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V.A.: 유성기로 듣던 가요사 두번째 (phonographs) (1945~1960) 12-CD box


CD 1

1 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:29 2 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:09 3 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:04

4 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:11 5 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:18 6 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:44

7 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:29 8 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:30 9 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:21

10 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:01 11 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:05 12 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:20

13 남인수 / Nam In-Soo 3:21

14 방태원 / Bang Tae-Won 3:43 15 방태원 / Bang Tae-Won 3:32

16 유성진 / Yu Seong-Jin & 윤일로 / Yun Il-Ro 3:06

17 최숙자 / Choi Sook-Ja 3:27 18 최숙자 / Choi Sook-Ja 3:16

18 조민우 / Jo Min-Woo 3:23

The first album of this second volume and series (volume 1 was 1925-1945) starts off with a 13-track compilation of Nam In-Soo songs. This collection takes off with old Trot styled music with in just the early tracks a small influence still coming from Japanese styles of that period in some songs, but mostly shows more independent styled songs that are arranged by a small combo (which feature some strings, brass, reeds, accordion, and now and then some wooden block). One song is accompanied by just plain acoustic pickings (track 2). The 8th track is, I think, a rumba, the 8th track a tango. Nam In-Soo has a slightly vibrating and charming voice. Sadly I never found a re-mastered compilation of his songs, but I became interested in hearing more after this. The charming song “Beloved Home” (track 12) has a gay and slightly jazzy accompaniment. Track 13 is waltz-like and shows its strings with piano attraction that way. It is really nice song with an original to the song emotional quality.

These tracks are followed by two tracks by Bang Tae-Won, which are accompanied by Hawaiian guitar, accordion, flute, percussion.

Also added is a typical and more Japanese-styled old Trot-styled song by Yu-Seong-Jin with Yun Il-Ro, with some spoken word and clarinet / accordion / acoustic guitar lead.

Also the tracks by Choi-Sook Ja are rather typical pattern-pasted songs in old Trot style (electric picking guitar, flute, accordion, ..).

The last song is a nice closer of a happy Trot song sung by Jo Min-Woo (accordion lead, with clarinet, bass mostly).

01.휴전선 엘레지-남인수 ;02.달도 하나 해도하나-남인수 ;03.향수-남인수 ; 04.나는 사람이 아니외다-남인수 ;05.무정열차-남인수 ;06.다정도 병이런가-남인수 ; 07.고향의 그림자-남인수 ;08.밤비는 온다-남인수 ;09.기다리겠어요-남인수 ; 10.청춘 무성-남인수 ;11.가거라 삼팔선-남인수 ;12.고향은 내사랑-남인수 ; 13.가을인가 가을-남인수 ;14.비오는 주막-방태원-남인수 ;15.경상도 사나이-방태원 16.황금의 사랑-유성진 노래/윤일로 대사 ;17.황해도 아가씨-최숙자 ; 18.백지의 연서-최숙자 ;19.타향의 반은 깊어-조민우 CD 2

1 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:23 2 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:10

3 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:044 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:27

5 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:26 6 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:30

7 백일희 / Baek Il-Hee 3:288 백일희 / Baek Il-Hee 3:259 백일희 / Baek Il-Hee 3:13

10 백난아 / Baek Nan-Ah 3:31 11 백난아 / Baek Nan-Ah 3:25 12 백난아 / Baek Nan-Ah 3:14

13 권혜경 / Kwon Hye-Kyeong 3:44 14 권혜경 / Kwon Hye-Kyeong 2:58

15 이해연 / Lee Ha-Yeon 3:38 16 이해연 /Lee Ha-Yeon 3:52

17 이해연 / Lee Ha-Yeon :16 18 이해연 / Lee Ha-Yeon 3:20

The first 6 tracks are by Hwang Keum-Sim of which I already have a more recommended CD and also, a double CD, both with a re-mastered collection, so I won’t go too deep into these new tracks. The singer has a good voice but most songs are rather typical melodic pattern-based songs in old Trot style, accompanied by repetitive patterns played by accordion and mandolin (?) and a slow stomping rhythm, with some flute or clarinet repeated pattern melodies and such.

