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심수봉 / Sim Soo-Bong

Jigu 심수봉 / Sim Soo-Bong : 꽃마차 (Non Stop Remix) (1982,re.2006)*

Sometimes it is also good to know which albums to avoid or only to approach with a certain specific preparedness of a mentality or certain caution. I had no clue about the existence of the style to be found on this album. It’s a kind of deliberate exploitation I did not know to exist. The whole album is a jukebox with for some tracks a steady hand-clap rhythm, a medley quickly going from one song to the next, with a good-enough light, frolic and gay rock band playing the tracks in a sort of paid-by-track commission playing all the desired tunes more or less just in one go. Most songs aren’t touched much longer than needed, so avoiding the repeated parts they are mostly around 1 minute, perfectly interwoven into this never ending nonstop mix. I received this CD for free with another order. Despite the definite commercial approach I find it rather jolly. I can imagine easily how some other people might hate it for the same elements. So I guess this is only something for those western listeners who are able not to take things too seriously.

Suddenly, around track 20, the happy mix changes taking us to a small break with a bit longer, slow, and more serious ballad (for about 2:41), before returning forcibly back into a new take-off into the jukebox environment envisioned by faded disco ball lights, and the ready to engage themselves 40+ dancers recognising the tunes of their youth. Even though I wasn’t part of that era, it succeeds to have the same effect on me.

Track 34 takes care for another and new break with a slow Trot song, for just 1,30 minute. This Trot style will continue for the last few tracks (with a funny train whistle arrangement in the back on the next track), passing down a last section of a more relaxed period with more nostalgic songs (while mysteriously this fun whistle here and there returns in the background?), worked out enough with a musical conclusion.

Still, this is a record to avoid.

1. 꽃마차 / 2. 기타부기 / 3. 청춘고백 / 4. 목포의 눈물 / 5. 님 그리워 / 6. 나는 울었네 / 7. 가는 봄 오는 봄 / 8. 비내리는 고모령 / 9. 목포는 항구다 / 10. 나그네 설움 / 11. 삼다도 소식 / 12. 눈물 젖은 두만강 / 13. 알뜰한 당신 / 14. 그때 그사람 / 15. 돌아와요 부산항에 / 16. 사랑은 눈물의 씨앗 / 17. 정든배는 떠난다 / 18. 꿈에 본 내고향 / 19. 고향초 / 20. 희망가 / 21. 단장의 미아리 고개 / 22. 울고 넘는 박달재 / 23. 꿈속의 사랑 / 24. 물새 한마리 / 25. 마음약해서 / 26. 나는 열일곱살이예요 / 27. 비둘기집 / 28. 영암 아리랑 / 29. 녹슬은 기차길 / 30. 카츄사의 노래 / 31. 번지없는 주막 / 32. 이별의 부산 정거장 / 33. 귀국선 / 34. 정 / 35. 대전 부르스 / 36. 봄날은 간다 / 37. 산장의 여인 / 38. 검은장갑 / 39. 타향살이 / 40. 나 하나의 사랑

Possible airplay tracks: only track 17 for its more successful commercial disco-version of this known song.

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