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V.A.: Music Series for Youth 젊은이를 위한 / 음악시리즈 vol.1/2

Synnara 젊은이를 위한 / 음악시리즈 vol.1 (1988)

I guess I had expected a bit too much from this 80s compilation of music for the youth. Most of it is pretty commercial trot-pop/ballad-pop, which even with a small touch of rock here and there still makes tracks forgetable. I knew it contained at least one track of Runway/Songgolmeh which pretty much stands out completely. Runway is heavier rock and is rather out of place between all other tracks. But one needs to know many more “progressive” groups with a heavier sound (not hard rock) did not exist either, making it an almost miracle such a track is to be found here, it also gives a feeling of wonder how they could survive within the trash.

01. 이 어둠의 이 슬픔 - 도시의 그림자 ; 02. 바다새 - 바다새 ; 03. 젊음의 노트 - 유미리 ; 04. J에게 - 이선희 ; 05. 내가 - 김학래, 임철우 ; 06. 돌고 돌아가는 길 - 노사연 ; 07. 그때 그사람 - 노사연 ; 08. 기도 - 홍삼트리오 ; 09. 세상모르고 살았노라 - 활주로 ; 10. 별이여 사랑이여 - 사랑의 하모니 ; 11. 이름없는 새 - 손현희 ; 12. 이바다 이겨울 위에서 - 인삼뿌리 2기 ; 13. 모모 - 김만준 ; 14. 여름 - 징검다리 ; 15. 밀려오는 파도소리에 - 밀물과 썰물

01. This sadness of this darkness-the shadow of the city; 02. Seabirds-Seabirds; 03. Notes of Youth-Yumi Lee; 04. To J-Lee, Sun-Hee; 05. I-Kim Hak-rae, Lim Chul-woo; 06. Roundabout-Roh Sa Yeon; 07. Then he-Roh Sa Yeon; 08. Prayer-Red Ginseng Trio; 09. I lived without knowing the world-runway; 10. Stars and love-harmony of love; 11. The Nameless Bird-Son Hyun Hee; 12. On the Sea of Winter-Two Ginseng Roots; 13. Momo-Kim Manjun; 14. summer-stepping legs; 15. On the sound of the surf-high tide and low tide

젊은이를 위한 / 음악시리즈 vol.2

The second compilation is much better and enjoyable, and it covers more known and lesser known people from the further advanced folk scene for instance, keeping its strength intzct, evolving to more commercial or mainstream territory or evolving towards more mellow ballads as was the norm in the 80s.

It starts with duo Twin Folio, which is of course fine to hear. Also the second folk song guitar track in the direction of folk ballad (with small arrangements added) by Yun Yeun-Seon still fits with that same style. More mellow is already the track by Choi Yang-Sook. Youngrok Jeon’s track is again directing more towards mediocre pop-rock. Jonglee’s track is a strange mixture again of some fuzz guitars with mediocre ballad song pop, which is less rewarding once more. Better of course is Eun He with a soft folk track with additional strings. It still sound a bit out of place after the previous more mediocre track. Similar and even greater than Eun He is Inhee Park’s track with acoustic guitars and string arrangements (I someyimes confused both artists before). Unknown to me is Two Five (Dooldasut) with light harmony male vocals, a duo, sounding nice too. Sim Soo-Bong combines a bit of fuzz and strings arrangements and directs towards light harmony folk-pop song music. Manjun Kim sings a soft song with strings arrangements added. Cho Young-Nam sings a great folk guitar song, male voice. Sudden heavier with electric guitar is a song track by Runway, one of the best and most interesting rock groups of these days. Yoon Yeon Yoo once more is nice folk/pop with sweet lush arrangements. Lee Kwan-Jo’s track is a sweet ballad with nice arranements, sounds almost like a jazzy late night mood ballad. I young’s track is a bit too mellow. Jonyong Lee shows arrangements with moog and guitar.

As a compilation it is enjoyable but still fails to hang perfectly together. It gives bit a glimps of the better songs of the tie but also in which direction styles evolve, not always for the better.

01.하얀 손수건 ; 02.얼굴 ; 03.가을편지 ; 04.종이학 ; 05.너 ; 06.꽃반지끼고 ; 07.세월이 가면 ; 08.눈이 큰 아이 ; 09.젊은 태양 ; 10.모모 ; 11.세노야 ; 12.세상 모르고 살았노라 ; 13.맴도는 얼굴 ; 14.사랑과 평화 ; 15.사랑의 바람 ; 16.섬소년 ; 17.잊혀진 계절 ; 18.겨울아이

01. White handkerchief; 02.face; 03. Autumn Letter; 04. Paper Science; 05. You; 06.With flower ring; 07. As time goes by; 08. Eyes with big eyes; 09. Young Sun; 10. Momo; 11.Senoya; 12 I lived without knowing the world; 13. hovering face; 14. Love and Peace; 15.Wind of Love; 16. The boy of the island; 17. Forgotten season; 18.Winter Children

- 김만준 [KIM MANJUN] (싱어) ; - 둘다섯 [DOOLDASUT] ; - 따로 또 같이 [TAROTOGATCHI] ;

- 박인희 [BAK INHUI] (싱어) ; - 심수봉 [SIM SOOBONG] (싱어) ; - 유지연 [JIYOUN, YOO] (싱어) ;

- 윤연선 [YOON YEONSEON] (싱어) ; - 은희 [EUN HUI] (싱어) ; - 이광조 [LEE KWANGCHO] (싱어) ;

- 이용 [LEE YONG] (싱어) ; - 이정선 [LEE JEONGSEON] (싱어) ; - 이종용 [LEE JONGYONG] (싱어) ;

- 전영록 [JEON YEONGROK] (싱어) ; - 조영남 [CHO YOUNGNAM] (싱어) ; - 최양숙 [CHOE YANGSUK] (싱어) ;

- 트윈폴리오 [TWIN FOLIO] ; - 활주로 [RUN WAY]

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