This is followed by three Baek Il-Hee tracks. The first one is again Trot with a minor jazzier intro. The second and third Trot shows a tango-like or irregular rhythmic swing.

Also Baek Nan-Ah / Baek Nan-A has three more stomping tracks included, the earliest one is the most old styled Trot.

Then we have two tracks by Kwon Hye-Kyeong. The first one sounds a slow tango with a film music-like voice. The second track has more happy rhythms in the intro, while the song is slower, in a “romantic“ sense of flavour. In a way her approach stand out best.

The last four tracks are by Lee Hae-Yeon. Its first track is emotionally sung alternated with some emotionally spoken word in old Japanese-like styled Trot. The third one is more stomping folk. The last one oddly arranged old style Trot (accordion, flute), with a melodic predictability.

01.꿈속의 어머니-황금심 ;02.한양낭군-황금심 ;03.미우나 고우나-황금심 ;

04.총각 하소연-황금심 ;05.삼다도 소식-황금심 ;06.이별이 서러워-황금심 ;

07.인천 블루스-백설희 ;08.돌아오지 않는 그배-백일희 ;09.애수의 블루스-백일희 ;

10.호숫가의 엘레지-백난아 ;11.봄바람 낭낭-백난아 ;12.낭낭 십팔세-백난아 ;

13.산장의 여인-권혜경 ;14.사랑의 길-권혜경 ;15.단장의 미아리 고개-이해연 ;

16.울어라 대동강-이해연 ;17.심산 호들기-이해연 ;18.세월은 간다-이해연 CD 3

1 신카나리아 / Shin Canaria 3:04

2 송민도 / Song Min-Do 2:43 3 송민도 / Song Min-Do 3:34 4송민도 / Song Min-Do 3:34

5 송민도 / Song Min-Do 3:21 6 송민도 / Song Min-Do 3:25 7 송민도 / Song Min-Do 3:26

8 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:33 9 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:36

10 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:08 11 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:32

12 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:30 13 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:39

14 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 2:54 15 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:21

16 명국환 / Myeong Kook-Hwan 3:04

17 정향 / Jung Hyang 3:10

18 방운아 / Bang Woon-Ah 3:24

19 이미자 / Lee Mi-Ja 3:15

Surprisingly, the first track by Shin Canaria is a Twist. This followed by 6 songs by Song Min-Do. The first one is accordion and piano-led, is a tango-like tune, which is outstanding. Also the next ones fit to this well, making these, somewhat more vivid as usual, Song Min-Do tracks something to treasure already more than most other tracks I have heard before on the first 2 albums of this CD-box.

Fitting great with that are 9 tracks (8-16) by Myeong Kook-Hwan (male voice), which first and original track is led by instrumentals played by accordion and an acoustic picking-rhythm. The 10th track has a war song flavour (with trumpet solo in it). The track after that is pretty gay and is rewarding too (accordion, reeds, wooden block), and is another favourite. This happy tone continues in the next songs. The last track has a waltz rhythm.

Still fitting well in small combo old Trot style is a track by Jung Hyan (accordion, piano lead), Bang Woon-Ah (piano, accordion, banjo, …) and a more fully blown orchestration with the powerful female voice of Lee Mi-Ja singing.

A favourite and more essential CD from the box.

01.승리 부기-신카나리아 ;02.나의 탱고-송민도 ;03.내일이면 늦으리-송민도 ;04.그대 목소리-송민도 ; 05.해당화 사랑-송민도 ;06.행복의 일요일-송민도 ;07.나 하나의 사랑-송민도 ; 08.공주의 비련-명국환 ;09.구원의 정화-명국환 ;10.마도로스 초년병-명국환 ;

11.내 고향으로 마차는 간다-명국환 ;12.방랑시인 김삿갓-명국환 ;13.흐르는 백마강-명국환 ; 14.남산 나그네-명국환 ;15.서러운 금요일-명국환 ;16.봄비 내리는 주막집-명국환 ;

17.여자의 마음-정향 ;18.여수 야화-방운아 ;19.워싱턴 블루스-이미자 CD 4

1 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:48 2 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:25

3 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:40 4 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:30

5 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:59 6 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:24

7 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:32 8 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:23

