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심연옥 / Sim Yun-Ok / Sim Youn-Ok

Tracks can be found on:

유성기로 듣던 여명의 한국 가곡사 / Korean Songok of Dawn

CD2-15 이흥렬:: 바우고개 / Lee Heung-ryul: Bow

It is a bit odd how this track ended up in a compilation of mostly classical music. The track is somewhat damaged in sound (sound speed ineffectiveness of the original recording but also a part with cdr-ticks ??). It makes the track already partly lost in the transfer. You can hear especially in the small instrumental part how the sound suffered from it, making it almost like a ghost recording.

V.A.: 유성기로 듣던 가요사 두번째 (phonographs) (1945~1960) 12-CD

CD7-11 향항(香港)의 밤 / Night of Hyanghang

CD7-12 아내의 노래 / Wife's Song

CD7-13바우고개 / Bow

Early CD review: "The songs by Sim Youn-Ok fit well too, but (compared to the other movie song tracks) are somewhat more detached from the movies, and sound more recorded for living room listenings. Some of the tracks taken directly from the old LP's suffers of wobbled speed."

"Night Of Hyanghang" is the happier sort of trot/pop. "Wife's Song" is overloaded with surface noise but fir with the previous song. We already knew the "Bow" song and its warped sound condition. All these songs need a bit of overcoming before one possibly could appreciate these. I am not sure if they would withstand the times even without the sound of it disappearing as being lost in time.

가요(歌謠) 박물관 [Disc 3]

CD3-1 아리랑 처녀- Arirang Maiden (1964)

This musical-like song with choir and orchestra is an interpretation of the Korean folk-related Arirang song. The kind of Christian-choir-like or Christmas-like atmosphere of the backing choir is a bit weird when the lead voice is singing. This makes it unusual but not necessarily absolute unique or special, with reservation of taste, it is worth taking side-notice, and it's idea gives a good story.

Best Collection 100 vol.1 Domido

CD1-11 한강 / Han River

CD3-4 시골버스 여차장 / Country Side Bus

CD3-17 전화통신 / Telephone Call (1958)

with 남백송 / Nam, Baek-Song

"Han River" is a mainstream trot song (orchestra & organ). More original is the cabaret-like happy song (with affectionate rhythmic progress and jazzy arrangements) "Country Side Bus", a song which could easily fit in a movie. "Telephone Call" shows this "happy" feeling as well. It is first led by Nam Baek Song, and like the previous track has jazzy and somewhat filmic arrangements. Sim Youn Ok's voice comes out best as well. This musical-like effect (with partial duet singing) gives it special effective entertaining effect.

Best Collection 100 vol.2 Domido

CD2-10 수양버들 / Weeping Willow (1957)

CD3-18 새파란리봉 / Sapphire Libong

"Weeping Willow" is a trot song in which the singer's voice gets lots of resonating echo, with the combo/orchestra of arranging the song musicians in the background, with moments of improvising a bit on the theme. The second song is recorded in a similar way. It has arrangements with strings and accordion mostly. It is not exceptional.

A great song (chachacha) which has not been re-released on CD yet is 낭랑춘풍 / Ranunculus



I can't make much of the rough translation of these pages. I only understood she also sung a track written by Chinese singer Teresa Teng in 1954. In the mid 50s she married to Baek Nyon-Seol and moved to Los Angeles.She still lives in New Jersey, USA.



심연옥 - 도라지 맘보(원곡) (53)

도라지맘보 원곡

도라지 도라~지 백도라~지 심심 산천에 백도라지 도라지를 캐러가자 헤이맘보-hey mambo-

바구니옆에끼고 헤이맘보-hey mambo-

봄바람에 님도볼겸 치마자락 날리면서

도라지를 캐러가세 헤이밈보-hey mambo-

님보러가세 도라지맘보 봄바람불어오는 심심산천에

한두뿌리만 캐어도 헤이밈보-hey mambo-

대바구니 찬데요 헤이밈보-hey mambo-

한두 부리만 캐어도 헤이맘보-hey mambo-

대바구니 찬데요 헤이밈보-hey mambo-

님보러가세 도라지맘보 도라지 캐러가세 헤이맘보-hey mambo

<歌詞提供 : 南仁樹님>

Bellflower Mambo (1953)

Bellflower Bellflower Bellflower Bellflower Bellflower Bellflower

Let's go to the bellflower hey mambo-hey mambo-

Hey mambo-

In the spring wind

Bellflower Carrageen Heimimbo-hey mambo-

Let's go see the bellflower bellflower.

Hey Mimbo-hey mambo-

The basket is good Heimimbo-hey mambo-

One or two beaks, only madam- hey mambo-

The basket is good Heimimbo-hey mambo-

Let's go to see the bellflower bellflower.

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