검은 나비 / Black Butterfly

September 2, 2019


I only have heard this album, which is a rather light collection of western covers and similar approaches of a mixture of rock/pop/funk/disco with a mention of Bonnie M on the front sleeve. It's not a real must have.


SIDE 1   1. 웃으며 사세  2. 나의 길  3. 골목대장  4. 잊을수 없어요  5. 이리 오세요  6. 공군가 
SIDE 2  1. 아버지    2. 종을 울려라  3. 강변의 추억  4. 그대  5. 몰라  6. 용사의 충정 


SIDE 1 1.Let's laugh 사 2.My way 3.Alley Captain 4.I can't forget 5.Come here 6.Air Force

SIDE 2 1. Father 2. Ring the bell 3. Memories of the river 4. You 5. Do not know 6. Champion's loyalty


Never the less, the band has its interesting moments that makes it worth a reissue of their repertoire, something that has not been done yet. The above album is less interesting than some of the other albums. Vol.1 for instance should be reissued for sure to start with:



검은나비 1집 - 사랑한 후에 / 당신은 몰라 (1974.11.15)

Black Butterfly Vol. 1-After Love / You Don't Know (1974.11.15)


This album of Black Butterfly, was led by Choi Hun, who debuted as a vocalist of the group H6' in 1971.


The Black Butterfly is a group formed by Sohn Hak-rae, a member of the group sound The Men, which is the Shin Ji-hyun division. He is a band formed by the members of the Shin-hyeon genealogy group `` The Men '' and the Kim Hong-tak genealogy group `` He6 ''. The group The Men includes Sohn Hak-rae (Oboe, Saxophone), Kim Ki-pyo (Other), Lee Tae-hyun (Base), Moon Young-bae (Drum), and Choi Heon (Lead Vocal), Kim Young-kyun (Vocal, Keyboard) ), Kim In-seop (trumpet).


The group Black Butterfly is said to be famous as a gate for several male solo singers. Yoo Hyun-sang of Mt. Baekdu-san, Lee Chul-ho of Love and Peace, Park Il-seo and Kim Tae-hwa of the city children are the singers who passed the Black Butterfly.


Kim Hong-Tak's song `` You Don't Know '', which was a big hit on the Black Butterfly's first album, was first released by singer Lim Sung-hoon and was also sung by Choi Hun in the group `` He6 '' is said. Later, Choi was sung by solo and was recognized as a hit by Choi.


SIDE A 00:01 1. 사랑한 후에 (김성철 작사/김홍탁 작곡) 03:46 2. 그녀 (외국 곡) War - Me and Baby Brother 06:46 3. 당신은 몰라 (강찬호 작사/김홍탁 작곡) 10:16 4. 내 마음 (김성철 작사/김성철 작곡) 13:30 5. 큰별 (김성철 작사/김성철 작곡) SIDE B 16:49 1. 나 너를 (외국 곡) Donovan - I Like You 19:41 2. 허수아비 (손학래 작사/손학래 작곡) ※ 1985년 나미 4집에서 리메이크 23:26 3. 외로운 별빛 (이태현 작사/외국 곡) 26:54 4. 말은 없어도 30:12 5. 마음의 노래 (김성철 작사/김성철 작곡)












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