9 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:52 10 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:18

11 박재홍 / Park Jae-Hong 3:25

12 장세정 / Yang Se-Jeong 3:46 13 장세정 / Yang Se-Jeong 3:12

14 이남순 / Lee Nam-Sun 3:00

15 남일해 / Nam Il-Hae 3:34

16 옥수동 / Ok Su-Dong 3:47

17 이예성 / Lee Ye-Seong 3:02

18 박경원 / Park Kyeong-Won 3:34

The first 11 tracks on this compilation are by Park Jae-Hong (male voice). The first track shows slightly jazzy old time Trot music with full orchestration by a small band with full variety of instruments. The singing is with a distinct kind of old-man vibration in the voice, which was considered as a quality to the Trot style, but which sounds already a bit odd for western taste when it comes out to the fore so much. But once you get used to it, this could as well become recognised as a quality of happy-making entertainment. Together with the orchestrations, sax solos and accordion leads and such, this gives the music still something difficult to place between nostalgia, a flair of romantic, of group entertainment, pleasure, of something vivid and old fashioned at the same time, with enough variety and surprise that still makes it work pretty well. The fourth track is very well arranged, an attractive tune and is a favourite of mine. It even has a whistling part. A few of the last tracks have much surface noise but the music has enough contrasts in the music that it doesn’t really disturb me much this time.

Also added are two tracks by Yang Se-Young (female voice), old time songs, which are really nicely arranged. Fitting with that is the track by Lee Nam-Sun, a convincing tango with female voice lead, and with a violin solo and accordion led rhythm and melodies. This is followed by a sadder song with vibrating baritone voice Nam Il-Hae, nicely fit arranged too. Similarly sung is the, a bit more old-Trot styled song by Ok Su Dong, slowly led by accordion and flute/strings. The track by Lee Ye-Seong is old time music. And also the song by Park Kyeong-Won (male voice), slightly tango-like fits with all of these .

A rewarding, well fit compilation.

Another tango by Lee Nam-Sun :

01.비에 젖은 주막집-박재홍 ;02.경상도 아가씨-박재홍 ;03.유정천리-박재홍 ;04.휘파람 불며-박재홍 ; 05.돌아가자 하동포구-박재홍 ;06.사나이 순정-박재홍 ;07.남북통일-박재홍 ;08.충청도 길손-박재홍 ; 09.자명고 사랑-박재홍 ;10.꿈에 본 대동강-박재홍 ;11.고향생각-박재홍 ;12.백팔염주-장세정 ; 13.여인 애가-장세정 ;14.이슬비 내리는 길-이남순 ;15.비내리는 부두-남일해 ;

16.그대만을 위하여-옥수동 ;17.전선 소야곡-이예성 ;18.비애 블루스-박경원 ; CD 5

1 현인 / Hyun In 3:01 2 3:12 현인 / Hyun In 3 현인 / Hyun In 3:15 4 현인 / Hyun In 3:50

5 현인 / Hyun In 3:39 6 현인 / Hyun In 3:56 7 현인 / Hyun In 3:28 8 현인 / Hyun In 3:24

9 현인 / Hyun In 3:34 10 현인 / Hyun In 3:26 11 현인 / Hyun In 3:20 12현인 / Hyun In 3:13

13 남백송 / Nam Baek-Son 2:38 14 남백송 / Nam Baek-Son 3:18 15 남백송 / Nam Baek-Son 2:49 16 도미 / Domi 3:25 17 도미 / Domi 3:28 18도미 / Domi 3:33

This compilation contains 12 tracks by Hyun-In. The first one is happy early styled Trot with banjo leads and reed solo. This is followed by mambos and tangos and such styles, which are all entertaining the listener well. Some recordings, taken directly from LP’s are in a rather bad shape, but are still enjoyable. Luckily, one of the best songs I have in a re-mastered condition elsewhere. Track 8 is performed like guitar enko. Track 9 sounds a bit like a Hawaiian beach song (accompanied by slide or Hawaiian guitar and accordion lead).

They do not lead us much further away from this with the 2 next, rather up-tempo and happy entertaining, orchestrated Nam Baek-Song songs after this. The third track is old-styled so more eastern styled Trot.

