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방태원 / Bang, Tae-Won

Tracks can be found on :

V.A.: 유성기로 듣던 가요사 두번째

CD1-14 비오는 주막(酒幕) / Rainy Tabernacle

CD1-15 Gyeongsang-do Man

Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out to see if they have something unique or original, but from which it is unsure how truly essential they really are.

These tracks were described briefly before as "two tracks by Bang Tae-Won, which are accompanied by Hawaiian guitar, accordion, flute, percussion."

The first track is mainstream trot led by accordion, electric guitar and a small orchestra. It is not lying outside the ordinary. The second track is orchestrated trot as well just like the first track.. The track has some small male choir group singing in the background without doing much more with the idea.

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