yun Bok-hee It is one song that won the grand prize at the 3rd Seoul International Music Festival in 1979.

* Yun Bok-hee's [Original Hit Song Total Accounting Book], re-released as an LP, was produced as the original master of Oasis Records.

*The release date may change depending on the production and import schedule.

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