The last three tracks are by Domi are old style too. The last track is more clearly composed with its small jazzy combo orchestra.

This is a good compilation of old style entertainment mixing elements of jazz, some early dance styles, the Japanese influence on Trot and the bloom of independent visions after the occupation, and its happy note that could be heard in those days too.

01.굳세어라 금순아-현인 ;02.이태리 정거장-현인 ;03.나포리 맘보-현인 ;04.신라의 달밤-현인 ; 05.즐거운 여름-현인 ;06.럭키서울-현인 ;07.그대는 가고-현인 ;08.흘러간 로맨스-현인 ; 09.능금나무 밑에서-현인 ;10.비내리는 고모령-현인 ;11.고향만리-현인 ;12.파리쟌느-현인 ; 13.즐거운 우편배달-남백송 ;14.방앗간 처녀-남백송 ;15.찢어진 일기장-남백송 ;

16.꽃 서울 로맨스-도미 ;17.그리운 목장-도미 ;18.소공동 블루스-도미 CD 6

1 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:38 ; 2 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:35

3 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:09 ; 4 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:22

5 손인호 / Shin In Ho 2:58 ; 6 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:45

7 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:01 ; 8 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:09

9 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:45 ; 10 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:00

11 손인호 / Shin In Ho 2:49 ; 12 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:44

13 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:24 ;

14 남신 / Sin Dae-Nam 3:10 ; 15 문일봉 / Sin Dae-Nam 3:41

16 손인호 / Shin In Ho 3:07

17 한정무 / Han Jeong-Moo 3:26

18 이인권 / Lee In-Kweon 3:25

The 13 tracks by Shin In-Ho are more clearly rooted in the Japanese-like old Trot style. Some of the tracks are guitar based with accordion. The 6th track for instance has a vague element of tango in it, with accordion, and more dynamic and power into the orchestrations. In general, there’s a lot more melodic (and rhythmic) repetition here compared to the more independent styles that emerged from the 40s onwards and with which these tracks missed the boat and opportunity to add anything extras. From Shin In-Ho has been released a re-mastered album, which is more worth to buy.

The few tracks of the other singers, Sin Dae-Nam, Han Jeong-Moo are in the same old style, and also the more waltzing old styled song of Lee In-Kweon still fits to the same era.

01.사랑찾아 칠백리-손인호 ; 02.동백꽃 일기-손인호 ; 03.한많은 대동강-손인호 ;

04.하룻밤 풋사랑-손인호 ;05.미련의 항구-손인호 ;06.마음의 순정-손인호 ; 07.나는 울었네-손인호 ;08.짝사랑-손인호 ;09.울어라 기타줄-손인호 ; 10.물새야 왜 우느야-손인호 ;11.비내리는 호남선-손인호 ;12.인생극장-손인호 ; 13.눈물의 목포항-손인호 ;14.꿈길타고 내가 왔소-남신 ;15.경상도 사나이-문일봉 ;

16.백제 야화-손인호 ;17.꿈에 본 내고향-한정무 ;18.선죽교-이인권 CD 7

1 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:30 2 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:32

3 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:04 ; 4 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:33

5 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:04 6 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 2:53

7 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:38 8 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 2:48

9 백설희 / Baek, Seol-Hee & 최무룡 / Choi Mu-Ryong 3:14

10 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee & 최숙자 / Choi Sook-Ja 3:20

11 심연옥 / Sim Youn-Ok 3:29 12 심연옥 / Sim Youn-Ok 3:09 13 심연옥 / Sim Youn-Ok 3:56

14 옥두옥 / Sim Youn-Ok 3:48 15 옥두옥 / Sim Youn-Ok 3:09

16 원방현 / Wonbanghyeon :12 17원방현 / Wonbanghyeon 3:49

I was a bit spoiled with the many restored CD reissues on the market. So, let me be clear that with this CD box you will need to listen to the real phonographs, which for me, after having heard perfection before, in comparison, this still isn’t the same thing, because the remastered editions almost became a more direct experience. You always have these noise lovers who say the layers of dust always add charm. But it was never meant to be there, and its sanded surface only gets worse over time. Several or at least for some of the tracks even start it is already beginning to loose this very essence of its charm, so I really hope someone will do the effort and please, remaster these tracks some day.

