김지연 과 리바이불 크로스 / Kim Jiyeon & The Revival

April 2, 2019


Beatball Rec. Kim Ji Yeon - 내 마음 흔들려 / My Heart Wavers (1974 ; re.CD 2019)***°(ex)

LP Cat: CR 69031 ; Released: Cobrarose Records ‎/ Beatball 19 Nov 18 


01. 내 마음 흔들려 / "My Heart Wavers" (2:45)

02. 웃어주세요 / "Please Smile!" (3:16)

03. 돌아와 준다면 / "If Only You'll Come Back" (3:12)

04. 내 마음 그 곳에 / "That Place In My Heart" (5:12)

05. 해변의 밤이 오면 / "When Night Falls On The Beach" (4:56)

06. 밤 12시 / "Midnight" (3:22)

07. 초록별 / "Green Planet" (5:50)

08. 초록별 테마 ver. 2* (1976) / "Green Planet" (Theme version 2) (6:45)

09. 날아라 로빈 (Fly Robin Fly)* (1976) / "Fly Robin Fly" (4:55)


김지연 Kim Jiyeon, vocal 
함중아 Ham Jung-ah, guitar 
신창호 Shin Chang-ho, guitar 
정동권 Jung Dong-kwon, bass &vocal 
한태곤 Han Taegon, organ 
이수한 Lee Soohan, drums 
(본 라인업은 정동권의 인터뷰를 바탕으로 추정한 것입니다) 

Producer: 최동권 Choi Dong-kwon 
Engineer: 최성락 Choi Sung-lak 
Recording: 장충 스튜디오 Jangchung Studios 
Original Design: 최동권 Choi Dong-kwon 
Original Release: Apr. 01. 1974. 국제기획 제작/아세아음반 발매(AAL-IN-0022) 

Reissued by: 이봉수 Lee Bongsoo 
Reissue Mastering: 박기호 Park Kiho (DA4 SOUND) 
Reissue Design: 김상만 Kim Sangman 
Original LP by: 김욱중 Kim Wookjoong 
Master tape by: 김주희 Kim Joohee 

Licensed From – Ssangyong Production​


original album: 내 마음 흔들려 ‎(LP, Album, TP)

Asia Record Co., Ltd.AAL-IN0022South Korea1974


Was available in black vinyl or various colored editions (green, red, etc.)

CR69031 is for the plain black vinyl


A big surprise was the reissue of this album of which only some promo copies exists. A large part is with songs sung by female singer Kim Ji-yeon, who also collaborated with Shin Joong-hyun's most psychedelic band The Men. Her voice and approach could remind people of King Jung Mi, but this is a bit rockier, at some stage even slightly funky. The band groovily lings on and continues the style from its previous version, Golden Grapes but were now called Revival Cross. It is slightly bluesy rock with a dreamy psychedelic blues touch, the songs also have nice string arrangements woven into it. In a way I still like it a male singer takes it over for the last song. Nice are also the inclusion of two longer jams which goes much more directly into a more psychedelic jam territory. There’s also the inclusion of organ and sax and fuzz improvisation. The mood is very steady in the overall album, which makes it a very nice album to listen to and worth to trace from a western collector’s viewpoint.




"A Masterpiece that embodies the musical ideals of Hahm Joong-ah as a band leader in the 1970s'. This record is the masterpiece recorded by Hahm Joong-ah, a talented guitarist and composer influenced by Shin Joong- hyun, under the newly-formed project 'Revival Cross' following the breakup of his first band, the Golden Grapes. It features vocals by singer Kim Ji-yeon, who was well-known for her collaboration with Shin Joong-hyun's acid rock unit, the Men. That the record was fronted by a female singer and that the instrumentation features prominent string & reed parts were uncommon for Korean rock bands at the time - this appear to have been influenced by the works of Kim Jung- mi / Lim Ah-young which were produced by Hahm's mentor, Shin Joong-hyun. The album kicks off with the title tracks driven by a funky rhythm part, 'My Heart Wavers' and 'Please Smile'. Other acid-tinged tracks, such as 'When Night Falls on the Beach' and 'Green Planet', are hidden treasures that might be referred to as 'slow psychedelic jams'. In particular, 'Green Planet' stands out as one of the very few prog-psychedelic tunes in Korean rock history, and the merits of it's experimental composition is long overdue for re-appreciation. Because the album was too experimental for the production company's liking at the time of it's release in 1974, it was distributed only for promotional use. This has caused the original vinyl press of this title to become one of the most prominent 'holy grail' finds for collectors. This record is a must-listen for fans of Shin Joong-hyun's works and the psychedelia masterpieces of Kim Jung-mi."


Dusty Groove:


"A very moody, very enigmatic album from Korea – one that was recorded in 1974, but feels as if it's from the previous decade – and also has this oddly timeless sound as well! The tunes are dreamy, snakey, and served up with an undercurrent of slow funk underneath strings – almost feeling like a Korean take on the music of Jane Birkin at times – especially given the use of electric bass, which slow steps around the bottom of most numbers as in some of the Serge Gainsbourg work with Jean-Claude Vannier! Kim Ji-Yeon's vocals are often recorded with echo – in a manner that feels a bit like Japanese pop of the 60s – but with offbeat elements on the keyboards, reed instruments, and occasional stronger guitar line. The whole thing's a bit tricky to describe – but it's a great one if you dig the best sort of slinky erotic pop from the European scene of the late 60s and early 70s!"


Audio: https://beatballmusic.bandcamp.com/album/losing-my-mind






For 지연 - 그대 있는 곳에 Kim Ji Yoon & The Men see The Men->

See also Golden Grapes-> 

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