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Baeshi Bang - 배씨방

Buda Music Baeshi Bang / 배씨방: old school k​-​pop revisited (5 tracks EP) (F, 2014)****

- 300 numbered copies-

* 1. Teyange Jopion 태양의 저편 05:41

2. Ime Moskoli 임의 목소리 07:43

3. Hwangpo Todte 황포돛대 03:57

4. Chot Kil 첫길 04:27

5. Tang Shin 당신 06:29

6. Seogok live - exclusive bandcamp bonus track 05:46

If to check out, tracks with * I consider essential listens standing out as such. Tracks that are only underlined might be preferred by some too, but I prefer to lift out the most unique moments here.

Popular crooner singer Bae Ho (who looks almost exactly the same on every picture) was not exactly the kind of singer I would love to check out so easily. Never the less when I saw this French cover band album as a second hand edition in a shop in Brussels, I decided to go for it and I did not regret.

For reviewing the band, I preferred to start with the previous EP, which I checked out afterwards and which at that time still sounded the best of their repertoire so far. It was strange to notice that its 300 copies since 2014 were still not sold out.

The band has something of a live improvisation rather progressive jazz-rock band taking a go on the tunes and arrangements, with a jazz-like and somewhat improvised approach with enough complexity rewarding with its sound well. They do something to the music, adding this jazz freedom creativity, which is still somewhat bit new to the Korean scene and perhaps missed which makes it a wonderful addition and contribution. After a slightly more progressive move most tracks are pretty warm and moody. The Korean flavour is secondary but here and there the original tunes give that extra and unexpected link that I love to recognise, even though the general sound of the band is rewarding enough. The bonus live track for instance plays that Japanese-Korean Trot tune as something of an exotic nature, while laying on that smooth jazz mode of arrangements. Recommended.


SOUNDCLOUD LINK (with Bae Ho originals too)

Buda Music Baeshi Bang 배씨방 (F, May 29, 2016)***°

1.Taeyange Jeopyon - 태양의 저편 05:38

2.Goodbye 굿바이 05:20

3.Ilchul 일출 05:16

4.Tahyangsari 타향살이 04:48

5.Hwangpodotdae 황포돛대 03:55

6.Cheotgil 첫길 04:27

7.Imei Mogsori 임의 목소리 07:42

8.Pi naerineun pamgil 비 내리는 밤길 06:21

9.Dangshin 당신 06:23

10.Seogok 서곡 04:43

I remember how my first impression of the album gave it an impression of being very filmic, like music from alternative cinema like that of Kustarica but then like longer and stretched live-like improvisations of it, remember the images and then dreaming away with them. Even though these are studio arrangements the well-produced live effect with filmic allure dominates it all. The story no longer is that of the original one, but it is original in its own, yes perhaps more typical French way, which is moody and expressive without ever becoming weird or strange, remaining within a familiar frame. Warm like the Korean music but with a different family tree gathering. The few tracks where there is spoken Korean to it I think are adding an extra value to the instrumentals which I would love to have heard even more. Also the few times usage of traditional instruments mixed with jazz give the musical concept something extra. The recognisable melodies like the nostalgic “Imei Mosori” are welcome reminders of where the music comes from too even though the mood has expanded to a new scene and new era already. A very enjoyable, warmly played and moody album.

Etienne de la Sayette : tenor saxophone, flute, clavioline, kayageum ; Victor Michaud : french horn, organ ; Loic Récahard or Giani Caseroto : guitar ; François Chesnel : piano ; Stefano Lucchini : drums

" Baeshi Bang is a quintet who presents an exclusive reworking of Bae Ho’s music, Korean singer from the sixties. It is a new project created by french saxophone player Etienne de la Sayette, who has been at the leading helm of several other bands (Akalé Wubé, Frix, Gulab Ja Moun, Human Beings...)

A french quintet offering modern jazz-influenced covers of a Korean crooner ? Even the theoretical infinte monkeys at their typewriters might have struggled to come up with the idea. Led by maverick producer Etienne de la Sayette, Baeshi Bang distil the style of 1960's Korean vocalist Bae Ho and the era he occupied, in wich the lush arrangements were tailored as precisely as the singer's immaculate suits.

Retro is skilfully interwoven with modern throughout. On "Taeyangei Jeopyon" a Clavioline electronic keyboard emerges amidst a madcap minimalist orchestration. The us of this unusual instrument, famously emplyed on the Tornadoes "Telstar", subtly recalls an age when it was possible for instrumentals to rule the airwaves. The Korean elements elegantly sidestep the pitfalls of asian kitsch. Electric guitar and gayageum (Zither) riff in tandem on "Hwangpo Todtae", an uplifting slice of surf-soul, wich features teh revelatory French horn playing of Victor Michaud, duetting with de la Sayette's tenor sax on a breezy melody. This atypical album is beguiling, its rich textured arrangements bearing repeat listens." - Liam Isod

PS. Etienne compiled an vintage Korean music album too:

Etienne de la Sayette presents Vintage Korean Grooves - Baeshi Bang Picks Vol.1

01. Hwang Byung Ki - Peacefully (info) 02. Bae Ho - Imae Moksoli (info) 03. Sanullim - My Soul Lies On Silk (info) 04. Shin Jung Hyun - Beautiful Lady (info) 05. Jani Brothers - Cheonyo Chongak 06. Kim Serena - Sae Taliang 07. Golden Grapes - Please Don't Bother Me Anymore (info) 08. Kim Jung Mi - Igon Nomu Hajanayo (folk-psych chanteuse produced by Shin Jung-Hyeon) 09. Shin Jung Hyun - Long Long Night 10. Bae Ho - Tayang Sali 11. Nam In Su - Eseui Soyagok

Download and info at

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