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김부자 / Kim Bu-Ja

Deado Records Kim Bu Ja : Golden Hits (1977)*° (ok->g)

Ki Bu-Ja is a singer who sings songs in the traditional Trot style. The songs are arranged carefully and beautifully with small orchestra/combo. The compilation is a nice good quality example of the common style making it really pleasant to listen to. There are small arrangements with violin(s) and modest electric guitar solos or mandolin (?), besides the regular sparse but 'rich-enough in sound' arrangements. You can hear a small change of the general sound over time of the arrangements.

Listed songs

01. 당신은 철새 / You are a migrating Bird

02. 달과 함께 별과 함께 / With the moon and the stars

03. 일자성서 / Letter to my parents

04. 달타령 / Moon Tune

05. 임이라 부르리까 / With Star With the Moon

06. 열아홉 순정 / / Genuinly 19

07. 작별 / Farewell

08. 바다가 육지라면 / If the sea were land

09. 단골손님 / A regular customer

10. 서산 갯마을 / Seosan Seaport

11. 처녀농군 / Virgin farm

12. 가지마오 / Don't go

13. 임그리워 / I miss you

14. 정동대감 / Sympathy

15. 머나먼 고향 / A faraway hometown

16. 돌아와요 부산항에 / Come back to Busan.

Tracks above with * I consider the essential listens or classics, or musts to check out, which are also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered great or very good tracks as well, from which I am not sure how essential they really are. They are best presentable.



Translated roughly from Korean sources:

Kim Bu-ja in 1967, became popular by singing the theme song of the film "팔도기생". It was directed by Kim Hyo-Chun, Kim Ji-mi, Tae Hyun-sil, Yoon Jung-hee, Moon Hee, Nam Jung-im, Jeon Yang-ja, Choi In-sook, Yoo Ha Na, etc. The best actresses of the time were entertainment dramas created by actresses Kim Jin-gyu, Park Am, and Seo Young-chun. It is also one of the movies that appeared.

Kim Boo-ja, from Xinjiang, Hwanghae, made her debut in the 1964 Dong-a Broadcasting Song Contest in 1964. In 1964, while debuting with Kim Serena and Zomi, they released "Enhanced Ladies" and "Leave." It is known as "팔도기생" Faldo Parasitic" released in 1967. Later in 1970, "Date of the Date", "You're a Migratory Bird". She became a popular singer in MBC and became the top singer in 1972 as "Daltayeong".



Some audio tracks:

Korean info:





In general Bu-Ja is popular music with mostly trot leanings. She has a good voice which could as easily lean itself to better music. I am not sure how many songs of more popular pop/rock tracks were really tried occasionally because I know these would sound immediately better into the ears of a western collector. The approach in general still is popularity and trot music, so I guess it might be better for western collectors not to look too hard.

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