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동방성애 / Dong Bangseong-Ae (="Oriental Love")

도미도 베스트 컬렉션 100 VOL.1 Domido

CD4-8 꿈실은 마차 / Dream Carriage

This one of the few old pop songs with a slight exotic flavor in the string ad other arrangements and rhythm. I guess this rhythm refers to the driving of a carriage, which makes it an original composition. The song (female voice) is slightly up tempo. It still fits to the songs of the late 50s early 60s.

Best Collection 100 vol.2 Domido

CD2-6 비나리는 밤/ Rainy Nights

This is another good song, sung with a certain passionate voice, a sort of complaint with inner dignity intact. Arrangements reveal flutes arrangements, piano accents and solo trumpets with smooth double bass with accordion.

CD3-16 청춘폴카 / Youth Polka (1963)

with 서창남 / Seo Chang-Nam

"Youth Polka" is led by male voice and has a certain entertaining play with the polka-dance form idea in its lyrics. It is effective light entertainment which could easily be a sort of musical fragment with song accompanied by a jazz band.

I have not found any information on behalf of the singer yet.



(with help of Google Translate to give an idea)

엉터리 양복쟁이/동방성애(1962)

큰 소리만 펑펑치는 단벌신사는 때가 껴도 갈아 입을 옷이 없는 양복쟁이 가끔 입는 세탁 피해 공짜면 덤벼 들고 장관님도 만났다는 엉터리 그 꼴 멀리 가라 보기 싫다 엉터리 단벌신사야 거짓말만 살살대는 단벌신사는 춘하추동 갖춰 입을 옷이 없는 양복쟁이 [] 세상만사 살아가는 얄미운 그 꼴 듣기 싫다 보기 싫다 엉터리 단벌신사야 먹을 때만 꼭 보이는 단벌신사는 세탁소에 빨아 입을 옷이 없는 양복쟁이 여자라면 어느 여자 모르는 여자 없고 연애처럼 새옷 사는 설매는 그 꼴 없어져라 보기 싫다 엉터리 단벌신사야 -손로원 작사/최녹영 작곡-

'Bad clothes'

The only pungent gentleman who sings loudly

in a suit that cannot be changed when time goes by

sometimes I get free laundry damage

That's a shame when meeting important people.

I never want to go too far.

The only punishment for a gentleman who only tells lies

is a suitless man, who has no clothes to wear

The ugly behavior that lives in the world

I don't want to hear it. I don't want to see it.

A suitless man without clothes to dry into the laundry

If you're a woman

prepared for romance, you buy new clothes

I don't want to disappear here for nothing.

-Son-Won Lyrics / Choi Nok-Young Composition- (1962)

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