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서창남 / Seo Chang-Nam

Best Collection 100 vol.2 Domido

CD3-3 아이러브유 / I Love You

CD3-12 서부의 사나히 / Wild West

16 청춘폴카 [서창남,동방성애] / Youth Polka [with Oriental Love]

"I love you" might be a foreign cover but I am not sure about that. Anyhow, it still uses the "I love you" words in English and has a jazz part amongst several other style influences. See Chang-Nam's voice has a deep range too. "Wild West" is another, even more original track , which reveals a country influence (banjo and straw violin solo). When the vocalist sings the "o ohoo" you feel the Western (movie) setting. This gives a serious fun aspect to it, in an entertaining way. The last track has a somewhat musical-like setting with several other voices singing along.


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