The arrangements of the songs of Baek Seol-Hee are very fit to Hollywood movie songs of the 40s and 50s. The singing is a bit different than Western and are more in the direction of perhaps Chinese films than the typical sound of Korean, possibly influenced by Chinese and Japanese entertainment of songs in movies. There are two dual voice songs added too which are rewardingly different. The second female voices song sounds a bit more Korean folk, except for its part with small orchestral filmic arrangements.

The songs by Sim Youn-Ok fit well too, but are somewhat more detached from the movies, sound more recorded for living room listenings. Some of the tracks suffers of wobbled speed.

The Last two tracks by Won Bang-Hyeon are more just pre-war jazzy old time music with a vibrating male voice.

01.아메리카 차이나 타운-백설희 ;02.이별의 언덕-백설희 ;03.봄날은 간다-백설희 ; 04.청춘목가-백설희 ;05.칼멘 야곡-백설희 ;06.속지를 마세요-백설희 ;07.코스모스 순정-백설희 ;

08.그리움은 가슴마다-백설희 ;09.살고 보세-백설희/최무룡 ;10.가는봄 오는봄-백설희/최무룡 ;

11.항항(홍콩)의 밤-심연옥 ;12.아내의 노래-심연옥 ;13.바우고개-심연옥 ;14.남원소식-옥두옥 ;

15.청춘 블루스-옥두옥 ;16.추풍령 자장가-원방현 ;17.나만 울었소-원방현 CD 8

1 조민우 / Jo Min-Woo 3:23

2 황정자 / Hwang Jung-Ja 3:11 3 황정자 / Hwang Jung-Ja 2:55 4 황정자 / Hwang Jung-Ja 3:28 5 황정자 / Hwang Jung-Ja 3:04 6 황정자 / Hwang Jung-Ja 3:01

7 김정애 / Kim Jung-Ae 2:33 8 김정애 / Kim Jung-Ae 2:51 9 김정애 / Kim Jung-Ae 2:45

10 김정애 / Kim Jung-Ae 3:03

11 엄석영 / Eum Seok-Young 3:26 12 엄석영 / Eum Seok-Young 3:29

13 엄석영 / Eum Seok-Young 3:05

14 윤일로 / Yun Il-Ro 3:31 15 윤일로 / Yun Il-Ro 3:14 16 윤일로 / Yun Il-Ro 3:15

17 윤일로 / Yun Il-Ro 2:59 18 윤일로 / Yun Il-Ro 3:08

Disc 8 is rather surprising and original. The 7 tracks by Hwang Jung-Ja provides the solution of what was heard on the previous CD, where the influence of Japanese occupation and musical ideas remained predominant, Hwang Jung-Ja gave it a new Korean flair of music, showing what would and could have happened in a more independent vision. Track 2 is almost funny entertaining, with its high voice and nice rhythm. You hear clearly its Korean folk influence, and the contribution of a Korean clarinet sound. Also the next track shows its alternative in a Korean vision. The track after is like that too. It is nicely arranged with a guitar rhythm and reed arrangements. The 7th track (Kim Jung-Ae) is boogie-like, and is accompanied by accordion led with strings. The track after that shows a jazzy element, with brass and piano arrangements. Track 9 is led by accordion. The track after that continues with its boogie influence, featuring trumpet solos. This jazzy influence continues in the next few tracks by Eum Seok-Young, sounding rather happy in its arrangements.

The first Yun Il-Ro track is still guitar-based old Trot, but then we also hear different arrangements enriching new flavours to the songs, like the foundations of chachacha on track 17, with its echoing rhythms and accordion and also a good to point out trumpet solo on track 18, a track sung with really nice voice. All of this shows creative visions and its influences from this period.

