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누모리 / NuMori

Nu Base Records / Mirrorball Numori ‎: Guna Guna -digipack- (2016)****' ‎– MBMC1427-

= 누모리 (nuMori) 1집 - 구나구나 (GunaGuna) 미러볼뮤직 | 2016년 07월 21일

* 1. 왕거미 / King spider 2:49

* 2. 구나구나 / You're right 4:36

* 3. 니나노 / Nino 6:00

* 4.부정재즈 / Opposite jazz 6:16

* 5. 신의 손바닥 / The palm of God 6:33

6. 헤이오 / Heo Oh 3:01

7.어이없이 떠난 세월 / Years passed by without a word 3:13

* 8. 가시오 / Go ! 4:45

* 9.울음 / 울음 / Crying & Weeping 3:12

* 10. 일렉트릭 산조 / Electric Sanjo 9:18

11. 보고싶소 / I want to see it 6:16

12. 뭉클 / Winkle 5:53

13. 구나구나 / You're right [Version 2] 6:19

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics from a western point of view of listening (not understanding the lyrics), as tracks to check out for sure because they seem to stand out as such. It means they can't be made better. This makes them also very suitable for a radio show anywhere else. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I am not sure how essential they really are.

Based upon what is generally is internationally promoted from South-Korean music, as far as looking at it from Europe, the links to the more creative explorations is more hard to find.

Luckily this band came to my notice, showing me that there truly is also something else but the commercial interests or more common approaches in rock and song music.

This band shows all the necessary interesting combinations of a bit of song-writing, rock music, fusion, jazz, blues-rock, with progressive moves and interesting electric interpretations and original combinations with Korean folk music.

It was interesting to read how the band leading electric guitarist currently also leads the previously reviewed band Samulnori, established by Korean percussionist Kim Duk Soo. This is a Korean folk / Jazz fusion band which currently further evolved under Joon Jeong’s influence to a more electric approach. Of course, this Samulnori heritage of new explorations was adapted into this younger band as well, which attracted even more great talents that added fresh and renewing ideas, forming this new band sound that should get notified more widely by lovers of original and truly inspired music.

The first few tracks are produced and arranged ambitiously with more heavy boozed-up groovy and rather funky beats, in which the element of jazz and the 70s sounds of Hammond-alike organ makes it even more interesting.

The singer adds a few songs with high voice and emphasised emotion, as a kind of bluesy approach that is even better when embracing the Korean folk singing tradition sensitivity.

The few tracks in which the Korean folk is especially interpreted, this in fact adds up to the dream of Shin Jung-Hyun who in the 60s dreamt of making a more “Koreanised” rock music style, and who truly made the first steps in this direction (Other noteworthy tracks for instance are to be found on Keyboys’s Gold and Kim Tae Jong’s albums, especially his second).

The approach of interpretations with electric guitar, making a very specific Koreanised ‘blues’ or electric folk shows once more something very original that might or perhaps also should make this ‘grandfather of rock’ proud, adding more steps to this musicologist and historical progressing process. At the same time, Joon doesn’t care to still lean over a bid more specific towards the real element of blues elsewhere.

Not mentioned on the CD is the additional usage of sax. On the fifth track suddenly an Indian singing and percussive element is blended into the mix too, still fitting well.

The way in which the songs swing into the next tracks gives the band a true promising progressive music feel as well. In that way, this release for western listeners also comes highly recommended.

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nuMori : nu(new) + Mori (Mori means "Rhythm" in Korean) = New Rhythm

Members : 1. Joon - Guitar, Vocal, Sound Engeenier, Producer, Compostion 2. Anna - Keyboards , Composition 3. Dongchul – Bass Guitar 4. SangJoon - Korean traditional percussion 5. Mina - Korean Traditional Percussion

Artwork: Tony Bryson

Styles: Korean Shamanic & Traditional music + Soul, Blues and Psychedelic Rock

Album : 2016 Debut album "Guna Guna" Released Award : "2016 Album of year" by Korean Musician Union

Band introduction: "nuMori is a world music band based on Korean traditional music. They created a new style of music that was never before, by combining psychedelic and religious melodies influenced by Asian shamanism,Korean traditional percussion reminiscent of thunder and storms, delicate sensibility and highly skilled electric guitar and keyboard playing. The members of nuMori, Joon Jeong and Anna Lee, have produced experimental and popular music together with Korean Topclass traditional musicians. They released their debut album "Guna Guna", a fusion of Korean Shamanic and Traditional music, Blues, Jazz, and Rock, and won the "Album of the Year" by Musician Union. nuMori is performing Korea and abroad with its brilliant artistry."

