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아빠의 말씀 / Jung Yu Jin & Choi Bul Am

Music Research Jung Yu Jin & Choi Bul Am (아빠의 말씀) (Remastered) (2008)

2008-12-10 ; original LP : 1981

Korean description: "The album was released just before Christmas in 1981 and became a best-selling song album. In particular, Choi Jung-jin, the song of "Life itself will let you know" originally sung by Anthony Quinn and Charlie, brings back memories."

The first song with child's voice and father like responses is destined/almost doomed for its intended nostalgic purposes. This is released in the days where songs were limited to save expressions intended only to please and never disturb the public. This is not different. The album continues to provide other tracks with Christmas-like atmosphere of songs, sung by a child’s voice, with added orchestrations and intentionally warm Christmas keyboards. The children-like song “Song of Do re Mi” comes from the known musical, a choice which makes its concept even more mainstream, in an almost let’s say child-like way (not to use even more negative words). The child’s voice in reality isn’t really that attractive, being rather sharp in tone, making this album a pretty commercial, but not a very great musical idea. I guess it is also the idea rather than the execution and the main song that make the album desired to have a reissue of it. The 8th track is with Moog-like sounds, strings and mainstream rhythms, but it is not better that the other songs. The slower and few more sad songs were already better, but I thank that a different voice and different intention could have made it easily better than how it is just half worked out good enough to consume here.

For the moment I am not sure what I was I thinking when ordering this album. It is of course listed by an important reissue label amongst the miniature LP reissues which makes it look decent. In reality this is more a bit too cheap kitsch from shining lights TV show days, an idealized concept for Christmas-related havens, intended an easy idea for a gift for Christmas days. (I should have avoided this one).

01. 아빠의 말씀 ; 02. 어머님 은혜 ; 03. 도레미의 노래 ; 04. 목장길 따라 ; 05. 어머니의 마음 ; 06. 고향의 봄 ; 07. 친구의 이별 ; 08. 아빠는 엄마만 좋아해 ; 09. 등대지기 ; 10. 우리엄마 1 ; 1. 따오기 ; 12. 고향땅 ; 13. 정든 그노래 ; 14. 졸업식 노래

01. Father's Word; 02. Mother's grace; 03. Song of Doremi; 04. along the ranch road; 05. Mother's mind; 06. Hometown Spring; 07. Farewell of Friends; 08. Dad only likes mom; 09. Lighthouse Keeper; 10. My Mom 1; 1. Toki; 12. Hometown land; 13. Sweet Songs; 14. Graduation Song

Contains the cover: 'Life itself will let you know' by Anthony Quinn and Charlie

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