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최란 / Choi Ran / Choe Lan

Music Research Korea V.A.Domido Best Collection 100 Vol. 2 Yoo Sung Gi Album (5CD)

CD3 15 마도로스 여인선장 / Captain Madorus (196?)

CD4 10 향항(홍콩)의 안나 / Anna of Hyanghang

I never encountered this artist before, but because of the great rhythmically swinging track ("Anna of Hyanghang") I preferred to look up who she is. Unfortunately, I did not find anything about her. "Captain Madorus" is pop song with trot-influence with a vivid singing and at small parts swinging band. My favorite is the second track because of its rhythmic mambo elements, effectively arranged for it. A shame this track can also not even be found on youtube.

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