손복춘 - Son Book-Chun

유성기로 듣던 불멸의 명가수: 얼굴 없는 명가수 (2) (SYNCD-145)

Immortal master singer during the meteor group: the singer without face

* 2 사창야월(紗窓夜月) / Sachang Moonlight (COLUMBIA 44019)

* 3 푸념 사거리(四巨里) / Fushui crossroad (COLUMBIA 44032)

“Sachang Moonlight”has a very eastern sound by eastern picking instruments as intro, with flute accents. It has a beautiful eastern melancholy in its singing. The instrumental part adds electric slide guitar and old-time amplified violin. You can also hear wooden blocks and quiet acoustic guitar rhythms. A wonderful song. “Fushui Crossroad”is more dance-like, with beautiful eastern variations singing, beautiful rhythmical slowing-down intonations in singing. Both tracks are absolute winners of the genre.

Titles with * means I consider them as essential, as tracks suitable for a western radio show too.

유성기로 듣던 가요사 / Songs I heard from the Meteor Period (1925~1945) [Disc 9]

* 2 야루강 춘색 / Spring at Yalu River (1941)

This song has some small Hawaiian influence (use of banjo and Hawaiian guitar), but still is a light and spring time trot song. Son Book-Chun's voice is different from others with a special vibration in her voice and subtle way of singing. Together with the fine arrangement, it makes this song collectable.

Titles with * means I consider them as a classic listen, tracks suitable for a western radio show too.



I assume the lyrics are close to romantic poetry in the style of what reminds me off Müller/Schubert's romantic tradition. It is in that way I translated the texts with help of Google Translate only and a assumption what the context could express here. If it is too different from reality, please mail me and guide me. Thanks.

Sachang Moon

I've trimmed my face in front of my grandfather,

but my eyes are closed with black eyebrows.

I have been in my youth with love,

but my heart is bitter.

This soaking black hair loosens on the pillow,

the painful wound healing,

but it still leaves me sick.

-No tears, no tears.

No tears, (because) no one's to blame.

Colombia 44019-AB (1941)

A 1.Sachang Yawol (Son Bok Chun)

B 1.Moran River Pub (Keum Nam)

사창야월 / 손복춘 이가실 작사 전기현 작곡 1940.12.

경대를 앞에놓고 얼굴을 다듬으나

검은 눈썹 두 눈에는 눈물이 잠겼소

사랑도 내 청춘도 지났건만은 음-

쓰라린 가슴속은 쓰라린 가슴속은

그 무엇의 탓인가

찢어진 사창위에 달빛이 새어들어

검은머리 풀어진 벼게를 휘감소

운다고 아픈 상처 나으랴만은 음-

거둘 길 없는 눈물 거둘 길 없는 눈물

그 누구의 탓인가

different translation:

I show my face in front of my grandfather

There are tears in both our eyes

love and youth are over

In my bitter heart, my bitter heart

What is there to blame

Moonlight leaks on the torn brothel

Black hair is losing its grib

I'm sick of crying

Tears without a way to go, with nowhere to go

and with nobody to blame

Sa Chang Yawol / Son Bok-chun singer

Lee Ga-sil, composer Jeon-hyun 1940

'滿洲로 가는 임' (1940)

李嘉實 (조명암) 작사/ 全基玹 작곡/ 노래 孫福春

< 1 >

부슬비에 떠나가는 奉天行 列車 외마디 汽笛소리 몸부림 칩니다 車窓에 기대앉아 흐득이는 임이여 우시며 가실 길을 왜 가시나요?

< 2 > 京城驛을 떠나가는 임 실은 밤차 내뿜는 검은 煙氣 숨이 막힙니다 흔드는 행카치에 흩날리는 마음은 떠나는 그댈 따라 나부낍니다.

< 3 > 오는 비에 가는 임을 싣고 간 막차는 피눈물 흘린 밤에 사라집니다 來日은 滿洲 하늘 바라보실 임이여 故鄕에 남긴 짝을 잊지나 마소.

* 행카치 : handkerchief, 손수건.

<滿洲로 가는 임>은 가수 孫福春님이 1940년 8월에 콜럼비아 레코드에서 발표한 노래입니다. <울리는 百日紅; C.44010/ 桂壽男 노래>과 같이 補及盤으로 발매된 이 노래는, 李嘉實(타명; 趙鳴岩) 作詩/ 全基玹 作曲의 작품으로, 40~41년간에 콜럼비아에서 작품을 발표했던 孫福春님이 내 놓은 첫 작품입니다. 이 노래를 발표한 孫福春님은, <他鄕千里 1940.12>, <紗窓夜月 1941.1>, <야루江 春色 1941.4>, <푸념 사거리 1941.5>을 남긴 것으로 자료에 전하고 있읍니다. <雲水衲子>

'I go to the earth'


奉天 行 가 leaving for the rain


I'm sitting on my back

Why do you go the way of crying?


Im leaving the 京城 驛 night train

the black is choking

The heart that is scattered by the swinging

I follow you leaving.


The last train with a ride towards the coming rain

tears disappear at night

Today is the day when you look at the sky

Don not forget the partner you left behind.

(1940) 李 嘉實 (Lim-Am) lyrics / 全 基 玹 composition / 노래 福 春

* Hankachi: handkerchief, handkerchief.

<Lim Goes Towards> is a song released by Columbia Records singer 孫福春 in August 1940. <Ringing 百日 紅; 노래 福 春, which was released in 補 及 盤 along with C.44010 / 桂 壽 男 Song, was published by Columbia in 40-41. It was her first recording.

야루강 춘색 / 손복춘

흘러를가는 흘러를가는

압록강 칠백리에 봄도저물어

땟목위에 노래하는 젏은뱃사공

옛사랑 실어보낸 곳은 어덴가

바람에지는 바람에지는

강변의 복사꽃이 물위에흘러

빨래하는 아가씨의 수집은마음

꽃잎을 따라따라 꿈을꿈니다

들려를오는 들려를오는

압록강 처녀들의 노래는슬퍼

백두산에 솟은물이 바다로가면

언제나 다시오나 흘러간 사랑

Yalu River Spring / Son Bok Chun

Going going going going

Spring in the Yalu River Chilbaekli

Young watcher singing on repeat

towards where the old love was sent

Falling in the wind falling in the wind

A riverside flower blooms on the water

A couple of young girls washing clothes

Follow the petals and dream away

Coming up coming up

The song of the Yalu River maidens is sad

When the water rises from Mt. Baekdu and goes to the sea

Love is always returning

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