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이수만과 365일 - Lee Su-Man & 365 Days (Lee Soo-Man)

I was first told this album was with Shin Yung Hyun, which does not seem to be true. The singing is mostly uninteresting mainstream rock and early rock. Only third track is more interesting, like the 7th instrumental.

"The singer (or the leader of the band 365days) is Sooman Lee. Yes, the music is not interesting. And Lee has become an impresario in current music industry. If you are curious about him, you can read one chapter of a book pop-Goes-Korea-Revolution written by a Canadian/American journalist Mark Russel. His blog is at " Hyunjoon Shin, Ph.D.

Members: 이수만 - 보컬 ; 노준명 - 기타 ; 황두진 - 베이스 기타 ; 김호식 - 드럼 ; 김세원 - 기타

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