01.잘있거라 황진이-조민우 ;02.살랑 춘풍-황정자 ;03.고향마차-황정자 ;04.처녀 뱃사공-황정자 ; 05.순정가-황정자 ;06.정든 포구-황정자 ;07.앵두나무 처녀-김정애 ;08.시절타령-김정애 ; 09.금단의 사랑-김정애 ;10.봄봄부기-김정애 ;11.나그네-엄석영 ;12.한많은 문경세-엄석영 ; 13.눈물의 경상도 길손-엄석영 ;14.추억의 영도다리-윤일로 ;15.죄많은 과거사-윤일로 ; 16.사나이 순정-윤일로 ;17.서울의 밤거리-윤일로 ;18.잊지못할 그대-윤일로

CD 9

1 권정애 / Gwon Jeong-Ae 3:05

2 신라송 / Silla Song 3:39

3 신세영 / Sin Se-Young 3:26 4 신세영 / Sin Se-Young 3:25

5 진방남 / Ban Ya-Wol 3:15 6 진방남 / Ban Ya-Wol 3:43

7 허민 / Heo Min 3:16 8 허민 / Heo Min 3:32

9 고대원 / Ko Dae-Won 4:09

10 김정구 / Kim Jeong-Goo 3:20

11 김용만 / Kim Yong-Man 3:01 12 김용만 / Kim Yong-Man 3:20

13 김용만 / Kim Yong-Man 3:02 14 김용만 / Kim Yong-Man 3:11

15 김용만 / Kim Yong-Man 3:07

16 최갑석 / Choi Gap-Seok 3:22

17 문성남 / Moon Seong-nam 3:05

18 방초양 / Bang Cho-Yan 2:57

19 안다성 / An Da-Seong 3:43

The 9th disc gives a bit an average and more predictable collection of Trot music. Some of the voices are featuring vibrating effects. The rhythms are slowly hum-pa-pa-ing. The leads are done by accordion more often, where a small orchestra adds instrumental parts with strings, brass or flutes or clarinet. Here and there, the piano gives the tempo. But there are other influences incorporating too. The third track is a real Tango with a passionate Argentine Tango element, with a violin solo, and an emotional male vibrating singing. Later on we also hear a jazz mambo and chahchahcha influence slowly integrating into the common style.

PS. One of the better tracks, track 7, I have in a different collection in a remastered version.

01.내 아들 소식-권정애 ; 02.사나이 눈물-신라송 ; 03.추억의 다방-신세영 ; 04.전선야곡-신세영 ; 05.무역선 사랑-진방남 ; 06.산천은 변하여도-진방남 ; 07.페르샤 왕자-허민 ; 08.백마강-허민 ;

09.자명고에 얽힌 사랑-고대원 ;10.코리안 맘보-김정구 ;11.님 찾는 아낙네-김용만 ;12.제물포 서름-김용만 ;

13.삼등인생-김용만 ;14.오늘밤은 차차차-김용만 ;15.햇님 달님-김영만 ; 16.고향에 찾아와도-최갑석 ;17.남강은 말없네-문성남 ;18.전선의 하룻밤-방초양 ;19.사막의 꽃-안다성

CD 10

1 나애심 / Na Ae-Sim 2:52 ; 2 나애심 / Na Ae-Sim 3:28 ; 3 나애심 / Na Ae-Sim 3:40

4 나애심 / Na Ae-Sim 3:54 ; 5 나애심 / Na Ae-Sim 3:01 ; 6 나애심 / Na Ae-Sim 3:36

7 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 3:08 8 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 2:38 9 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 3:29

10 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 3:39 11 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 3:57

12 박신자 / Park Sin-Ja 3:26

13 차은희 / Cha Eun-He 3:45

14 윤일로 / Yun Il-Ro & 차은희 / Cha Eun-He

3:37 15 차은희 / Cha Eun-He 2:52 16 차은희 / Cha Eun-He 3:39

17 안정애 / An Jung-Ae 3:25 ; 18 안정애 / An Jung-Ae 2:51

This 10th disc contain some of my favourite old voices, starting with Na Ae-Sim, who pretty much stand out here. Most of these 6 songs are a bit independent in style. Na Ae-Sim’s voice is expressive, strong and powerful, a soprano voice, a brilliant performer, which is able to stand on its own. The first one is a classic, which I have elsewhere, derived from the dust on the record you hear here to it. The second track here for instance, with not much more than piano pretty much proves this. Other tracks are accompanied by accordion, slow brass, violin etc. The 5th track has a boogie, slightly jazzy influence, and shows accordion, piano and electric slide guitar-playing leads.