야성적이고 관능적인 퓨전국악 밴드 누모리의 데뷔 앨범 [구나구나] 김덕수 일렉트릭 사물놀이에서 음악감독을 역임하고 국가행사와 대형 공연의 음악을 제작하던 기타리스트 정준석은 무속신앙에서 무당이 연주하는 장단과 민속 음악의 가락을 이용한 현대적인 음악을 만들고자 미국에서 현지뮤지션들과 활동하다 돌아온 무형문화재 이수자이자 대통령상 수상자 장구 연주가 김소라와 빼어난 싱어송라이터이자 모든 종류의 건반악기에 능수능란한 아티스트 이안나를 영입하여 탄탄한 구성의 삼인조 그룹 누모리를 결성한다. 누모리는 결성 이후 수많은 공연과 페스티벌에 초청되어 환상적인 연주를 선보였으며, 몽골의 고비사막에서 한,몽 양국의 음악을 융합하는 작품을 제작하고, 인도의 전통 음악가들과 함께한 작품 또한 제작한다. 1년간의 장기적인 곡 작업과 녹음과정을 거쳐 태어난 누모리의 데뷔 음반은 기존의 퓨전 국악에서 찾기 힘들었던 새로운 시도를 통해 야성적이고 관능적이며 몽환적인 감각을 세련되게 표현하였고, 자칫 지루할 수 있는 전통음악의 요소들을 격식을 깨트린 연주를 통해 독특한 사운드로 재탄생시켰다. 강력한 휘모리장단으로 스파이 영화의 OST를 연상케 하는 록음악 ‘왕거미’ 무당의 육체에 신이 들어오는 과정을 환각적이고 훵키하게 표현한 타이틀곡 ‘구나구나’ 우리 민족의 민요 ‘아리랑’의 정서를 모티브로 작곡된 서정적인 블루스곡 ‘니나노’ 화려한 경력의 색소포니스트 신현필이 참여한, 국악과 재즈가 융합된 몽환적인 작품 ‘부정재즈’ 인도의 정상급 연주자인 슈하일 유세프 칸(Suhail Yusuf Khan)과 비샬 나가르(Vishal Nagar)와 함께 인도 전통음악과 자진모리 산조를 블루스로 연주한 ‘신의 손바닥’ 한국의 자진모리장단과 미국의 블루스가 융합된 파워풀한 자진모리 블루스 록 ‘헤이오’ 시간의 흐름 속에서 작아지는 인간의 허무함을 노래한 블루스 ‘어이없이 떠난 세월’ 3000년 전 고조선의 오래된 시조 ‘공무도하가’에서 모티브를 얻은 구슬픈 발라드 ‘가시오’ 기타와 신시사이저를 국악선법으로 연주하여 한의 정서를 우는 듯한 음색으로 표현한 ‘울음’ 격조 높은 전통음악인 산조를 기타와 피아노로 연주하는 ‘일렉트릭 산조’ 끝나버린 인연을 비통해하는 남자의 절박함을 묘한 긴장감과 장엄한 연주로 표현하는 ‘보고싶소’ 깊은 바다 속으로 빠져 들어가며 느껴지는 공포심과 환상, 그리고 적막함을 표현한 ‘뭉클’ 등의 작품을 통하여, 누모리는 미래적인 한국음악을 제시한다.

"Debut album of wild and sensual fusion gugak band NumuriKim Joon-seok, a former music director at Kim Deok-soo Electric Samulnori and producing music for national events and large performances, has been working with local musicians in the United States He is an intangible cultural treasurer who has returned to work and the presidential award winner Jang-gu Jang-soo, a brilliant singer-songwriter, and a talented artist Ianna with all kinds of keyboard instruments.Numori has been invited to numerous performances and festivals since its formation, and has produced fantastic performances. In the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, he produces works combining the music of Korea and Mongolia, and also works with traditional Indian musicians.

Born through a year-long song and recording process, Nurimori's debut album expresses wild, sensual and dreamy sensations with new attempts that were difficult to find in traditional fusion Korean traditional music.

The music was reborn with a unique sound through a formal break.Rock giant ‘Wang Spider’ reminiscent of OST of spy film with powerful whirlpoolThe title song ‘나 구나’, a psychedelic and chunky expression of the way God enters the shaman's body.Nyano, a lyrical blues song composed with the emotion of folk song “Arirang” of our nation A dream-like piece ‘Indefinite Jazz’ in which Korean traditional music and jazz were fused by a brilliant career saxophonist Shin Hyun-pil"Palm of the Gods" played Indian traditional music and Jajinmori Sanjo in blues with Indian top performers Suhail Yusuf Khan and Vishal Nagar. Powerful Jajinmori Blues Rock “Heio”, which is a fusion of Korea's Jajinmori and the American Blues. Blues sang the vain of human beings shrinking in the passage of timeThe sad ballad ‘Kashio’, inspired by the old ancestor of the old Joseon “Kongmu Dohaga” 3000 years ago.‘Crying’ which expresses the emotion of Han by playing guitar and synthesizer in Korean classical music method`` Electric Sanjo, '' which is an elegant traditional piece of music played on the guitar and piano.‘I miss you’ which expresses the desperation of a man who is overwhelmed by the end of his relationship with strange tension and majestic performance‘Munkle’ expresses fear, fantasy, and silence as it falls into the deep sea. Through such works, Nurimori presents futuristic Korean music."

See also Kim Duk Soo & Samulnori

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