The 4 Park Jae-Ran tracks are more into Trot, somewhat waltzing or a bit more up-tempo. Track 9 surprises a bit as old time music. It has a good to take out arrangement, a happy song with male voice responses. This could fit well into the events and expressions inside a movie.

Last tracks are Trot styled as well. Track 11 is a bit slower, track 12 with a bit more happy rhythm. Track 13 shows responding female voice to the male lead voice. The 15th track has a more marching rhythm. Interesting to hear is an old train leaving in the station becoming the intro of an arrangement and song. Also the last track features some interesting to pick out variations to the Trot style by extra fantasies on guitar and accordion that are woven into it.

01.과거를 묻지마세요-나애심 ; 02.사랑 만리-나애심 ; 03.미사의 종-나애심 04.애수의 바이오린-나애심 ; 05.영원한 사랑-나애심 ; 06.언제까지나-나애심 07.처녀일기-박재란 ; 08.둘이서 트위스트-박재란 ; 09.즐거운 목장-박재란 10.그대는 나의 넋-박재란 ; 11.바다가 되고싶어요-박재란 ; 12.댄서의 순정-박신자 13.여배우 일기-차은희 ; 14.청춘 아베크-윤일로/차은희 ; 15.일선의 오빠-차은희 16.한많은 오륙도-차은희 ; 17.대전 블루스-안정애 ; 18.순정의 블루스-안정애 CD 11

방송드라마.영화주제가 모음 1 / TV drama. Movie theme song collection 1)

1현인 / Huyun In 2:57

2 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 3:32

3 안다성 / An Da-Seong 3:13

4 권혜경 / Kwon Hye-Kyeong 3:21

5 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 2:53

6 김용만 / Kim Yong-Man 3:29

7 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:25

8 오사라 / O Sarah 3:48 9 오사라 / O Sarah 3:34

10 도미 / Domi 3:54

11 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:49 12 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:38

13 최무룡 / Choi Mu-Ryong 3:19

13 최숙자 / Choi Sook-Ja 3:19

14 송민도 / Song Min-Do 3:42

15 장세정 / Yang Se-Jeong 3:36

16 나애심 / Na Ae-Sim 4:01

Most of the songs on this compilation show a combination of old time singing, almost operatic or classical with their voices, while the old trot influence still is present and limiting here and there the range in melody or ways of arrangements. Some of the small arrangements are mixed with something of reminiscence to 40s orchestras’ western movie arrangements. The rhythms are somewhat waltzing and slow. Na Ae-Sim two time really stands out once more with her voice and choice and performance of songs.

Hwang Keim-Sim ; Domi ; Baek Sul-Hee ;

01.사랑은 흘러가도(보성영화 "사랑은 흘러가도"주제가)-현인 02.떠나지 않는 꿈(보성영화 "사랑은 흘러가도"주제가)-박재란 03.추억의 정자나무(영화 "비내리는 호남선" 주제가)-안다성 04.그대얼굴("십입사원 MR.LEE" 주제가)-전혜경 05.서라벌 달밤에(HLKA 연속방송극 주제가)-박재란 06.을불의 노래("님은 가시고" 주제가)-김용만 07.피리불던 모녀고개("피리불던"모녀고개 주제가)-황금심 08.보일듯이 보일듯이('내마음의 노래" 주제가)-오사라 09.어디서 들리네("내마음의 노래" 주제가)-오사라 10.청춘 부라보("장미의 곡" 주제가)-도미 11.님 가신 발자욱("장미의 곡" 주제가)-백설희 12.그늘에 핀 꽃이라(극영화 "아들의 심판" 주제가)-백설희 13.남몰래 우는 목숨(극영화 "아들의 심판" 주제가)-최무룡 14.나나의 노래("지상에서 맺지 못할 사랑" 주제가)-최숙자 15.여옥의 노래("산유화" 주제가)-송민도 16.그리운 고향길(영화 '아리랑"주제가)-장세정 17.백치 아다다(영화 "백치 아다다" 주제가)-나애심 CD 12 (방송드라마.영화주제가 모음 2 / TV drama. Movie theme song collection 2)


1 최숙자 / Choi Sook-Ja 3:31

2 안다성 / An Da-Seong 3:21 ;

3 안정애 / An Jung-Ae 3:38

4 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:51

5 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:43

6 도미 / Domi 3:20

7 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee 3:25

8 도미 / Domi 3:35

9 곽영희 / Gwak young-hui 3:37

10 박재란 / Park Jae-Ran 4:22

11 박경원 / Park Kyeong-Won 3:00

12 송민도 / Song Min-Do 2:28

13 최무룡 / Choi Mu-Ryong 3:21

14 백설희 / Baek Sul-Hee 3:28

15 안정애 / An Jung-Ae 3:43

16 도미 / Domi & 백설희 / Baek Seol-Hee (or Sul Hee ) 3:52

17 황금심 / Hwang Keum-Sim 3:58

18 방운아 / Bang Woon-Ah 3:39

The whole series of 12 CDs contains only music that is directly recorded from phonographs, so one has to accept “that kind of charm” to appreciate to it. Most of it is of a fairly acceptable standard to appreciate the songs. A bit more annoying are three specific tracks (track 8 and 11 are that way worst) in which the ticks have been filtered out so that the music speeds up a tiny bit, giving it an irregular rhythm of progress due to this directly filtered in the equipment of the recording adding to it its own kind of primitive sound fix.

The first recorded track is Japanese-alike singing with very nice small but rich in colour (flute, rhythm, ..) combo arrangements with also some string arrangements to it. The 14th track is the second track that has a slightly more eastern sound as the rest. Most other tracks are pretty slow foxtrot/trot songs with somewhat vibrating voices and in which the voices dominate and the combo and a mostly small orchestra who work upon its progress a bit more on the background. Track 5, 7 and 10 are more tango-like. There are some lightly happier moments (track 6), while most of the songs, in its slow and waltzing singing, because of this slower energy that way do not stand much out like this. The 10th track I have elsewhere in a remastered version, with which I can prove that such remastered versions still can show so much more. The bands of those days show again that they have nice colours of instruments to contribute together into the songs, of which the bell/gong-like percussive tone instrument is even more typical to add something extra of notice. Here and there, a bit more brass arrangements are showing themselves better. The 17th track stands out for its guitar arrangements and guitar lead moments in the song. Sadly that track still sadly hasn’t the best sound quality that could show it’s full capacities.

This CD shows gives me the impression here will be collected somewhat average finds of this period. The highlights will not show themselves at its best because of its raw and fairly used material. Only afterwards I realised it is not the first CD of the lot, but the last. It should be related with songs from TV dramas, some association I did not really see coming.

01.죄없는 죄인(영화 "다시찾은 양지"주제가)-최숙자 ; 02.밤에만 흐르는 강(HLKY 방송극 주제가)-안다성 03.애증산맥(HLKY 방송극 주제가)-안정애 ; 04.장희빈(HLKY 연속 방송극 주제가)-황금심 05.그리운 눈동자(영화 "삼등 호텔"주제가)-백설희 ; 06.오부자의 노래(영화 "오부자' 주제가)-도미 07.인생은 칠면조(영화 "딸 칠형제"주제가)-백설희 ; 08.칸 나의 사랑(영화 "딸 칠형제"주제가)-도미 09.남해로 가는 배(영화 "번지없는 주막"주제가)-곽영희 ; 10.님(영화 "창살없는 감옥"주제가)-박재란 11.남성 NO 1(영화 "딸 칠형제'주제가)-박경원 ; 12.사랑의 길(영화 "사랑의 길"주제가)-송민도 13.꿈은 사라지고(영화 "꿈은 사라지고"주제가)-최무룡 ; 14.호수의 처녀(영화 "아름다운 악녀"주제가)-백설희 15.오늘도 너를 찾아(영화 "유정천리"주제가)-안정애 ; 16.하이킹의 노래(영화 "두남매'주제가)-도미/백설희 17.여자의 일생(영화 "여자의 일생"주제가)-황금심 ; 18.한많은 청춘(영화 '한많은 청춘"주제가)-방운아

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